Best Aftermarket Glock Slides For The Money – Unique Look & Capabilities

Glocks with Deltapoint Pro and Trijicon RMR
Referenced TRex Arms

A Glock pistol with a customized off the shelf slide is awesome for showing off on the range and cool to shoot. As the Glock market is growing steadily so as the aftermarket slide kit markers.

In this guide, let’s check out the best aftermarket Glock slides you can buy as an backup slide or as a dedicated optic ready slide.

They’re lightweight with many different design to fulfill your taste, and they’re also optic ready.

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Benefits Of A Customized Slide

Some of the benefits of using a customized slide for your factory Glock are:

  • Lightening cuts to save weight
  • Optic ready slide cut and cover plate
  • Unique slide serration cut for better slide handling
  • Unique slide aesthetics

There are tons of operations to choose from and here are some of the best aftermarket glock slides with unique look and capabilities.

We’re going to cover their specs, finishes, overall feel and price.

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Best Aftermarket Glock Slides

  • Norsso Glock Slide
  • Lone Wolf Distributors
  • ZEV Technologies
  • LANTAC Razorback
  • Unity Tactical ATOM Slide

Norsso Reptile Slide

Glock 19 with Norsso reptile slide

Read to buy slide without any shipping, milling or waiting is a huge market for people who wants to trick out their Glock. The Norsso Reptile makes reptile textured slide cuts on the slide, which looks very unique and slick among others.

Available for Glock 19, 17, 23, 26, 27, 43 with optic cuts, generally for Trijicon SRO or RMR. Some slides are also available for Gen 3, Gen 4 and Gen 5.

Get yours today!

Visit their website here at

ZEV Technologies

ZEV’s dragonfly is one of ZEV’s most popular slide with window style slide cuts to save weight and still retain its structural integrity.

ZEV has been producing aftermarket part kits like triggers and other accessories, and they make your $450 Glock into a $1700 looking John Wick type of gun.

Now you can order pre-milled slide right to your mail box. Available mostly for Glock 34, 17, 19 Gen 3 and Gen 4.

Get yours today!

Best price $524, on Brownells or Opticsplanet

LANTAC Razorback

This thing looks so Gucci that draws a lot of attention at your local range. The custom Glock are very rate to find on the range, but when you see one you will really want one for its very tight tolerance machining just like very much of what LANTAC makes.

There are slides available on OpticsPlanet right now, be sure to use WORK7 for 5% off.

Available mostly for Glock 17 and 19 Gen 4. Some comes with night sights and RMR cuts so you can save your money milling for an optic cut or buying a sight pusher.

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Best price $521, on Opticsplanet

Unity Tactical ATOM Slide

The ATOM slide has the most unique slide among others because its side mounting optic mounting method. Unlike other top milling slides, the ATOM system allows a pistol to use multiple optics with different adapter plate without needing to machine, modify or change the slide at all.

In another word, this solves the problems where an optic specific slide cut can’t use other optics. the ATOM is made from 17-4 stainless steel heat treated to 44-46 Rockwell.

Super tough slide made originally based off a DOD requirement to mount an Aimpoint Micro.

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Best price $505, on Opticsplanet

Lone Wolf Glock Slides

Lone Wolf has been around for a long time best know for their pistol barrels. They also offer aftermarket Glock slides not as fancy as others, but they work.

The part I don’t like about buying from them is that they ship you with just bead blasted finish, which means you have to find a way to get it colored if you want.

Get yours today!

Best price $209, on Brownells Or Opticsplanet

Slide Lightening Cuts To Reduce Recoil

Lightening cut slides are not for combat or conceal carry and they’re pretty much range guns because they’re solely designed to reduce recoil besides looking slick.

A completely enclosed slide has a lot of recoil impulse that makes you feel what you normally feel when shooting a handgun where you have to kinda push the gun down.

A lighter slide with front cuts dramatically reduces the felt recoil when the slide rolls back when you fire a handgun.

Slide Serrations

Slide serrations helps you better gripping of the slide especially if you need more contact points or slippery fingers.

Front, top, sides and rear serrations gives the shooter multiple contact points to operate the slide if needed from various positions.

Some are more aggressive than others, so you need to visually look at the ones that fits you.

Knowing which one you like takes practice, I recommend finding serration texture patterns that you can easily grab firmly and also comfortably operate the slide without slipping.

Cycling Reliability

Image Referenced TREX ARMS

Most people are concerned with whether changing the weight of the slide would cause any malfunction.

The answer is yes, sometimes it happens when the parts of the gun were dramatically different than its original and it failed to function.

This means you have to problem solve and realize that recoil spring guide, trigger, caliber are all important parts that need to re-tuned as well.

Please see the recommended parts kit at the end of the article.

Optic Cut

Unity Tactical’s slide mounting optic adapter is the most unique design on the market, which allows one slide cut for multiple different optic adapters with the same mount.

Other slides generally cut the top ahead of the rear fixed sight. If you don’t want an optic makes sure you find one that offers you a cover plate.

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Recommended Parts Kit To Balance The Performance

Whenever you change one part of the so much like the slide, you have to tune the rest of the gun to balance the performance attributes.

Trigger is one thing because you don’t want your trigger to be faster than the gun can cycle, which will cause misfire or out of battery.

Recoil spring needs to be tuned for different calibers and slide weights

Red dot sight weight can affect slide cycling, and that factor can influence more lightening cuts on the slide or a a heavier recoil round.

There are many options out there and you just have to test it, here I’m linking you to a source where they tested everything to show you what works so you can save time testing it yourself.

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