Here are the 3 best red dot sights for Beretta APX to improve your pistol shooting experiences based on battery life, reticle style and durability.

These are optics we have tested on our own expense or have borrowed from other users.

If you have an optic ready APX slide, these optics are ready to be mounted right out of the box.

Best Beretta APX Red Dot Sights

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Trijicon RMR [RM07] - Best Overall

beretta apx trijicon rmr

The Trijicon RMR is the gold standard for many micro pistol reflex sights. It performs great and feels rock solid on the Beretta APX for carry & range use.

Improved Accuracy - A clean 6.5 MOA red dot works for shooters with astigmatism with a better sight picture clarity

Built For Handgun - Tighter battery grip to prevent loose contact and keeps the sight working. All Type 2 models are built to handle handgun slide cycling G force. 

Slide Racking Assist - Racking the slide one handed effortlessly by pressing the optic against hard surfaces. Also use it as a slide charging stop!

Holosun 507C X2 - Best RMR Alternative

holosun 507c x2 front lens

The Holosun HE507C X2 is the best RMR alternative to go on a Beretta APX pistol, and it's much cheaper and it has become a very popular optic choice.

Strong 7075 T6 Material That Lasts – Increased body strength and durability to handle the heavy recoil impulses and field abuse. 

32 MOA Reticle - 32 MOA reticle increases shooter's reticle re-centering speed even if it's slightly off center. Way better than a single dot

Motion Activated Reticle –  Just moves the sight to activate the reticle & turns off when sitting at idle to save battery juice

Lockout Mode - No accidental brightness adjustment due to inadvertent button press while conceal carrying

Vortex Venom - Best For Money

vortex venom side view right

Why we pick this one - The Vortex Venom is great for shooters who are trying out red dot before getting into something more expensive.

Great Beginner Optic - Fast target acquisition along with the bright fiber optic front sight that makes shooting the 9mm an amazing experience for beginners.

Wide field of view - Get on target fast with a big window for better dot tracking and not get lost.

Top-Loading Battery Access - Swap the battery from the top without removing the whole sight or having to re-zero the sight

If you're not sure between their 3 MOA or 6 MOA, please check out this 3 VS 6 MOA reticle guide to help you make a educated decision


Safety Consideration

  • Follow manufacturers' directions for proper assembly and torque specifications to avoid damage
  • Regularly inspect optic's mount tightness due to recoil and continuous use
  • Be mindful that optic removal, then reinstall may shift initial zero, requiring re-zeroing of firearm