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In this aluminum vs polymer trigger shoe guide, let's talk about the major pros and cons of them for pistol applications. Some handgun shooters believe that because aluminum is a metal, it's automatically superior to polymer.

In reality, that isn't 100% true. Here is some examples of when a polymer trigger shoe maybe better.

Aluminum Trigger Shoe

Handguns with aluminum trigger shoes like Shadow System MR920, Beretta M9, 1911, Sig P320 and others

aluminum trigger shoe


  • Aluminum Triggers Offer Better "Feel". This is subjective. Some shooters prefer the feel of an aluminum trigger, while others prefer polymer.
  • Dampens recoil impulse on trigger finger (that snappy and numbing sensation)
  • Feels rock solid on a subcompact size handgun
  • Corrosion resistant
springfield hellcat pro APEX trigger


  • Rapid firing just 100 rounds makes the trigger shoe extremely hot to place trigger finger on there (Unless wearing gloves)
  • While aluminum is denser than polymer, the difference in weight for a small component like a trigger shoe is often negligible. The design and thickness of the trigger play a more significant role in its weight.
  • While metal can feel cold in low temperatures, the small size and quick adaptability of a trigger shoe mean that any initial cold sensation is fleeting when the firearm is in use.

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Polymer Trigger Shoe

Many handguns on the market feature polymer trigger bow like Springfield XD, M&P, Glock, Echelon, PDP and many more.

polymer trigger shoe


  • Many modern firearms designed for military, police, and professional competition use polymer components, including triggers. Their performance in these demanding scenarios attests to their reliability and suitability.
  • High volume shooting doesn't heat up the trigger shoe
  • As good as aluminum trigger when trained


  • May feel cheap
  • Depend on the caliber and the gun size, some polymer trigger shoes can feel a bit numbing on the trigger finger when firing