Review: Aimpoint ACRO P1 Red Dot Sight

The brand new Aimpoint ACRO P1 closed emitter red dot sight is finally here.

For many years people were using the Micro T1, but there is a lack of accessories to fit on most handguns, so Aimpoint decided to make their first dedicated handgun sight.

If you’re a red dot pistol shooter, then you probably were anticipating the release of this product. This sight is bulky as far as its unique fortified body profile.

It’s ugly, but surprisingly it works very well! 

Definitely put that on your gift wishlist.

How Much Does It Cost?

This optic was revealed during Shot Show, and It’s now starting your ship in 2019.

The acro comes to market about $ 669, But the actual street price is gonna be closer to $600 from online retail websites for the best deal.

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If you never had anything like this before, I recommend you to get it.

For those who have been around handgun RDS ( Red Dot Sight), make sure you check the mounting compatibility because not all slides can accommodate this site without some kind of slide cut service, which would cost you another $260 – $300.

Flaws From The Previous Generation Pistol Red Dot Sights

There were fatal flaws in the earlier red dot sights such as broken frame, debris, and recoil resistance problems.

Other affordable miniature red dots under $400 are good performing sights until it experiences physical abuse. In the next section let’s compare the industry-leading Trijicon RMR and the new ACRO P1.

Aimpoint ACRO P1 VS. Trijicon RMR & Other Sights

Aimpoint ACRO VS Trijicon RMR Dimension

The Trijicon RMR Is a really solid red dot sight, and many people have it on rifles and pistols.

Right now the RMR is the pinnacle of handgun red dot sight technology, and almost every optic companies are trying to release versions to compete with it.

Some argue it may still be the very best for many years to come.

Please check out their new Trijicon SRO sight right here.

As far as the two Tier 1 quality optic makers such as Aimpoint and Trijicon competing with each other on handgun red dot sights, there will always be cool stuff to come out.

The biggest competing criteria that put the ACRO P1 ahead of the competition is the enclosed red dot emitter body design.

Agency Glocks With Aimpoint ACRO

Image Referenced from Instagram

Reason 1: Why Exposed Top Emitter Is A problem

Many “L” shape handgun optics almost all of them have exposed emitter like the Trijicon RMR, which is a major problem that some people believe it's a big deal.

I'm not saying the RMR sucks, in fact, these combat red dot optics are built like a tank.  It's all forged aluminum housing and people literally drive nails or cock slide against rough surfaces with it.

  • Exposed emitter optics is prone to have dirt and debris fall in there.
  • Non-water or fog proof – Could fog up the lens or refract the light beams

As illustrated in the picture below it becomes a cup for catching debris, dust, water, dirt mud, and many other things when the gun is dropped into mud or in the holster.

Reason 2: Built Like A Tank – Enclosed Body Design Blocks All Debris 

The new Aimpoint ACRO is about the same size in terms of height as the RMR, and it’s just slightly taller.

The biggest difference it’s completely sealed system like the Micro T1.

It just begging to have stuff fall into it even if you store your gun in the drawer at home, it will still collect dust in there. Sometimes you need to use a Q tip to clean it all out.

And that’s it’s the true benefit of this product to completely solve all the main potential problems that other sights can’t do.

To case a point, if the ketch was mud that falls in there, and you can’t immediately clean it out, you also can’t use your co-witness iron sights.

Even though that’s very rare to happen, but the ACRO is completely bulletproof from that.

Reason 3: Sight Picture Protection

ACRO Sight Picture ShotShow

If you drop your gun into the mud, and you can't immediately dig out all dirt and mud lodged into the exposed emitter sight, then you can't even use your dot or iron sights.

The little tiny emitter projects the dot you see onto the lens, so this part is open space for anything. So if that screen is blocked, then you lose everything.

The ACRO's enclosed design completely protect the worst-case scenario when the sight is cover with dirt front and back, you just simply can just wipe it off with your fingers, and get back to the fight.

Unlike the sights with all these little pockets inside that are prone to catch all the debris, and it requires things to dig them out.

The lenses are flush with the outer aluminum housing in enclosed body design. Stuff just flies off with the recoil.

Please check out this video here for the torque test of this optic.

