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For AR15 builders focused on reducing stock weight for high-performance builds, we've made a stock weight comparison chart. This chart lists weights and organizes them by type and other key features, making it easy to choose the right stock for your AR15.

CAR 15-4.2 oz
Pit Stock-4 oz
Ace (Double Star)AR-UL Stock5 oz
Mission First TacticalBattlelink5.8 oz
Phase 5UMS6 oz
Strike IndustriesViper Mod 16.6 oz
Bravo Company (BCM)Mod 07.5 oz
MagpulMOE8 oz
Daniel DefenseDDM4 Stock8 oz
CMMGRipStock8 oz
Law TacticalAR Folding Stock8.5 oz
MagpulCTR8.8 oz
MBA 5-8.95 oz
HogueOverMolded8.78 oz
VltorIMOD9.5 oz
MagpulMOE SL9.6 oz
MBA 4-9.6 oz
LancerA110.05 oz
LancerA210.76 oz
B5 SystemsSOPMOD11.8 oz
B5 SystemsEnhanced SOPMOD11.8 oz
Fab DefenseGL CORE11.9 oz
MBA 2-11.2 oz
Adaptive TacticalEX Performance Stock12 oz
Fab DefenseGL-MAG12.48 oz
LaRue TacticalRAT13.75 oz
Troy IndustriesBattleAx CQB15.2 oz
Yankee Hill MachineStock Assembly15.8 oz
UTG/LeapersPro Model 4 OPS S316.9 oz
MBA 1-18.4 oz
Ace (Double Star)ARFX Skeleton Stock18 oz
Maxim DefenseCQB stock18.5 oz
MBA 3-19.2 oz
Seekins PrecisionProComp 10X21 oz
MagpulPRS Gen 327.8 oz
Trinity ForceAlpha Stock18.1 oz

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