Here are the 7 Best Daniel Defense DDM4V1 Upgrades to further enhance this already top performing AR rifle.

Let's take a look

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Best DDM4V1 Upgrades


Raptor Charging Handle - Increased Durability & Ergonomics

Radian Weapons Raptor Ambidextrous Charging Handle for AR15/M16, Tungsten Grey, R0002

The raptor charging handle should be added to any AR during the upgrade process.

Ambi -  Charge the bolt from the right side during shoulder transition

Increased Durability - Charge it hard without shearing the handle over time unlike the one out of the box 

Much Larger Latch - Easier to grip & pull with a serrated surface

BCM Gunfighter Grip - Better Handguard Grip

bcm vertical foregrip

Buy the M1913 version and slap it along any spot on the full length DDM4 12" FSP handguard. Mounting location is much more flexible than other modular handguards.

Enhanced Grip Ergonomics - Drive the muzzle faster to the target with an rock solid grip on the rifle and to operate a weapon light at the same time.

Reduce Sway -  C clamp grip ergonomics helps reduce sway by providing better grip leverage

Way Better Recoil Control - Reduce horizontal and vertical muzzle recoil shifts for faster follow up shots (Helps even more if using a muzzle brake)

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KNS Anti Walk Pins Gen 2 - Solid Trigger Group Retention

KNS Precision AR15/M16 Gen 2 MOD 2 Non-Rotate Trigger/Hammer Pins .154 Diameter-Stainless Steel, NRTHPMOD2-154-SS

Use this anti hammer and trigger rotation pin to lock down the whole system to prevent trigger malfunction. No modification to gun required!

Use .154 Diameter

Quick Installation - Just lock them in place, tighten the screws and you're done!

Go Hard - No more worry of trigger pins sliding out due to rapid fire or drop

Rock Solid Performance - Shoot as much as you like without worrying pins falling out in the field. 

No Wear To Receiver - Special anti-creep retainers prevent wear on your lower DDM4 lower receiver

Surefire MB566 Muzzle Brake - Mitigates Recoil


If you don't plan on using any Sig Sauer suppressor in the future, and you want competition grade recoil performance.

Try the Surefire MB566 muzzle brake! It's by far the best muzzle brake for AR on the market. It looks great and shoots great

Reducing muzzle flip significantly to get follow up shots on target FAST! This muzzle brake minimizes side blast and rearward concussion effects for the shooter.

Compatible With Surefire Suppressor with multiple bearing surfaces for superior suppressor can alignment.

Timney Single Stage Trigger - Smooth Trigger Pull


We recommend the Timney AR15 single stage 3lb trigger. It's the trigger you can shoot as fast as you can pull the trigger.

Quick Installation - Install two trigger pins and you are done!, no gunsmithing or re-fitting required.

Fast Trigger Reset - Crisp trigger break, almost no pre-travel, and the short trigger reset puts the trigger back in position for follow up shot immediately

Reduced Trigger Pull Weight - Reduce trigger pull weight from that nasty 8 lbs pull to just 3 lbs pull.

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Geissele Super 42 Braided Buffer Spring - Improved Spring Service Life


Eliminated Spring Twang Sound - The braided wire spring kills the annoying twang sound and preserves spring harmonics inside the buffer tube.

We recommend the Geissele Super 42 Braided Spring with H1 or H2 buffer for 16" standard gas system

Increased Cycle Life - The spring operates ONLY at around ~35% of its maximum stress load to increase its service life. The springs flex separately from each other like a harmonic damper and energy absorber to displace excess energy to prevent failure.

Improved Reliability - The Braided wire increases bolt return force to ensure proper round chambering when dealing with a dirt or steel case ammo


EOTech EXPS3 - Best Holosight

Eotech exps 3 tan on mk18

Any budget and high end optics will work on the DDM4V1, but the EOTech EXPS3 just felt right with this American Made rifle.

This is an top brand holographic sight that just goes perfectly with a top brand AR.

Point & Shoot – Parallax-free reticle with unlimited eye relief lets the shooter instantly place the dot on the target with both eyes open

Rock Solid Mount – Adjustable QD mount goes on any firearm including heavy caliber centerfire rifles

Smaller optics also work, please check out our red dot sight guide for more information.

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