Best Foregrip Accessories - Vertical, Angled & Handstop

Adding a foregrip to your rifle handguard rail enhances the ergonomics and handling of the weapon & light activation.

In this guide, you will pick from the 5 best modular foregrip accessories for sub-gun, shotgun, and tactical rifles.

There are many different designs out on the market and continue to get better every year, and the BCM vertical grip and Magpul AFG are our favorites, and they're super affordable.

Let's see what else you can get...


Best Foregrips For Rail Handguard

The most popular AR handguard rails on the market accept accessories for:

  • MLOK
  • KeyMod
  • Picatinny

Many of these recommended foregrips have the option to choose among the 3 mount types.

BCM Gunfighter Vertical Grip Mod 3

Why this is the best - The BCM Gunfighter vertical grip mod 3 is a low profile, slightly angled grip that increases mobility and reduces snag.

Weighing only 1.9 oz, this is a featherweight add on to your existing setup. The grip can also be reverse mounted to increase handling ergonomics.

Made in the USA with high quality and high impact resistant polymers. Available for KeyMod, Picatinny, and MLOK.

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TangoDown QD Vertical Grip

Why we love this so much - The TangoDown Quick Detach vertical grip with pressure switch pocket is great for a long gun with a weapon light, and you can attach the grip on and off on the go without any tools.

The rugged ergonomic design allows the shooter to grip the rifle the way they want, and also have access to the weapon light pressure switch pad right on the side.

In addition, it has an internal storage space with a waterproof seal to store the backup battery and other things. Available only for Picatinny rail.

The only part we don't like is the ~$80 price tag, and you're mostly paying for the American Defense QD mount.

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Magpul AFG V2 Angled Grip

Why we love this - The Magpul AFG angled foregrip ensures positive weapon grip, which helps mitigate recoil and to facilitate faster, more accurate follow-up shots.

By positioning the shooter's hand high on the centerline of the bore, rapid-firing becomes so much easier and smooth, and it's also great for machine guns.

Made with high strength polymer material, which all Magpul accessories are made out of, so you can trust it. Available for Picatinny and MLOK.

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Strike Industries LINK

Strike Industires LINK

Why this is the coolest grip - The Strike Industries LINK CFG (Curved Fore Grip) is constructed of 6061 T6 aluminum for strength, and it enhances recoil control, and it can also be used as a hand stop.

When using this grip for barricade stop you don't have to worry about it breaking. It mounts directly to both MLOK and KeyMod. Yes, one grip fits both.

Overall it's a skeleton-type foregrip that is extremely light and low profile when mounted on a rifle.

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Ryker Grip

Ryker grip

Why this is so unique and biomechanically optimized - The Ryker Grip is an innovative design that significantly differs from other foregrips on the market.

This grip was developed with the input and support of Special Operations professionals to enhance the shooter's biomechanics.

By offsetting the shooter's support hand, the Ryker grip allows the shooter to engage targets even faster and move more naturally than a traditional grip.

  • Increased speed
  • Additional target acquisition speed 
  • Dominat eye alignment
  • Superior recoil control
  • Mounts on picatinny rail

The design is already proven on the battlefield, and now you can buy it here.

Benefits Of Using A Foregrip

The use of foregrip helps enhance

  • Overall control of the weapon and handling
  • Recoil control
  • Full auto firing stabilization
  • Faster follow-up shots
  • Barricade & cover support

It also gives the shooter more instinctive shooting ability, and the ability to quickly and consistently index their handguard grip every time they pick up the rifle, even in low light conditions.

Vertical, Angled Foregrip & Handstop Differences

Vertical grip positions the shooter's support hand close to the barrel to help maintain maximum weapon control at all times.

Literally 90 degrees relative to the bore.

It's ergonomically shaped design is optimized for use with the “thumb break” method of grasping the weapon, yet works just as well with a traditional vertical grip stance.

Note: Vertical grip cannot be legally mounted on SBR "pistols".


Referenced TRex Arms

Angled grip takes advantage of natural body mechanics to give the shooter more precise control, faster pointing, and less operator fatigue.

It provides a consistent reference point for finding the correct hand position quickly when mounting the weapon under stress.

It also improves on the “thumb break” hold often used with standard vertical grips by allowing the thumb to rest comfortably alongside the top rail, pointing forward, with the rest of the hand in full contact with the forend.

Note: Angled foregrips can be mounted on SBR "pistols" legally

hand stop on wood

Handstop is designed to be extremely low profile and ergonomic, allowing you to get a better grip on your AR-15 handguard.

Another benefit is to leverage its hard surface for using against a door frame or shooting barrier to aid in stability and control. 

Note: Handstops can be mounted on SBR "pistols" legally