Here are 3 best AR-15 cleaning mat you can buy right now. Yes they are just a mat, but there are a few options that can be helpful when working on firearm parts.

Quick Buying Guide

A gun cleaning mat serves as an effective tool for organizing your workspace, preventing the misplacement of gun parts. The cushioning provided by these mats prevents gun components from rolling away and provides a gentle landing spot for delicate parts, minimizing the potential for damage.

Furthermore, these mats play a crucial role in preventing scratches on your table and the need to clean up oil stains afterward.

Best AR-15 Cleaning Mat

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Real Avid Smart Mat

The Real Avid Cleaning Mat stands out as an excellent choice for gun owners looking for a dependable and high-quality mat for gun cleaning. Its sturdy construction ensures your firearm and workspace are well-protected. The mat's ample size is a big plus, offering extensive coverage to keep your table or bench safe from any mess or debris.

The mat also includes a parts tray and a magnetic strip. These are fantastic for keeping small parts organized and in place while you clean your firearm.

What really makes the Real Avid Cleaning Mat special is its thoughtfully designed features. The surface is resistant to oil, which means any spills or leaks won't soak through and damage your work area. 

TekMat Gun Mat

One unique aspect of these mats is their inclusion of detailed diagrams and schematics for various handguns. If you don't want a full size mat for long gun. This small size mat is great for working on lower receivers and BCG without taking up much space.

They quickly provide reference data while working on the firearm. The material is non-slip so it can be used on most surfaces in the office or the kitchen counter if there is enough space. 

Raiseek Rifle Cleaning Mat

Overall, the Raiseek gun cleaning mat is a top-notch choice with section tray to place tools and parts without having them roll away on the table.

The soft polymer surface doesn't soak up oil or carbon residue, and it doesn't absorb any odor. Washing the mat is easy with just a cloth or paper towel.


Does Gun Mat Material Matter?

For gun mat material, there are two key features to keep in mind are its waterproof qualities and reusability. 

A waterproof mat is a must-have because it shields your work area from any messes made during cleaning. This is particularly important if you use solvents or oils, which can leave stubborn stains or even damage your table.

It's like having a reliable barrier that keeps moisture and spills at bay.

Cleaning And Maintenance Tips

It's important to avoid strong chemicals or rough cleaning materials, as they can harm your mat and leave odor. After washing the mat, let the mat dry out in the open air before you put it away. 

When storing it, either roll it up or fold it carefully to avoid any creases. This way, you'll keep your mat in great shape, ready for your next firearm maintenance session!


Gun mats are the most affordable armory item you can buy. They are not expensive at all, and there is no need to buy anything more than $30.

A regular gun mat with the right size