81 Coolest Gifts for Gun Guys In 2023 [$20, $50, $100+]

In this guide, we have came up with some awesome gifts for gun guys for 2023, spouses, fathers and friends.

From $20 up to $400 or more

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Gift [$10 - 100]

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Mantis X10 Elite

The Mantis tracker lets the shooter practice dry firing and live firing with real time feedback. The tracker mounts on the accessory rail and it can do the following:

  • Run shot clock training drills
  • Diagnose shot errors with sensor
  • Dry fire practice with shot error corrections
  • Tracks muzzle movement for training improvements for testing

Long-Range Shooting Handbook

If you know someone who is a nerd or in the progress of learning advanced long-range shooting skills, give them this awesome guide to make them a master.

Black Rifle Coffee

This MUST be one of the gifts for any serious coffee drinkers who are into guns and outdoor. This veteran-owned company makes the best coffee for Keeping that special someone caffeinated!

Holosun 510c

The Holosun 510c is a hot selling red dot sight with up to 50,000 hours of operation. Its large window field of view is great for plinking and competition use.

Training Blank Bullet

For any serious shooter that practice at home or on the range, they want dummy bullets. Give them some dummy plastic bullets to practice dry firing, reloading and jam clearing.

Streamlight TLR 8A

This is by far the most popular 500 lumen compact pistol white light for compact size handguns. It also features a visible laser for fast aiming.

It's the perfect choice for something like a Glock 19, Canik TP9 or other conceal carry pistols.

Gun Keychain

Take your outdoor spirit to the way you drive and go in and out of your home. Make your key chain bing bing.

Bullet Push Pins

If sticking notes and paper on the bulletin wall isn’t enough, and you really need to do it in style. Get some bullet push pins to show you’re serious about your work.

Bullet Valve Caps

Tired of your boring tire valve caps not looking stylish enough? Swap them out with these bullet valve caps. Make removing valve cap fun again!

Scope Leveling Kit

Keeping the scope leveled is one of the most important things right off the bat a long-range shooter checks when mounting the scope or taking a precision shot. Get this for him and tell him you care about his accuracy!


nothing is more fun than having some funny and unique patches on your backpack or vest. Going to the range with some spirit and share it with friends.

50 Cal Corkscrew

.50 Cal BMG is known for its size and power. With this… you can open your wine bottle with this classic genuine .50 cal brass casing. Simply slide the bullet through the hole and you have enough leverage to open any bottle.

50 Cal Bullet Bottle Opener

Straight from the coolest bottle openers out there. This is the only way a true gun guy should ever open a beer bottle.

12 Gauge Coaster Set

Place your drink on the best quality non-slip drink cup coaster. Perfect decoration coaster for gun lovers around your home and office.

Bullet Shot Glass

Drink like a warrior! This unique bulletproof glass will elevate your drinking experience. The glass is handcrafted made in the USA. The bullet is real and it gives you a spot to wrap your finger around when gripping the cup or shot glass.

Deflector Brake Kit

For anyone that picks up their brass after shooting their AR15, this thing is gonna reduce the throw on the ejected casings. Less walking distance, more picking up the brass right near you and saves time.

Splatterburst Targets

Splatterburst target seems like a no brainer item to have, but not a lot of people remember to use them on the range. This type of target is the best for distance shooting, making hits more visible at a distance than any other target.

Ammo Cans

Tired of seeing your buddy carry ammo boxes in a plastic bag to the range? Get them a nice ammo can! All aluminum military style ammo can he won’t disappoint.

Trauma Pak

Safety is number one on the range, and not many people have the medical kit when going out if something bad happens. Give your buddy this Trauma Pak and tell him that you care about his safety!

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Best Gun Cleaning Mat

Specifically designed for gun cleaning. This high-quality mat prevents CLP and other oils from leaking through the mat.

Protect your desk or table while working on the guns, this is a perfect affordable gift for anyone that likes to take apart their guns.

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Frog Lube

Firearm lube is one of the perfect and affordable and extremely useful gifts to get. This popular and special lube has been in use for many years in the industry because it gets wet anytime when the gun gets hot, aka it self lubricates! It's non-toxic and the safest gun care product on the market, and it cuts through the hardest fouling and prevents corrosion and removes the unwanted mess.

Bullet Clock

Add some personal touch to the way you look at time. Short bullets are marked as the minute, and long bullets are marked as hour.

Shooting Glasses

Shooting glasses get tossed around and get lost all the time. Get your buddy some safety equipment going to the range and let him know you care about him!

Magpul Hat

Classic apparel gift for the tactical cool person you know. Velcro spot available for patch placement.

