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dirty ar15 chamber

Buying an expensive AR15 rifle means you gotta take care of it. You don't have to clean your rifle every time you went shooting.

But... when the carbon residues get out of control, then it's time to do clean it, and here are some of the best ar 15 cleaning tools you need:

There are many options out there and the best ones are the multi-function cleaning kit that lets you scrape all types of surfaces on your AR bolt carrier group.

The best one we recommend are the pocket size Real AVID Bore Boss for cleaning the barrel, and the Real AVID Carbon Boss Multi Tool for having all the essential carbon removal tools in one unit.

Best AR 15 BCG Cleaning Tool

Cleaning Ar 15 bolt head

Here are some of the must have ar 15 cleaning tools for maintaining the bolt carrier group (BCG). No matter if you have stainless steel, titanium or nickel boron BCG, you have to clean them.

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REAL AVID Carbon Boss


OTIS BCG Cleaner

Best AR 15 Chamber Cleaning Tool [For Bore Too]

AR15 chamber cleaning kit

The chamber area is hard to clean, so ditch the difficulty and awkwardness out by using these fine chamber cleaning kits.

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Delta Provision Chamber Cleaning Pads

CAT Lug Scraper

How To Clean AR 15 Inside & Out

ar15 critical parts to clean

The AR platform rifles are very easy to take apart to clean. The 7 major components you must clean are:

  • Bolt Carrier
  • Bolt assembly
  • Bore
  • Gas Tube (DI guns)
  • Chamber
  • Trigger Assembly (Just use a bronze brush)
  • Buffer Spring System

Most of the time you will spend figuring out how to clean inside bolt carrier group to make sure its completely disassembled as fast and thorough as possible.

Recommended Carbon Removal Solvent

Best Cleaning Solvents

Scraping the carbon fouling off the parts is not enough and you need some strong solvent to make your life easier.

There are many carbon removal solvents on the market, and the best one with fast carbon breakdown and minimum smell is the Break Free CLP. You can try others but you will always come back to this one.

How Clean AR15 Direct Impingement Gas System

Removing the gas tube is definitely annoying if you don't have a dedicated gunsmith workbench or the patience to do it.

The easiest way is to buy a dedicated gas tube cleaning kit with brushes that you can stick through the gas tube, or you can buy some cheap gas tube pipe cleaners here.

They have wire core in them with highly absorbent cotton bristle carriers to scrape all the junk out of your gas tube.

Why Carbon Removal Using Cleaning Kits Is Important

Mk18 full auto firing in low light
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Carbon builds up significantly around the chamber and bolt area that must be scraped off for reliability because it could affect weapon accuracy, bolt cycling, gas port blockage and jams.

This is extremely important if you're shooting full auto or rapid fire.

So...Should you clean or not clean? Please keep reading...

How Often To Clean AR15 Parts

Dirty AR15 bcg

This is a very popular questions for people who are concerned with carbon build ups could affect accuracy. This is a very valid point for any precision shooters.

In that case, when accuracy is important, please clean your gun every 50 rounds.

If you're trigger happy CQB tactical shooters who only care about effective hits and reliable rifle cycling, its recommended to clean your AR every 1000 to 2000 rounds.

Definitely take the time to clean it around the 2000 round counts.

Final Thoughts

Cleaning critical internal AR15 components and accessories are important to keep the weapon away from any major malfunction. Carbon build up is the number 1 thing you need to pay attention to.

We recommend the Real AVID Carbon Boss Multi Tool for cleaning a BCG, Real AVID Bore Boss for cleaning the barrel along with the Break Free Carbon Removal CLP.

Happy shooting! Be safe