7 Best AR10 Scope Mounts

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Here are the 7 best AR10 scope mounts that ensure accuracy and durability. Many professional shooters pick these mounts for the right job.

Let's take a look

One-Piece Mount

The one-piece scope mounts are generally what professional shooters will pick over others, pretty much every time. 

One-piece scope mounts are often stronger and heavier, this means that your AR10 will be able to withstand more power.

Plus, it's easier to mount and demount the scope without aligning both your front and back rings.

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Geissele Automatics Super Precision Scope Mount

The Geissele Automatic Super Precision mounts are pretty pricey, retailing at $300+, however, you are paying a precision mount which is designed to be strong, durable and compatible with a variety of different scopes.

Geissele Automatics provide a wide range of different products, ranging from weapons, tools, and accessories.

They design products for different types of consumers from the department of defense, to law enforcement officers, to regular civilians.

LaRue Tactical QD Scope Mount

The Larue Tactical QD Scope Mount is designed to be incredibly versatile for quick-detach, this gives it the benefit of being incredibly quick to install onto your rifle, as well as being incredibly easy to adjust and steady.

Made from high-grade aluminum and comes with spare mounting screws, a wrench, as well as a QD adjustable wrench. The height of the mount makes it perfect for use with night vision devices.

Spuhr Scope Mount

Spuhr Scope Mounts are designed with stability in mind, all their mounts have been developed so that when your optics are mounted, there will be zero movements.

Each Spuhr Scope Mount has been developed using original drawings throughout the entire production process, which gives each mount something extra special.

As well as each mount being designed for zero movements, each mount has been developed so that the user can read the turret markings with little movement required.

Built using 7075 T651 billet aluminum throughout the majority of the mount, each mount is designed to be lightweight, easy to use, and durable.

You may notice that your mount is cut at 45 and wonder:

what on earth is wrong with my mount?

We want to reassure you that this is not a fault, this is an intentional design feature which ensures that your parallax and windage knobs are not obscured where the bolts join the two rings together.

American Defense QD Scope Mount

The American Defense QD Scope Mount is designed especially for AR rifles and offers a solution for attaching scopes and optics to your rifle.

The design of the American Defense QD allows for perfect eye relief, with the option of using larger scopes, which is faultless for long-range shooting.

All American Defense Mounts are made from 6061-T6 aluminum, and the hard-coat anodized finish allows for long life. The scope mount is fully adjustable and has a quick detach lever system.

This ensures that the American Defense QD Scope is long-lasting, versatile, and designed with ARs in mind.

What To Look For In A Scope Mount

When it comes to scope mounts, the most important aspect is how rugged they are, since a one-piece system is easier to install that scope rings, they often already offer great stability, and require no alignment or scope lapping and are easier to install.

Once again it is important to ensure that your mount is compatible with your rifle and scope.

How Professional Mount Their Scopes – 3 Easy Steps

Your first step will be to ensure that the all components match and are compatible with each other, once you are satisfied that everything matches you can then begin the process of applying a small amount of a thread freezing compound and you can then proceed to start putting the bottom half in place.

It is important that you use a wooden dowel if your rings are attached using a rotating socket system and not the actual scope.

Once you have the bottom half of the rings or mount are in place you will then need to align the reticle and adjust the eye relief.

You will need to ensure that the rings allow the scope to rotate and move back and forth and that it is positioned forward enough so that the eyes will be safe in instances of recoil.

Lastly, you want to tighten all your screws and insert a bore pin. You can then adjust the horizontal and vertical axis for aiming.

There are a number of videos available on YouTube that will give you a detailed and accurate visual demonstration on how professional shooter mount their scopes, just like this video by Larry Potterfield.

Tools Required To Mount A Scope

In order to mount your scope to your one scope mount or scope rings, you will require the use of precision torque wrench in order to tighten the mount screws, some sort of thread freezing compound, degreaser/ oil, and lastly your rifle, scope, and mount/ scope rings and base.

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Wrap Up

As you will now see there is a number of different option available for you to mount your scope to your rifle, all the mounts and scope rings described are highly recommended by professional shooters.

What you need to do now is decide what sort of scope mount/ ring you feel is best for you.

Make sure that you choose something which is rugged, compatible, and is highly recommended.

Yes, there may be a cheaper alternative available but there are a number of reasons why you want to avoid them, for starters you do not want to ruin your shooting experience by using poor quality products.