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In this AR15 build guide, we put together a list of upper and lower parts to complete a custom build AR15.

For around approximately $1100, you can build a durable AR 15 rifle with exact parts you want, and you can upgrade it even more later.

Top AR15 Parts To Make An AR15

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driven arms company dangler

Lower Receiver

aero precision m4e1 stripped lower receiver

Check out more billet receiver options here

Upper Receiver Build

ar15 loose fit barrel in upper receiver

Tools Needed 


You will need the following tools to successfully assemble all components.

  • 1/2" drive Torque wrench (50 - 80 ft lb torque)
  • Receiver reaction rod
  • Anti seize compound
  • Loctite compound
  • Vice clamp
  • Work bench (Must have to apply torque)
  • Punch pins
  • Screw driver

If you're only building one rifle, we highly recommend buying a complete upper receiver so you don't have to buy a heavy work bench and vice clamp

brn 180 upper receiver

Check out popular complete AR15 upper receiver on our site

AR15 Optics

vortex amg uh 1 gen 2 on AR15

There are so many optics available on the market. Most people put a red dot sight on the rifle for training and defensive use.

To get the most out of your AR15's effective range, please check out the following scope options: