Here is the list for 5 best Geissele Super Duty 11.5 pistol upgrades to significantly improve handling, range, tactical and aiming capabilities.

The gun is already feature many good parts, and these 5 accessories will make it better.

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Geissele Super Duty Pistol Upgrades

Magpul BAD Lever - Adds Ambi Capability 

magpul bad lever

The Geissele large size bolt release work well, but it doesn't enable firing hand bolt lock/release. The Magpul BAD Lever is super lightweight and it's the easiest upgrade.

Faster Return To Battery - Cuts down the reload speed, and allows the trigger finger to control bolt lock and release from the fire control / ready position.

One Handed Control - No more leaving the firing hand off the grip to perform bolt lock.

angled grip

The new Strike Industries Grip does the same thing as any other grips, but it's made to have better cable management if you're running a weapon light on the Super Duty Pistol.

Non-Snag Cable - Tuck in the remote control cable without tape or zip tie

Enhanced Grip Handling - Faster muzzle driving speed and controlto the target. and operate a weapon light at the same time.

Reduced Sway - C clamp the handguard to reduce rifle sway with greater grip leverage

Improved Recoil Control - Reduced horizontal and vertical muzzle shift for faster follow up shots (Helps even more if using a muzzle brake)

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Surefire MB556 Muzzle Brake - Mitigates Recoil


Swap out the default flashhider with a Surefire MB556 muzzle brake! Your muzzle control will forever change!

Reducing muzzle flip significantly - Ported muzzle to push the muzzle down when firing rounds to keep the sight on target

Improved Accuracy - Less flinching or muzzle adjustment required to hit target accurately

Loud and Fun! - Experiences muzzle fireball (More visible on a short barrel) 

Compatible With Surefire Suppressor - Superior suppressor can alignment with fast mount and demount capability.

Timney Single Stage Trigger - Smoother Trigger Pull


Why Replace The Stock Trigger ? - Geissele's SSA-X w/ Lightning Bow is an crazy good trigger already. If you want a drop in trigger with faster reset, the Timney Trigger is your friend.

Tighter Groups - Lighter trigger pull reduces shooter's finger tension on the trigger bow to eliminate as much motion to the rifle as possible

Faster Reset - Faster follow up shots

Quick Installation - No gunsmithing or fitting required.

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Why Replace The Old Spring? The Geissele braided spring technology models machine gun alike reliability and cycling performance to the Super Duty Pistol. The springs flex separately from each other to displace excess energy to prevent spring failure.

Increased Service Life - The spring only operates at around ~35% of its maximum stress load compared to a standard spring to extend overall service life.

Improved Reliability - Stronger round chambering without getting BCG jam

Eliminated Spring Twang Sound - The braided wire spring kills the annoying twang sound and preserves spring harmonics inside the buffer tube.

Holosun 510C - Best For The Money

holosun 510c unboxing

We recommend the Holosun 510C for better aiming performance without breaking the bank.

Point & Shoot – Parallax-free reticle with unlimited eye relief lets the shooter instantly place the dot on the target with both eyes open

Large Field Of View - Aim with both eyes open and also see around you for situation awareness 

Very Long Battery Life - 50K+ battery hours. Leave it on and the reticle is always ready

Multiple Reticle Settings - Use 2 MOA single dot for precise aiming or also turn on 65 MOA ring for range estimation

Multi-Purpose – Use it on other rifles you have in your inventory.