John Wick Movie set

Firearm fans crave the John Wick movie series. It’s an action-packed movie starring Keanu Reeves. Total $565M at the box office worldwide. Before I spoiled the movie, for anyone who hasn’t seen the movie, get them this to get started.

Laser Bore Sighting Tool 223

This is a perfect gift for any rifle shooters who want to zero their optic or laser sight without going to the range. This laser sight saves time and money for anyone who needs to zero their scope reticle initially fast.

Pewpew Life Shirt

Buying apparel is always the right thing to do if you just can’t think of anything else to buy for a gift. The #pewpew lifestyle is the item to get just under $30.

Magpul Glock Magwell

Flared magwell allows faster reload. For anyone suffering from slow reload disorder, get them this to solve their reload frustration.

Reinforced polymer material with large feed ramp for smoother mag inert funnel. Compatible with Gen 3 and Gen 4.

Shooting Rest Bag

For long-range distance shooters, having a good zero is super important on a steady platform. This shooting rest set is lightweight and built from a non-slip material that provides a better grip on the shooting bench to prevent movement.

Gun Magnet Holder

Premium quality magnetic mount that holds up to 35 lbs. Get it for someone you know that likes to conceal their guns and mags at discrete locations without a holster. Perfect for placing them in car, wall, safe, desk, cabinet…etc

Magpul Light Mount

This affordable light mount pits on any standard 1913 Picatinny rail. It works for righties and lefties. Made from reinforced polymer and it works with any flashlight on the market through the use of ring clamp.

Maglula Pistol Magazine Loader

Loading mags one after another can be frustrating and it hurts your thumb after a while. This pocket-size mag load makes loading ammo much easier and it works virtually for anything from 9mm to 45ACP mags.

Carbon Boss 223 Multitool

Keep your guns firing reliably with this multitool gun cleaning kit. It’s loaded with 16 unique tools that help you break down carbon build up on your AR15 parts and other maintenance activities. It comes in a small package that is easy to carry in your range bag.

Mil-dot Master

If you are old school with the way you shoot long range, this item is a must-have. The Mildot master is an interactive conversion chart that calculates bullet drop. No math required because it’s all done for you on the slide chart.

Roll Pin Punch Set

Nothing is annoying than trying to work on stuff without the proper tools. A set of roll pin punch set makes life so much easier. Get this whole set and keep it in your toolbox or buy it for someone that needs it.

Magpul iPhone Case

Having keychain and gun-themed bottle opener isn’t enough? Then add this Magpul phone case to the list. Cover your phone with the PMAG style texture side ribs for additional grip that won’t snag on clothes or pockets. It’s hard protective outer shell that is shock-absorbing and double-reinforced.

Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

All-in-one universal gun cleaning kit for various cleaning tasks for shotguns, rifles, revolvers, and handguns. Included 3 solid brass rod for 17-270 caliber rifles, 3 solid brass rod for 30 caliber guns. Everything you need such as different sizes of brushes, mops, spear-pointed jags, adapters, utility brushes...etc are included in the package.

Torque Wrench

Torquing screws to the exact values are important for mounting scopes and other critical gun parts. The Wheeler FAT wrench is the most popular torque wrench for firearm maintenance on the market. This is a must-have for all gun guys who build firearms or other related tasks involving torquing screws.

Portable Target Stand

Tired of going to the outdoor range no target hangar to hold your target? Get this simple one-piece lightweight target stand and have fun at the range.

Bolt Action Pen

Ever treat your pen like a bolt action rifle as a kid? Well, now you can really live the fantasy even when using a pen. This is a cross-culture design that looks as appropriate in the boardroom as it does on the loading dock. It has that wonderful satisfying feel like a bolt action tactical pen perfect for everyday carry.

Lancer Tactical Training FAST Helmet

This is a perfect gift for guys who wants the tactical cool helmet but don’t want to invest $2000 on a helmet. These helmets are an affordable alternative for force on force training and its very popular in the airsoft community. Almost feels the same as the real thing and you can mount any accessories on it as you wish.

Tactical Nightstand Organizer

Made from high-quality plywood, this nightstand organizer with gun holder adds a great look to your bedroom for placing your handgun, key, wallet, phone, and glasses in one spot. It’s a truly unique style any man would want as a gift.

Gift [$100 and Up]

AR500 Gong Target

Shooting steel targets is super fun when you hear that “ping” down range. If you have a backyard shooting range, add this to the list. Made from AR500 grade steel, and it works perfectly with handgun caliber bullets, just hang it on target stand and you’re good to go.

Strike Industries Glock Optic Adapter Plate

This new Glock rear plate adapter combined with a dovetail red dot sight mount and a removable charging handle is a great accessory for any handgun shooters who want to make their Glock slide optic ready without permanently milling it.

