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  • Post last modified:December 9, 2023

Ever fantasized about what AI can contribute to the firearm world. AI can potentially be implemented in long range shooting, design, performance tracking and more.

Let's explore some 5 exciting possibilities that AI might bring to the table.

Virtual Reality Shooting: AI's Smart Ranges

VR Shooting Training

Step into the future with AI-powered virtual shooting ranges. These aren't your typical ranges; they're immersive experiences that adapt to your skill level. Whether it's surviving a zombie apocalypse or reliving a wild west duel, AI can unlimitedly transforms these scenarios into a thrilling, risk-free reality training session. It's not just shooting.

VR shooting games provide room scale training environment that otherwise not possible unless at a well built shooting range or shoot house.

Precision Shooting With AI

ballistic calculator thermal scope

Curious about how your ammunition performs under various conditions? AI can potentially be implemented in long range scopes that can immediately calculate the holdover based on all the data that it can sense. It will be much faster and cheaper than options in the past.

From calculating wind resistance to evaluating impact effects, AI turns you into a ballistics whiz overnight. Now, every shooter can speak the language of a seasoned expert!

The AI Firearms Encyclopedia: Your Pocket Historian

smart rifle

Imagine having access to an all-knowing firearm encyclopedia, powered by AI. This isn't just any reference tool; it's a comprehensive database of every firearm ever made. Ask it about a rare musket from the 18th century or the latest in tactical rifles, and it will flood you with details - specifications, history, even quirky anecdotes.

Program like ChatGPT can already let the user ask question in a conversational way, where the user can ask specific questions that so far the search engine can't provide.

Your Personal AI Coach: Tailored Training Programs

mantis blackbeardx

AI takes on the role of your personal shooting coach. By analyzing your technique, it develops training programs that are tailor-made for you. The Mantis is a training tool that can already do that, but it's not quite there yet.

This AI coach doesn't just focus on improving your accuracy and speed; it also introduces you to historical marksmanship techniques, making your training sessions both educational and fun!

Firearms Design: The AI Style Advisor

gun loadout

Struggling to pick the right accessories for your firearm? Let AI be your style guru when you have exhausted yourself to find the solution if you aren't experienced enough yet. It recommends the perfect accessories to complement your style, ensuring you're always get the most practical and effective setup for your specific use. 

Users may just provide the AI a prompt on what shooting scenarios to expect, the the AI will produce a few options based on the context provided, and describe why for each option. The user can also ask the AI to tweak and fine tune the setup if the options given don't seem favorable.