3 Best Action Cameras For POV Gun Actions – A Helpful Guide

fnx45 with holosun 507c pov

Here are some of the best action cameras for POV gun actions. This guide will also show some unique camera setups to get the best action shots to share online.

aimcam pro 3k
  • Aimcam Pro 3K (click here to check price) - The Aimcam Pro 3K is the best eye level action camera as a part of your safety glasses that directly align behind with the sights. Capture your aim through the red dot sight and all your reload actions up to 3K quality

  • GoPro Hero 7 Silver Edition (click to check the current price on Amazon)– GoPro 7 is the latest edition for the brand. Water resistance and the 4K capability is pushed to a higher 60fps performance, and the most noticeable new feature is the Gimbal-Like HYPERSMOOTH stabilization for stable footage without any gimbal device.
  • Sony Action Cam (click to check the current price on Amazon)– Sony’s action camera is better quality than the GoPro in almost every way.  It’s better quality, has better stabilization, better audio, etc.  It’s the best action camera you can buy.

Action Cam Mounting Options

eotech exps3 pov 1

Here are the top action camera mounting options to get that POV view while using a lightweight camera (Non DSLR)

  • Eye level POV (Hard to find good option, we recommend Aimcam Pro 3K)
  • Hat mount
  • Tactical helmet mount
  • Ear protection mount

Tactical Helmet With Side Camera Mount

Tactical helmet like the FAST can get expensive (up to $1500). If you don't already have one, and you would like to capture some causal shooting footage using this setup, we recommend the Lancer Tactical Helmet made for airsofters for under $300.

FAST Helmet With Sony Camera

Hat Method

hat go pro clamp

If you don’t have a helmet, it’s totally fine. You can mount a go pro camera for on your baseball cap. 

For this requires a little bit of DIY task, but if you want to skip all that, you can get the GoPro Hat Clamp.

The only downside for this type of mount is that the camera is sitting very high, and it can slide and shake a lot if you're moving around a lot on the range.

Features to look for in a good cam:

  • Get a 4k high-resolution video camera to future-proof your purchase.
  • Tough, durable, waterproof and shockproof camera casing and mounts.
  • Motion stabilizer technology for small movements.  All of the brands offer image stabilization, but the question is how good the technology is?  This is rated in stops.  A camera with five stops of image stabilization means the shutter speed can be 5x slower and still capture smooth video. However, all videos can be stabilized even more on video editing software.
  • Multiple mounting possibilities with a large selection of mounting accessories
  • Quick adjusting lens sensors to combat overexposure and sudden changes in light conditions
  • High-quality microphone system with wind noise reduction
  • Wide angle lens to capture first-person perspective (GoPro and Sony has a wide range of settings)
  • Anti-fog lens for wet/cold conditions
  • Strong waterproof connectors to keep the duct tape away – or even better, wireless
  • The remote control is very helpful unless you want to take off the helmet to verify if the camera is on every time.
  • Get a large micro SD card about 64G or larger if you long record period 4K videos


In the past, people have to mount a big camera on a rig to capture the first-person view, or over the shoulder perspective.

Now it’s much easier using small size action cameras to get these shots.

Go Pro Mk18

Click here to watch over the shoulder MK18 full auto shoot

Click here to watch first-person self-defense training

You can record high-quality footage in a small lightweight camera, and easily export them into your computer for editing. 

They are great for breaking down airsoft games and force on force training sessions, and show it from your perspective.

Over The Shoulder

M249 with GoPro Hero 4