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All red dot sights are legal in the state of California.

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California is one of the states that have very tight gun laws restricting:

  • Particular gun models
  • NFA items
  • Person to person sale
  • Night vision scopes attached to rifle
  • Detachable magazine mechanism
  • Magazine limit
  • Same day purchase and take home
Aimpoint micro scalarworks mount

Above all, red dot sights are legal for real steel firearms and airsoft.

If you're a gun owner in CA, you can attach any optics to a firearm, and nothing in the CA penal code so far restrict or change the definition of a firearm when an optic is attached

Except for magnified night vision scope with active IR and passive IR scope with magnification and IR illuminator.

Please visit CA Department of Fish and Wildlife for the latest information regarding hunting with red dot sights

Note: We are not providing any official legal advice here. Please reference your local CA gun shop or official for more information.

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