Shooting Vest

For someone that shows up to the range without a belt and puts everything in his jean pocket. This shooting vest will solve that problem. It’s a lightweight vest with multiple pockets to store shotgun shells, magazines, phones, keys, and other outdoor accessories. Give this gift to yourself or someone else under $100.

Magnetic In-Pocket Magazine Holder  

Conceal carry people love this amazing and simple product. This slim little magnetic magazine holder clamps right inside your pocket so you can easily draw magazine out of it without snagging on cloth or need a fancy belt with mag pouches. Made in the USA, works with single and double stack steel magazines.

This is absolutely one of the best product anyone who conceals carry must have.

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Scope Magnification Throw Lever

Dialing the scope ring magnification can be as easy as flipping a lever without turning it slowly. Get this awesome scope accessory, and simply just clamp it on to the scope and you’re ready to go.

Magpul MS4 sling

One of Magpul's finest product is the MS series rifle 2 point QD sling. A perfect gift for tactical shooters who can transition from a single point to a 2 point sling setup in seconds.  Built with heavy materials and proprietary weave 1-1/4” wide nylon webbing that is resistant to wear and corrosion. In addition, the colored webbing has Near Infrared treatment to reduce IR signature, it’s a perfect ninja gadget value-added product to have.

Multiple color scheme and attachment QD accessories available.

VISM Shooting Mat

Shooting mat is a must-have item for anyone who shoots prone. Get this affordable $50 heavy duty PVC coated mat with thick padding for that special someone to keep their cloth clean out on the range so they don’t have to lay on dirt or wet grass. This mat by NcStar also has external and internal pockets for storing all other extra gears.

Plano Case - Long

The Plano case is large and cheaper than the Pelican. Having collected more guns then you need to get another case. The 52” long Plano case can fit over up to 3 rifles if you organize the space correctly.

Tactical Gun Bags

Everyone needs a practical and well thought-out range bag when going to the range. Gun case can be bulky and heavy, and it’s not very easy to carry around all the time. Gun bags can fit more stuff than a case, and they come in multiple sizes, with a big main compartment as well as other large side pockets for extra guns, ammo, and mags.

RaptorAR15 Charging Handle

It’s perfect for an AR15 upgrade with a larger latch for better operation. The Raptor provides rapid palm “blading” or finger thumb charges of the weapon. It’s fluid and fast from either strong or support side. Made in the USA with 7075 MILSPEC aluminum.

Leatherman Multitool

Having a pocket-size multitool must be one of the items in your gear bag. It’s perfect for any adventure as it combines 19 useful tools into a compact 4.5-inch pocket size that only weighs 7.5 oz. The tool also includes a safety whistle, fire starter ferro rod and a diamond sharpener. Perfect gift for outdoor activities.

Geissele Aimpoint Mount

The most durable and highest quality engineering from Geissele Automatics. If you’re looking for a super strong mount for the Aimpoint Micro under $100, this little thing has a clamping force of 1400 pounds to ensure accuracy and zero.

Vortex Solo Monocular

The chubby little monocular is a great option if you need a quick reference of a medium-range target. It’s perfect for spotting targets, birds and other viewing activities. It’s a versatile tool to have on the range, built with a multi-coated lens, lightweight and easy to carry using the utility clip.

Magpul Precision Rifle Bipod

A low profile simple bipod from Magpul that without the premium price. Lightweight and ergonomically designed for form, fit and function.  Spring tensioned legs stow forward when not in use, then quickly snap down and lock into place with just one hand. Multiple attachment platforms to choose from and you can’t go wrong with it.


Outstanding design and build quality. This rapid release electronic gun lock uses electromechanical dial that works from any point and in any direction. Just program the clicks, and count the clicks to unlock in seconds. 

SB Tactical Brace SBA3

Add this to your AR pistols, AK pistols or other pistol caliber carbine pistol builds. 

Check out more options here

Battle Belt

Know that person who goes to the range without any holster and puts magazines in his pocket? It’s time to give him a battle belt and couple mag pouches to make him just a little more professional!

Sig Romeo 5

This is one of the most popular and affordable red dot sights on the market. It’s affordable and great for anyone that is constantly looking for another optic for their extra guns laying around.

Battery operated, holds zero and accurate, Perfect for a gift.

Also, check out our best picks of micro red dot sight under $400 here


Look through the scope on your camera and record all the actions. The mount fits on all scope from 37mm to 45.5mm in outer diameter with a simple eyepiece. Made with aluminum material and it’s very durable and recoil resistant.

Strike industries sidewinder

Strike Industries has been putting out awesome products for years, and this sidewinder front and rear sight allows the shooter to switch to an offset position very easily. It offers the on the go option for 45-degree offset or traditional inline capabilities.

