Here are the 7 best AR10 scope mounts that ensure accuracy and durability. Many professional shooters pick these mounts for the right job.

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One-Piece Mount

One-piece scope mounts are often stronger and heavier, but it's easier to mount and demount the scope without aligning or lapping both front and rear scope rings.

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Geissele Automatics Super Precision Scope Mount


The Geissele Automatic Super Precision mounts are pretty pricey, retailing at $300+, however, you are paying a precision mount which is designed to be strong, durable and compatible with a variety of different scopes.

Geissele Automatics provide a wide range of different products, ranging from weapons, tools, and accessories.

They design products for different types of consumers from the department of defense, to law enforcement officers, to regular civilians.

LaRue Tactical QD Scope Mount

larue tactical lt745 scope mount

The Larue Tactical QD Scope Mount is designed to be incredibly versatile for quick-detach, this gives it the benefit of being incredibly quick to install onto your rifle, as well as being incredibly easy to adjust and steady.

Made from high-grade aluminum and comes with spare mounting screws, a wrench, as well as a QD adjustable wrench. The height of the mount makes it perfect for use with night vision devices.

Spuhr Scope Mount


Spuhr Scope Mounts are made to be super stable, so your optics won't move at all. They use the original designs during the whole making process, making each mount special.

They're designed for no movement and to let you easily see the turret markings. Made mostly from strong, light 7075 T651 aluminum, these mounts are built to last and are simple to use.

If you see a 45-degree cut on your mount, don't worry! It's meant to keep the parallax and windage knobs clear, not a mistake.

American Defense QD Scope Mount

american defense qd scope mount

The American Defense QD Scope Mount is tailored for AR rifles, making it easy to attach scopes and optics.

Its design ensures perfect eye relief and allows for larger scopes, ideal for long-range shooting.

Constructed from 6061-T6 aluminum with a hard-coat anodized finish, this mount is durable. It features a fully adjustable quick detach lever system, offering longevity, flexibility, and a design focused on AR rifle compatibility.

What To Look For In A Scope Mount

The key thing about scope mounts is their sturdiness. A one-piece system, which is simpler to set up than scope rings, usually gives good stability without needing alignment or lapping, making installation easier. Just make sure the mount fits your rifle and scope.

How Professional Mount Their Scopes - 3 Easy Steps

First, make sure all parts fit well together. Start by applying a little bit of thread locker, then set up the bottom part of the mount. If the rings use a rotating socket, use a wooden stick, not the scope itself.

fix it sticks torque wrench

Make sure you can adjust the scope's position and angle for clear viewing and that it's far enough to avoid injury from recoil. Finally, tighten all screws, put in a bore pin, and adjust the scope to aim right. For help, watch tutorial videos like the one by Larry Potterfield on YouTube.

Tools Required To Mount A Scope

In order to mount your scope to your one scope mount or scope rings, you will require the use of precision torque wrench in order to tighten the mount screws, some sort of thread freezing compound, degreaser/ oil, and lastly your rifle, scope, and mount/ scope rings and base.

Wrap Up

You have many choices for mounting your scope, and all the options mentioned come highly recommended by experts. Now, you need to pick the mount or rings that suit you best. Choose something sturdy, fitting, and well-liked. While cheaper alternatives exist, they might lower your shooting quality, so it's best to avoid them.