3 Best Weapon Lights For CZ P10C

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In this product review guide, we are going to talk about the best weapon lights for CZ P10C for home defense, conceal carry and low light training.

Any high-quality dedicated pistol weapon light will work on the CZ P10C, however, we want the best with all the core features that make it a great tactical light for every day carry.

And…mostly importantly! get the best without breaking the bank!

The Olight Mini PL 2 and Streamlight TLR 7A are great subcompact size lights for CCW CZ P10C, and there is newer stuff we want to show you in this quick read shopping guide…


Best Tactical Weapon Lights & Laser For CZ P10C

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Olight Mini PL 2 – Best Small Light

cz p10c with olight mini pl 2

The Olight PL Mini 2 valkyrie is similar to a Surefire XC1, and it feels like a knock off, but this has impressed the heck out of us for the first time we picked it up.

Great for compact size pistols or for anyone who wants a small light on a full size gun.

The PL Mini 2 can slide onto a rail to the desired spot, and lock it down securely using the QD swing arm (No tools required)

The ambi activation switches are easy to reach while mounted on the CZ P10C. Pressing down the switch quickly activate the light for

  • Constant on/off
  • Momentary on

The PL mini 2 produces up to 600 lumens using its CREE XP-L HI LED, (100m throw distance) and its powered by its built-in lithium battery. Speaking of saving money, the light can be charged through its signature magnetic charging port using the MCC charging USB cable.

For the money, you are getting one powerful weapon light in a small package built for carrying & home defense.

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new olight odin mini 1250 lumen weapon scout light

NEW Olight Odin Mini 1250 Lumens + Lockable Pressure Switch 

Read Detailed Review Here

Surefire XH35 – Best For CQB Use

Img Referenced TREX ARMS (Also Features Trijicon RMR)

The SF XH35 is very much an upgraded X300U, but a completely different flood lens design (MaxVision TIR), which projects a wider illumination coverage than the original X300 without a hot center beam or a lot of throw.

Additionally, the XH35 allows the user to activate the strobe mode (Optional) & toggles between 300 lumens and 1000 lumens. (but Only 3000 candela)

Learn More: When & How To Use Strobe Effectively

The light operates the same way as the X300:

  • Constant on/off
  • Momentary on

The light does require Kydex aftermarket holster or the Surefire Masterfire, and it doesn’t work with your existing X300 holster.

The light runs on 2 CR123A batteries, and the overall profile of the XH35 is very much the same as the X300U, but the whatever holster you have for the X300 may not fit the XH35.

This light is recommended for any indoor close range illumination for its softer flood spill than a Surefire X300U (1000 lumens)… But the X300U has a better throw in the dark for anyone who wants better PID & more aggressive throw control while maintaining distance from the threats. Please go with the Surefire X300U.

NOTE: The light comes with universal & picatianny rail locking lugs.

Streamlight TLR 8 A (Upgraded) – Best Size

streamlight tlr 8 a
Img Referenced Streamlight

For Streamlight lovers, the NEW Streamlight TLR 8 A with the upgraded paddle style activation switch has improved the switch ergonomics from the original TLR7 and TLR8.

(Features High & Low positions to match your shooting style)

Can you upgrade an existing TLR7 and TLR8 with the new switch?

According to Streamlight, NO you cannot retrofit TLR7 or TLR8 side switches.

If this is your first time buying it, just skip the original TLR 7 or TLR 8. The TLR8 A is a small size light that runs on just 1 CR123A battery, which powers the 500 lumens White LED (Strobe) & a red or green laser.

Green (TLR8A G) is highly recommend for a more visible laser during the day. What this light will deliver when mounted on a CZ P10C is the feel of compactness, reliability & powerful illumination in a super small package. It fits the profile of the very much like its made for the P10C.

When it comes to basic features of this light, this is a extremely simple light to operate the 3 most basic modes:

  • Momentary on
  • Constant on/off
  • Strobe

Highly recommended for compact size handguns like the CZ P10C, M&P, Glock 19 & more.

If you don’t want the laser and save more… we recommend just getting the Streamlight TLR 7 A

Other Best Alternatives

cz p10c with trijicon and inforce aplc
Img Referenced @_zerodark30 (Features Trijicon RMR )

Since the CZ P10C is quite like the HK VP9 and Glock 19 as far as their sizes. Please check out the best weapon lights for G19.

Best Light Beam Pattern For CQB

There are two types of popular light beam patterns for a weapon light.

Different beam patterns for different applications:

  • Thrower, high candela rating for reaching far distance
  • Flood & Thrower (Max peripheral illumination)

Flood & Thrower mix is most common type of beam for having enough lumen intensity & surrounding illumination for max situational awareness without having to pan the light.

So… for the CZ P10C, the Surefire XH35 with flood & throw beam pattern is the best for CQB actions. But…

When ambient light, fog, photonic barriers are in your environment, then you need a high candela type of light that can penetrate through that without dimming down, which is great for long range target identification generally with a rifle & it also helps controlling a threat by shinning that hot light in his face.

Weapon Light Sticks Out Past The Muzzle – Any Benefit?

A weapon light that sticks out past the muzzle helps prevent the slide from going out of battery in a “contact shoot” scenario. It’s not always necessary to pair a pistol light that sticks out past the muzzle.

As a matter of fact, keeping distance away from the threat & practice good judgement are critical to prevent a situation like that from happening to you.

Interested in getting a handheld tactical light as well, we have the best EDC flashlight guide here.

How Much Lumen Is Too Little

Anything over 100 lumens is plenty for lighting up a room & blind up close threats.

But… today! higher lumens 500 – 1000 lumens is recommended.

Remember! Lumen is just a output reading, and Candela rating is about maintaining its max lumen intensity and penetrates as far as it can into the distance without dimming down.

In another word, a high lumen light with low candela rating is ineffective for illuminating things at ~80 yards and beyond in the dark.

Please read more: How much lumens do you really need for a weapon light

Lumen War In The Industry!

There has been a Lumen War in the weapon light industry, pushing for higher lumen outputs up to even 1000 or 2000 lumens as technologies advance.

Generally speaking, anything lower than 100 lumens is tactically ineffective, because not seeing clearly in the dark can cost your life.

So… the more lumen the better, and the way to do that is to leverage the NEW 3.6V 18650 battery technology to support the increased output that CR123A no longer support.

Low lumen intensity doesnt light up the scene well or provide positive target identification. When you compare a 100 lumens light & a 1000 lumens, go with the 1000 lumens.

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