5 Best AR15 Muzzle Brake and Compensator Upgrades

Here are 5 best AR15 muzzle brake and compensator upgrades your rifle needs to either reduce muzzle flash and muzzle movement, or mount a suppressor. Here are our recommendations:

Best AR15 Muzzle Devices

Surefire Muzzle Brake - Best Muzzle Reduction

SureFire Muzzle Brake/Suppressor Adapter, 7.62mm

SureFire's SFMB muzzle brake suppressor adapters use Surefire's proprietary Impulse Diffusion design to minimize side blast and rear-directed concussion effects and greatly reduce both recoil impulse and muzzle rise on AR15, so your weapon tracks straight back, keeping you on target for faster shot-to-shot recovery. 

surefire muzzle brake in action

QD Suppressor Mount - The muzzle brake is heat-treated stainless steel bar stock and DLC-coat them for extreme durability. They are available for a variety of weapon calibers and muzzle thread specs and every SFMB serves as a rock-solid mounting adapter for SureFire's combat-proven SOCOM Series Fast-Attach suppressors.

Blast Regulator Compatible - Muzzle brake effect can be minimized using the Surefire Blast Regulator in places like indoor range to reduce side blast concussion

Timing Required - The SFMB design incorporates multiple bearing surfaces to ensure superior suppressor alignment. We also included blind pilot holes at the 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock positions to enable fine-tuning of recoil characteristics for individual shooting styles or ammunition characteristics.

Surefire Warcomp - Best Hybrid Muzzle Device

SureFire Warcomp Flash Hider w/Suppressor Adapter

The SureFire's WARCOMP flash hiders/suppressor adapter  is special because it has the best features of both types of devices.

They work really well and get rid of almost all of the flash, even on AR15 pistols. They are also made from strong stainless steel and have special threading to make sure they fit properly. They also have a special coating that helps them work well in any type of weather and makes them easy to clean 

Hides Flash While Compensates - The device reduces the bright flash like the 3 prong BE Meyer flash hider and the user can custom mount the direction of the gas ports to favor the shooter' natural rifle handling.

Suppressor Ready - Mount compatible Surefire suppressor

Installation wrench tool included

BCM Comp Mod 1 - Best Compensator

Bravo Company MFG Compensator Mod 1 5.56 1/2x28 Fits Ar-15

The BCM Comp Mod 1 is a top of the line compensator for AR15 pistols and rifles. And let's be clear, this is not a flash hider.

Reduces Noise and Muzzle Movement - It has tuned slots and an interior cone that'll give the shooter the best recoil mitigation and compensation of muzzle-rise we've ever seen. 

Weatherproof - BCM has designed it to reduce side blast and noise than the typical compensators on the market.

Weatherproof - The unit is treated it with nitride for maximum corrosion resistance in the field dealing with mud, rain and snow.

VG6 Muzzle Brake - Best Value

VG6 Precision VG6 Gamma 556SL Muzzle Device for AR-15, Black Nitride, Black, APVG100038A

The VG6 GAMMA 556 is in a league of its own when it comes to eliminating recoil. They used the latest and greatest engineering techniques involving computational fluid dynamics to make this 6 ports muzzle device for optimal performance.

We optimized the GAMMA 556 to work efficiently with the gas from the muzzle on barrels between 10.5-18.5 inches. It's the perfect addition to almost any AR15 builds.  

The GAMMA 556 is a hybrid of a muzzle brake and compensator to virtually eliminates recoil and muzzle movement while you're firing without costing as much as a Surefire muzzle brake.

Strike Industries JCOMP V2, 7.62x39, Black, One Size, SI-JCOMP2-AK

The SI JCOMP Gen2 is a unique AR15 muzzle device that we don't see quite often. This is a classic Type 89 compensator and gave it a 21st century overhaul to work with the AR15 platform.

The J-COMP concept comes from the Type 89 Japanese assault rifle used by the Japan Self-Defense Forces, the Japan Coast Guard's Special Security Team units, and the Special Assault Team. 

The J Comp now features increased compensation for muzzle rise, and it's available in 7.62x39mm and .308/7.62x51mm. It's also compatible with the Oppressor and FerFrans concussion reduction devices.

Other Accessories

To install a muzzle brake a AR15 wrench is required. We recommend using a Midwest Industries Reaction Rod to hold the receiver tight to prevent torque damage to the barrel index post.