Here are the 5 best CZ Scorpion pistol brace for pistol owners. Some are better than the others based on feature and aesthetics.

Most popular ones are:

*Be sure to check your local state law before buying a pistol brace

Note: As of 2023 the ATF has new ruling regarding pistol braces, Get new updates here

5 Best CZ Scorpion Folding Brace Options

SB Tactical SBTEVO G2 - Best Overall

sb tactical sbtevo g2 brace

The new SB Tactical EVO G2 pistol brace is is a ATF compliant stabilizing brace that fits right on any CZ Scorpion pistol and it looks the best.

Not only it looks the best among previous products, it works just as good as any others, and it's super easy to install.

The side folding mechanism is the same as other pistol stabilizing braces with the push button design. 

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Primary Arms

SB tactical SBTEVO brace

Why this is the hottest selling product - The SBTEVO is a ATF compliant stabilizing brace features a fixed aluminum adapter that goes directly to the back of the EVO 3 receiver. (2 set screws hold it in place even tighter)

The brace it self is a non-retractable piece that's made out of high strength rubberized material that is very sturdy and durable.

The hinge and polymer tab are extremely durable, and when you pick this thing up and play around with it, it doesn't feel very solid without any wobble whatsoever.

If you're looking for a brace for range, personal defense or storing in a car where the shortest overall length is important to you, then this side folding brace is the perfect option for the 7.71" barrel or the 4" micro EVO.

SB Tactical CZPDW - Best For PDW

CZ scorpion evo 3 SB CZPDW brace

For PDW lovers, you gonna love this one ! - Besides the SB Tactical SBTEVO G2, The CZPDW is the nicest PDW style brace that allows rapid brace deployment by pushing down on the latch and pull.

The user can pull it into full or half positions.

As always with SB tactical product, it's well build, super rigid and durable. 

What's cool about the SB CZPDW is the installation simplicity, and all you gotta to do is slide it onto the CZ Scorpion receiver on the back.

For PDW shooters who love the idea of having a small and compact stabilizing brace system without the side fold, the CZPDW is the one to go with.

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cz gear head tailhook mod 1 brace

Why we love this mod - Other than the SB Tactical braces, the Gear Head Works Tailhook is a sturdy and simple Scorpion brace design

Users can buy the stock adapter and replace buttpad with the tail hook brace, and they looks slim and feels extremely solid.

The user can release the latch and open up the tailhook and comfortable rest the arm on the CZ Scorpion brace.

CZ evo magpul zhkov brace mod

If you're planning on converting your CZ Scorpion pistol into a SBR with the Magpul Zhukov or the factory stock, this tailhook mod accessory will keep you busy legally until you get your approved NFA Form 1 back!

Must Have First : Magpul Zhukov Stock or CZ EVO Factory Stock

SB Tactical SBA3 - Best Fixed Position Brace

CZ evo 3 SB tactical SBA3

Why we like this one for buffer tube users - The SB Tactical SBA3 is the best looking and most sturdy adjustable length of pull brace for the AR15 platform, but it can also be used on CZ Scorpion.

Before you purchase this, be sure to also purchase a M4 style buffer tube adapter and we recommend the  HK brand CZ EVO Adapter or the CZ custom folding brace/stock adapter.

Anyone who has used the SBA3 brace will tell you that this thing rocks on the AR, and it will be the same on the CZ Scorpion.

*Make sure to also get the Sylvan Arms Titan CZ stock adapter (CZS100-V2)

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