5 Best AR15 Flashlight Laser Combo

best ar15 light and laser combo

There are tons of flashlights and laser devices on the market, and newer stuff are keep coming out. Do you know which ones to get?  

In this buyer's guide, let's check out the best AR15 flashlight laser combo based on control ergonomics, beam performance and tactical applications.

Don't spend hundreds of dollars on cheap laser products that don't hold zero or compatible with the weapon light. Skip the headache and stick with what the pros are using for the best result.

Let's check them out and decide for yourself!

Best Tactical Flashlight & Laser Combo

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We only recommend serious tactical light products that are up to today's tactical standards and are easy to operate. If you want get something casual for some range fun, please check out this guide here.

Before you buy please ask yourself the following questions:

Intended Use: Are you using it for training/night fighting, hunting, or just shooting at stuff in the dark with your buddies? What are you aiming at and what distance? People, hogs, coyotes, steel, etc.?

Environment: Do you plan to use it in an urban or rural environment? Urban tends to have more ambient light, while most rural, backwoods areas tend to be a lot darker.

MODLITE & Steiner DBAL I2- Best Overall

modlite and steiner DBAL

Why pick MODLITE & DBAL I2 - MODLITE is a more powerful version of the Surefire Scout in the aftermarket world with 3X the lumen and candela capabilities for rifle applications, and the DBAL I2 provides the best value IR and green laser for AR15.

The user will have to get a Surefire dual switch pressure pad to operate the two devices at the same time. Or check out our pressure switch guide for other unique products

Steiner DBAL I2 laser device

MODLITE Almost 4X more throw – Among all the high candela lights, the Modlite OKW features a 69,000 candela refector, which is about 400% more than a Surefire M600DF and about ~27% more than the Cloud Defensive OWL.

This is perfect for a tight beam for threat control and for PID further out in the distances.

Feels like a Surefire & It’s even better – The light assembles the feel of a Surefire Scout, and its powered by a 18650 battery (CR123A Not supported), and the user can swap out the head for:

  • IR
  • PLHv2 head ( 1350 lumens / 54K candela)
modlite okw 18350 light package

If youre already a Surefire Scout DF owner, you can swap the head with Modlite to get the performance Surefire doesnt offer.

While lumen output with this light is similar to the Surefire M600DF head, the throw is much better suited to a rifle mounted application at more than 3X the amount throw than the M600DF.

Great Mounting Ergonomics - Being about to freely configure the light and the laser mounting spot on the AR15 handguard is very important for user operation. The DBAL A3 comes with a QD lever mount that can be easily adjusted to where the user mounts the MODLITE and vice versa, to make a tight & compact light & laser configuration.

MODLITE Accepts Various Mounts - The MODLITE has the same mounting footprint has the Surefire Scout, therefore there are tons of mounting accessories available anything from M1913, M-LOK & KEYMOD [Including offset mounts]

modlite layout

ATPIAL C on ar15 handguard with surefire light

Why pick the ATPIAL C - The lasers by L3 have been the technology trusted by our nation’s special operations for decades. The ATPIAL C is the civilian legal model of the PEQ15, and it's one of the most reliable civilian grade laser device you can buy

It’s lightweight, sits low on the rail to clear optics andeasy to zero, has slaved IR/vis lasers making zeroing possible in the day, and has good compatibility with accessories on the market.

Great Range With 0.7mw laser - Since most night vision isn’t even good enough to properly target identify past 100 yards, the 0.7mW laser can reach out to 450 yards under good evening conditions. 

IR laser Eotech

Massive Aiming Area W/ A Refined Center Dot - With a max effective range of 150 yards. It produces a circle of IR light around the laser for fast target acquisition under NV

Sits Low On Handguard - The ATPIAL-C features the traditional M1913 rail mount. Due to its low profile design, it sits lower on the rail than most other lasers on the market for a slick / everything tucked in configuration

Pressure Pad Or Switch Activation -  The user can push the button on the top, or connecting a good quality pressure pad to the rear of the unit. 