ACRO P-1 Sight Specification

The sight has a 3.5 MOA dot so that means at roughly 100 yards, the dot is going to be 3 and a half inches in size.

At a long distance is going to look very precise and it has very little distortion, and for handgun shooting the dot size is perfect.

It has 10 brightness settings, and they’re intuitive and easy to use on the left side of the optic.

Battery Life

Aimpoint ACRO Bottom View

Image Referenced from Guns & Ammo

It uses a 3V lithium CR1225 battery that lasts about 15000 hours of continuous use, and the battery is also easily available on the market.

Anything above setting 4 is day time outdoor setting. Aimpoint claims at setting 6 – 10, you can run it for a year before it needs a battery change.

Unlike Micro T1 or H1 where you can have it on for almost 4-5 years.

Battery access is very easy, you just access it on the right side of the optic. Unlike the RMR, where you need to remove the sight to replace the battery.

Dedicated Night Vision Setting

I currently don't have any night vision set up to test this out on my own, but you can check out videos on YouTube to see what that is about.

Recessed Adjustment Button 

The rubberized the site is good 25 meters of depth and water and the buttons are recessed enough So you won’t accidentally hit them by bumping into stuff for having it in a holster. It takes a conscious effort to push on them.

Windage Adjustment 

Aimpoint ACRO Side View Mounted On FN509

It uses a T10 Hex screw for the windage and elevation adjustment as well as the mounting screw.

Each click is about 0.6” at 100 yards. The only complaints a lot of people have is the less tactile feel when adjusting the dials, and it feels like you're just turning it freely.

You have to really pay attention to feel the detent clicks into place.

So mounting the optic on the adapter, please use a T10 Hex wrench and torque it down to about 18 In Pounds to ensure reliability.

Be sure to use a precision gunsmith torque wrench to do it, and you can get the Wheeler engineering FAT wrench here.

How Much Does It Weigh

The sight is made out of high strength aluminum and it’s very rugged. It weighs 2.1 oz with Anodized matte black finish.

ACRO P1 Mounting Plate

The mounting plate adapter is unique and according to Aimpoint, there are about 12 mounting plates available for popular guns like:

  • Glock MOS
  • Sig P320 and X-Five
  • HK SFP9
  • CZ Shadow 2 QR
  • Walther QR Match
  • FNX Tactical
  • FN509 Tactical

Not all handgun slides fit the ACRO, so customized slide cut is still required. Some of those services are offered by:

  • JagerWerks
  • Agency Arms
  • KE Arms

The mounting plate for this sight is unique. In fact, it’s a Picatinny or Weaver rail slot where you clamp the sight on instead of bolting them into the slide. The T25 Torx screws and screwdrivers are included in the box.

Can This Sight Accept Other Mounts To Be Used On Long Guns?

CZ Scorpion With Aimpoint ACRO

You can mount this on any Picatinny rail, but you need a special mount adapter for it. Right now there is no available mount beside the Reptilia DOT 1/3 co-witness mount for the ACRO.

Can The ACRO Retain Zero And Withstand Physical Abuse?

For every optic that comes out, people are curious about whether if the sight can retain zero and accuracy, and the Aimpoint ACRO is no different.

Can it stand up being abused when it gets dropped, or handle heavy recoil loads such as 357sig, 40SW or other heavy recoil calibers?

According to Aimpoint, they picked the 40SW as the testbed for slide G force because this caliber has the sharpest recoil.  Roughly about 20,000 rounds of 40SW and more were tested, and the sight was still performing well.

Based on Aimpoint’s decades of a proven track record of making awesome optics, I seriously doubt it will be a problem, and it’s going to live up to the Aimpoint brand just as good as Trijicon.

In fact, Military Arms Channel already did a video on this to prove the sight can handle it, and you can watch it here on YouTube.


The Aimpoint ACRO P1 has an ugly external design that looks too big and too bulky, but it’s a damn high performing red dot sight for handguns. It is a game-changer in terms of completely blocking debris and other subtle things that could stop the sight from working.

  • Blocks dirt and debris
  • Always have the sight ready
  • Recoil proof against sharp 40SW G force

Aimpoint has taken the first step to make this dramatic change for handgun red dot optics. So many companies will follow the steps. This design concept is going to take handgun red dot sights to the next level and be just as practical as they are on rifles.