10 Best Ruger AR-556 Accessories

We put together of list of the 10 best Ruger AR 556 Upgrades to significantly improve the rifle's handling, recoil performance, increased durability, tactical and aiming capabilities.

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Ruger AR-556 Upgrades [Improves Handling & Control]

Raptor Ambi Charging Handle - Improved Pull Leverage

Radian Weapons Raptor Ambidextrous Charging Handle for AR15/M16, Tungsten Grey, R0002

The Radian Raptor charging handle enables ambi BCG charging capability for left and right handed users. It has much better pulling leverage than the standard charging handle. This is one of the best Ruger AR-556 upgrade kit to get first.

Increased Shear Durability - Beefed up design to handle constant hard charging shear force 

High Volume Usage - This part gets used a lot, so get something easy to grab and charge

Better Gripping - Much easier to grip & pull on the large and serrated latch surface for both left / right hand 

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Magpul BAD Lever - Adds Ambi Capability 

magpul bad lever

The battery assist device is a must have accessory for any high end and low end AR15 builds. We recommend the Magpul BAD Lever

Faster Return To Battery - Cuts down the reload speed by extending the bolt release paddle to the right side of the rifle, allowing the trigger finger to control bolt lock and release from the fire control / ready position.

One Handed Control - No more leaving the firing hand off the grip to perform bolt lock.

BCM MCMR Handguard - Mounts Accessories 

bvm mcmr 10 m lok handguard

This is a much more rigid Ruger AR-556 accessories rail. This is an optional Ruger AR-556 handguard upgrade unless you want more room to to mount weapon lights, grips and other tactical accessories.

Rock Solid Receiver Lock - KMR anti rotational mounting system locks the handguard on the receiver and prevents movement under stress, vibration and heat

M LOK Compatible - Mount any MLOK accessories like lights, laser, and grips you want at the 2, 6, and 10 O'clock positions.

Offers Different Lengths - Available for carbine, mid length and full length setup (Requires a new low profile gas block)

Magpul CTR Stock - Enhances Stability

magpul CTR stock black

Why Replace The Default Stock?

Eliminates the annoying wobble and stabilizes the rifle stock on the shooter's shoulder better.

We highly recommend the Mil-Spec model the Magpul CTR stock or the Magpul ACS.

Low Drag & Snag Free - A high-quality stock transforms the M&P15 into a low drag, snag-free, and fast action sporting rifle

Added Sling Attachment Points - Use any push-button QD sling configuration as you like.

SB Tactical SBA3 - Stabilizes Pistol

SB tactical sba3 brace

Why Get The SBA3 - You can now legally shoulder a short barrel rifle “pistol” legally without a $200 tax stamp.

This is one of the best Ruger AR 556 pistol accessories to get first.

[Updated 2020] Read More: New ATF Rule On AR Pistol Braces

Adjustable Position - Fits on regular buffer tube mil spec or commerical

Best Looking Brace - The SBA3 is by far the best-looking pistol brace that assembles the look of a Magpul MOE stock, and it feels pretty solid to shoulder and maneuver.

Recoil Reduction

bcm vertical foregrip

There are tons of grip on the market to enhance the handling of a AR15 rifle, the BCM Gunfighter grip is our favorite for almost any long gun looking for a foregrip.

Enhanced Grip Handling - Enhances handguard grip ergonomics for driving the muzzle faster to the target, and operate a weapon light at the same time.

Reduced Sway - C clamp the grip & handguard to reduce sway for greater grip leverage

Way Better Recoil Control - Better grip leverage translate to reduced horizontal and vertical muzzle shift for faster follow up shots (Helps even more if using a muzzle brake)

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Surefire MB556 Muzzle Brake - Mitigates Recoil


Why Add This To The Rifle?

Swap out the boring A2 birdcage flashhider with a Surefire MB556 muzzle brake! Your shooting experience will change forever more than any other recoil control accessories the user put on the rifle.

Reducing muzzle flip significantly - Ported muzzle to push the muzzle down when firing rounds to keep the sight on target

Loud! - If you want some pure cannon ball firing experiences on the range, this is what you want!

Expect this when shooting in low light:

mk18 muzzle brake at night

Compatible With Surefire Suppressor with multiple bearing surfaces for superior suppressor can alignment.

Timney Single Stage Trigger - Smoother Trigger Pull


Why Replace The Stock Trigger ? - Reduce trigger pull weight to just 3 lbs pull for crisp trigger pull and faster reset. We recommend the Timney AR15 single stage 3lb trigger.

Tighter Groups - Lighter trigger pull reduces shooter's finger tension on the trigger bow to eliminate as much motion to the rifle as possible

Quick Installation - Drop it in!, pull back the pins and you're done! No gunsmithing or fitting required.

Shoot Faster - Much smoother trigger for competition and faster follow up shooting without tiring your finger strength.

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Why Replace The Old Spring? The Geissele braided spring increases the service life and the reliability compared to the standard Ruger AR 556 buffer spring. The springs flex separately from each other to displace excess energy to prevent spring failure.

Increased Service Life - Operating ONLY at around ~35% of its maximum stress load compared to a standard spring for longer service life.

Improved Reliability - Improved round chambering performance and when dealing with a dirt or steel case ammo. It's the same spring design used on high rate of fire machine guns.

Eliminated Spring Twang Sound - The braided wire spring kills the annoying twang sound and preserves spring harmonics inside the buffer tube.

Red Dot Ruger AR 556 Accessories

Holosun 510C - Get On Target Fast

eotech exps3 aiming steel target

Why Add An Optic ? Adding a red dot sight helps the shooter aim better than traditional iron sights. We recommend the Holosun 510C for starters, and Aimpoint Micro or EOTech for someone who have saved up and would like to spend a bit more.

eotech exps 3 vs holosun 510c

Point & Shoot – Wherever the dot is placed is where the bullet is going. Parallax-free reticle with unlimited eye relief lets the shooter instantly place the dot on the target with both eyes open

Multi-Purpose –Use it on the Ruger AR 556 as well as other rifles you have in your inventory.

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