Why upgrade AR15 charging handle? Well, you don't have to, but it's going to greatly improve the ergonomics and manuals of arm for your AR15 rifle.

The primary criticisms of the factory AR15 charging handle center around its small latch and its lack of ambidexterity.

aero precision ar15 charging handle

The smaller latch reduces the available gripping surface for charging the bolt, offering limited pulling leverage. This can become a problem particularly for users with slippery hands or those who experience numbness in freezing conditions on the shooting range.

In general, an AR15 with limited charging handle leverage implies that each pull causes the charging handle bar to rub against the top receiver. Over time, this can lead to fatigue and potentially break the handle.

charging handle interferes with qd throw lever

After reviewing a multitude of products, we found that the Radian Raptor charging handle is superior.

This charging handle offers the ability to charge the bolt from both sides, with certain variants designed for suppressor use to prevent gas blowback into the shooter's face.

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