Surefire SR09 D IT pressure switch pad is very popular for this piece of gear


Steiner DBAL A4 - Best For Long Range

steiner DBAL A4 on AR15

Why pick the Steiner DBAL A4 - The Steiner DBAL A4 is a total package that consists of a 500 lumen light, a 0.5mW laser [Green or Red] & an adjustable 0.7mW IR laser & illuminator

The pressure switches are located on the top of the device that works very well for the C clamp grip via thumb activation, and the 2 other pressure switches are located on the back of the device

The user can also combine the DBAL A4 with other Scout type weapon light and link them together via one programmable pressure switch pad that mounts on the handguard.

Integrated 500 Lumen Light - If you want the light and laser devices in one unit, the DBAL A4 will give you that capability. 500 Lumen provides the shooter plenty of visible light to identify targets in low light up to 100 yards

Adjustable Illuminator Field of View - Being able to adjust the concentration of the illuminator is important for different applications. The DBAL A4 can switch between (Narrow Field of View) and Flood (Wide Field of View) Illumination

Multi Function Pressure Switch - Integrated fire button and remote cable pressure pad switch activation. Tap and release for momentary action; tap twice for 5-minute continuous on. In addition, there are two remote cable ports at rear of unit for paddle switch activation and visible laser/white light override capabilities

Able To Aim With Night Vision - Staying low profile is important in low light situations for military & home defense applications. The DBAL A4 's IR capability allows only night vision goggle users to see the aiming laser & illuminator to reduce visible signature

Adjustable Elevation & Windage - Zeroing of the laser is super important for accuracy, the DBAL A4 features uncapped elevation and windage adjustments that can be easily dialed using a flat head screw driver or a shell casing

Steiner DBAL A4 laser device

Streamlight TLR 2 HL G - Most Compact

Streamlight TLR 2 HL on Sig MCX

Why pick Streamlight - The TLR2 HL G rail-mounted flashlight comes with a (<5mW Class 3R) integrated Green laser that provides long-range targeting & 800 lumen visible light to ID targets in the dark. All is contained in this one compact unit that you can mount on your AR15.

Included Programmable Strobe Feature - Used for deterring threats with an intense non-lethal light beam.

Increased lumen intensity - The 800-lumen white LED light provides the user plenty of hot spot and flood beam to ID targets in low light conditions as well as the surroundings.

Mount On Any M1913 Rail - You can mount the TLR 2 directly on any MIL-STD-1913 rails. It is built with aerospace-grade aluminum weighing only 4.58 oz (2 CR123A lithium batteries).

Affordable - What’s cool about getting the TLR2 G is the affordable price point and outstanding performance compared to the SureFire X400, which costs 3X more.

Compatible with Streamlight Brand Pressure Switch - The user has the option to purchase a remote switch to go with the device for easier light activation.

If saving money while going after something like the Surefire X400 is what you have been looking for, then the Streamlight TLR 2 HL G is the product you don’t want to miss.

Streamlight TLR 2 HL G

Holosun LS321G green laser

Why we love the Odin – For the price of 1 Surefire M600 Scout, you can buy two Olight Odin’s if you have multiple rifle setup. It's absolutely a best product for training without dropping too much money right off the bat.

Odin Uses Surefire Scout Mount – The light comes with built-in Scout mounting points so you can use any existing Scout light mounts you have for KeyMod, Picatinny or MLOK.

If you don’t have one you can shop here.

Olight Odin in action 2000 lumens

Intense Light Beam & Reach - The Olight Odin features 2000 lumens and 22500 candela output, 25% more lumens & 43% more candela than Surefire Scout

Biggest Pressure Switch Improvement – No more complaints about the old magnetic pressure switch cord snag on stuff and come off, the new design allows it to the user to snap the retainer in place and it stays on solid.

If you don’t want to use the pressure switch you can take it off and activate the light using tail cap switch, the same type found on Warrior X Pro and M2R Warrior.

Check out more Olight Product hereBest Olight Product Guide


Why we lick the Holosun LS321G - Holosun has definitely rised to the top in the firearm industry for making outstanding optics and laser products to compete with the big dogs, the LS321G class 3 laser is made with 7075 T6 durable material to counter recoil and last in any condition.

