Here the best red dot sights for 1911 pistols. We have purchased and tested these red dot sights on various handguns including the 1911. We ranked them based on reticle options, weight, battery life and overall accuracy.

Some of them on this list are slim fit optics that go very well on any 1911 standard dimension slides. Whether you mill the slide to fit them or install them on optic ready slides, you will love them. 

Best Optics For 1911 [All Models]

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Top 3 Options

Best Overall


Best For CCW

eps carry

Best Durability

trijicon rmr type 2

Holosun 507K X2 - Best Overall

sti staccato duo holosun 507k x2

Why The 507K? - It's much more popular than the RMRcc at a good price point. The optic has everything the 507C has, and it's smaller for conceal carry. Sub-compact or full size 1911 users will love this.

Easier Battery Access - Replaces the battery right from the SIDE without sight removal or re-zeroing.

Super Light Weight - Weighing only 1 oz

Snag Free Holster Draw - Nothing sticks out or snags.

Motion Sensor Activated - ShakeAwake technology activates the reticle upon movement & deactivates when not in motion to save more battery juice.

Remembers Last Setting - Save the brightness setting to prevent accidental button adjustment under any circumstances

Saves More Battery - The ShakeAwake technology instantly activates the reticle upon sensing motion & deactivates when sitting in idle to save more battery juice.

Trijicon RMRcc - Best Durability

springfield 1911 emp with trijicon rmrcc
Image Referenced Springfield Armory

Why we picked this one - The RMRcc holds the same durability as the full size Trijicon RMR, and now it's much smaller and fits the 1911 flush from the side.

Better Follow Up - The same sight acquisition speed including consistent fast follow-up shots without losing the dot inside the window.

Bigger Window  - Get on target fast, and reacquire the sight picture fast after follow-up shots even if the sight picture is slightly off center. When you pick this up the first time you just wish you had it sooner.

Remembers Last Setting - Last reticle brightness setting is saved to prevent accidental button adjustment

NOT the same footprint as RMSc or RMR

Trijicon SRO - Largest FOV

kimber 1911 trijicon sro

Why people love Trijicon SRO - The SRO is by far the best RMR alternative for the 1911 handguns with an enlarged glass window, and it functions like just like an RMR (However, not a duty grade glass frame) 

Bigger Window  - Much easier to find the dot even near the glass edges, and reacquire the sight picture fast after follow-up shots. (See more large FOV red dot sights here)

Uses RMR Footprint - Swap between Trijicon RMR, Trijicon SRO or Holosun 507C X2 on the same slide if the user chooses to

Bigger Buttons - Enlarged adjustment buttons for better reach for shooters with big fingers even when wearing gloves

Top Loading Battery - Access CR2032 battery from the top to eliminate sight removal requirement to change battery, and no re-zeroing needed

Super Long Battery life - Runs up to 50K hrs + with auto brightness adjustment settings

Common 1911 Red Dot FAQ

How To Install Red Dot Optics On An Non Milled 1911 Slide?

1911 Slide Cut For Optic

If your 1911 isn't optic ready, you can still install the red dot using adapter plates or buy a brand new milled slide. However, milling it will give you the best optic fit and height.

We have another detailed guide that explains this, which you can read here.