4 Best AR15 Charging Handle Upgrades

Here are the 4 best AR15 charging handle upgrades to get for direct impingement system ARs.

Let's check them out:

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Our Best Picks

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Radian Raptor Ambi Charging Handle - Best Overall

Radian Weapons Raptor Ambidextrous Charging Handle for AR15/M16, Tungsten Grey, R0002

The Radian Raptor is by far the best AR15 charging handle upgrade on the market. It looks slick, feels solid, and works for left and right-handed shooters.

Fluid And Fast - Smooth BCG pulling motion from strong or support side. Even better when using a slick surfaced nickel boron BCG

7075 T6 Construction - Stronger than 6061 T6 aluminum, and it can withstand high volume BCG charging cycles

Various Color Offerings - Available for:

  • Red
  • Black
  • Clear Anodized
  • FDE
  • Radian Brown, Grey, OD
  • Tungsten Grey

Suppressor Optimized (RAPTOR SD) - Ported shaft can redirect hot gas down and forward away from the shooter's face when the weapon is suppressed.

For Sig MCX, get it here

BCM Gunfighter Large MOD 3B - Best Value

Bravo Company MFG BCMGUNFIGHTER Charging Handle 5.56 Mod 3B Large Latch, BCM-GFH-MOD3B-556

The BCM Gunfighter charging handle looks like a standard charging handle but it's much stronger with structural improvements. This is a great MADE IN USA upgrade piece for any AR15 rifle.

Increased Durability - 7075 T6 forged aluminum construction just like the Radian Raptor

Large Latch - Extends 1.14" past the main body and should give (Wearing gloves) finger clearance to any scope or offset rear iron sight that gets in the way

Better Leverage - Clear jams and other BCG problems with much better latch gripping leverage

Best Bang For Your Buck - Just under $60, it's one of the best you can get

Geissele Super Charging Handle, 5.56, Desert Dirt 05-313S

The Geissele charging handle feels beefy and has similar quality as the Radian Raptor for ambi and suppressor use.

Minimize Gas Blow Back - Heightened rear lip mitigates gas blow back to the shooter with SBRs or suppressor use

Glove Use - Textured / curved grip angle works with or without glove

Ambi Use - Equal length latch from both sides

Precision Reflex (PRi) M84 Gas Buster - Best For Suppressor Use

Precision Reflex M84 Gas Buster Charging Handle, Military Big Latch, Black, 05-0031

This is the best AR-15 charging handle for suppressor users. It's also approved for USMC & many Spec Ops units.

It looks just like any other charging handles on the surface, but it's designed to divert hot gas blowback away from the shooter's eye when using a suppressor can, which means no more burn in the eye.

Clone SOPMOD - Use this to clone an MK12 or SOPMOD rifle even if you don't use a suppressor

Gas Directed To The Right - Thicker charging handle structure to block hot gas from hitting the shooter's face (right-handed shooter)

Upgradable Steel Latch - Change to an oversized latch if needed for better grip and malfunction clearing (Try Combat Latch)

However, this is not a product for a left-handed shooter