IR / Visible Lasers Are Slaved Together - This class IIIA visible green laser runs off a single CR123A battery and has two different brightness settings while the Class 2M IR laser is co-axially mounted to ensure both lasers are zeroed at the same position for ease of use.

Included Remote Tape Switch - It makes quick activation easy without having to shift your grip

holosun LS321G Green laser plus IR

BE Meyer MAWL - Ulimate Laser Device


Why BE Meyer MAWL - The BE Meyer MAWL is the industry premium laser device represents a true paradigm shift in laser system design.  It is a full featured infrared and visible green aiming and illumination laser for individual carbines.

Super Optimized Control Ergonomics - The MAWL-C1+ addresses the use of space and ergonomic shortcomings of lasers on short carbines like the SOCOM Mk18, it mounts offset from the rail to minimize impact on hand position and optic field of view. 

This revolutionary design leaves the shooter completely unimpeded by mounting mission essential accessories.

Be meyer MAWL c1 control

Incredibly Intuitive Control - Output modes are switched by rotating the front bezel to expose the appropriate emitter. The Immediate Action button controls the 90% use case outputs per mode.  The Admin button activates the other, less critical tertiary functions per mode.

  • OFF = all emitters covered
  • VIS = Only Visible Green emitter exposed
  • IR = Only IR Laser Pointer and IR Laser Illuminator emitters exposed. 

Onboard controls include two “fire” buttons.  The forward button is “IMMEDIATE,” while the rear button is “ADMIN.” 

Easier Access To Control - The offset placement of the laser body allows the onboard fire buttons to be located directly over the rail clamp.  allowing the operator to keep their same firing grip while actuating the laser.  Regardless, the MAWL-C1+ is completely ambidextrous. 

BE MEYER MAWL and surefire m300C

Features Surefire Scout Mini. Perfectly Tucked In

Be meyer MAWL modular design disassembled

The user can reverse the control pad orientation

Switch From Left To Right Any Time - The Modular design is a never-before-seen design that allows the head and tail to separate from the body, trade places, and be reassembled on the opposite side.

Everything Tucked In & Compact - The MAWL-C1+ optimizes top rail space and activation switch height. Only 0.37" above the rail, the buttons are lower than any other device. The bulk of the laser is tucked, offset into the rail, and fits perfectly with common weapon lights and micro BUIS.


If you want to shop for more weapon lights, please check out this guide here.

Common FAQ

What To Look For When Buying An IR Laser

  • Reliability - Not all IR laser
  • Built In IR Illuminator - In dark areas, the ‘bloom’ of a laser will frequently obscure a large portion of a human torso, including the hands and face (the things we have to see to assess and accurately engage a threat). An illuminator ( basically a flashlight that can be seen under NV only) solves that problem. 
  • Simple Operation -  Most ‘bells and whistles’ are unimportant- and sometimes even create impediments to normal use
  • Cost - Getting into the IR world isn't cheap, be prepared to spend at least $1-2K

Why Use White Light & Laser Combo?

When using white light and laser together effectively, it's a force multiplier.

White visible light can be used to illuminate a dark area to ID targets and the visible or IR laser can be used to precisely aim at the target.

If you set up everything correctly on your AR15 handguard, you can work the light & laser simultaneously or individually based on how you grip the rifle.

In certain occasions, aiming down the sight in CQB scenarios can slow the shooter down compared to activating the laser and just point and shoot.

What Is The Difference Between IR & Visible Laser?

The difference between IR & visible laser is the color wavelength on the electromagnetic spectrum. Visible laser can be seen with the naked eye while IR laser (Infrared Laser) is invisible to the naked eye, and it can only be seen under a night vision device.

Can Civilians Legally Buy IR Lasers?

All IR Lasers are controlled by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and are classified as Class IIIb or IEC Class 3B Medical/Industrial Lasers. Because IR lasers are invisible to naked eyes, there is no reflexive response to look away or shut them