Perfect for CQB and quick transition to your backup sights without removing the optic.

Inforce Weapon Light

Getting a surfireX300 isn’t on your gift budget? It’s okay because the Inforce weapon mounted light is just as good for its egromincs. Up to 800 lumens white light added to your tactical setup is a significant amount of upgrade. You can use it on rifles and on the side of the helmet.

Vortex Pro GT

This 3-way pan head tripod provides versatile mobility and stable platform for spotting scope or binoculars. It’s lightweight and easy to carry on a trip to the mountain or into the forest. Great aluminum leg construction and comes with a quick release plate with a locking mechanism that allows for quick installation and optics removal.

Airsoft Training GBB Glock19 Pistol 

Buy this very realistic Glock airsoft pistol as a gift for yourself or your buddy. Force on force training is hard to find and they’re expensive. Airsoft provides great training alternatives for anyone learning force on force engagement.

Cosine Angle Indicator

This is a MUST have for long-range shooters who compensate for shot angle very seriously. Whether you’re shooting long range or at a high angle, this angle indicator is marked with cosine corresponding angle value that is ready to be plugged and chugged into your ballistic calculator.

Pelican Case For Handguns, Cameras, Tools & Accessories

Either you have collected more guns this year or not, having an extra gun case doesn’t hurt. Get this military-grade case made by Pelican to store your gears. It comes with two grip handles and wheels for easy carry when traveling.

Timney Trigger Single Stage

This drop in trigger kit provides the smoothest and crispest trigger pull for an AR15.

Vortex 1800 Range Finder

An easy-to-use rangefinder with a clean, uncluttered display and a highly intuitive menu. The Vortex 1800 range finder can accurately range up to 1800 yards. This is a must-have item for long-range shooters and it even has Horizontal Component Distance mode for measuring angle modified range for high angle shooting, so you don’t need to do all the complicated math equation.

Crimson Trace

Experience this effective illumination product. Available in 500 up to 900-lumen tactical flashlight for rail mounted long guns, backed by the Crimson Trace reputation people trust. The light offers remote pressure switch or tail cap activation for personal customization. For under $100 this is a steal.

Steiner eOptics SBAL-PL

The SBAL-PL is a compact premium white light and green laser combo for handguns. Made by Tier 1 quality optics and laser manufacturer Steiner, the laser quality is the most powerful I have ever seen. It’s the buy once cry once, the best weapon light you can get as a gift this year.

Surefire X300 Ultra Tactical Flashlight

The SureFire light is the ultimate tactical light. The X300 is the best with up to 1000 lumens of LED generated output. Its intense beam also provides the optimal low light situational awareness and PID performance.

Vortex Strike Eagle Scope

The 1-6X Vortex Strike Eagle is one hot selling low power variable optics on the market. As LVPOs became more popular nowadays, shooting close up at 1X or shooting medium range at 6X with speed can be all done in one scope. Perfect for 3-gun stage and tactical courses, and you will love it.

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Vortex UH1 Holographic Sight

The Vortex UH1 HWS gives the shooter the impressive sight picture and distortion-free image. It's very similar to the EOTech EXPS3 and it features an open section reticle for better target visibility for long range aim.

In addition, this holographic sight works well under low light and the reticle brightness doesn't reflect glare on the glass.

Sig Sauer Juliet 4 Magnifier

Add this to whatever red dot sight you're using to extend the shooting distance up to 4X. The Sig Sauer Juliet 4 is by far the best 4X red dot magnifier on the market

Trijicon SRO

The optic ready handgun is reaching its peak popularity right now, and the trend doesn’t show any sign of slowing down. Getting this ultimate top of the line red dot sight for someone you cared about will blow their mind. The Trijicon RMR is the toughest and versatile micro red dot sight that can be used on handguns, rifles, and shotguns. If you gonna get an expensive gift for yourself this should be on your list.

Trijicon MRO Green Dot Sight

The MRO is a sealed miniature reflex sight with a large aperture and tapered body design that maximizes the viewing area and allows for better situational awareness and fast target engagement. Built with mil-spec 7075 – T6 aluminum material, super durable and unique. Just look at how John Wick kicking ass with his Sig MPX equipped with the Trijicon MRO, and this is definitely one of the best gift product for any serious gun guys.

Streamlight 14514 Sidewinder

The compact hands-free multi-LED military flashlight that made for military applications. Included 4-step brightness cycle and IR feature, this is a must-have item for outdoor adventures. You can attach this onto the MOLLE webbing or on helmet providing the ultimate flexibility in hands-free lighting, it’s a great item to add to your holiday wishlist.

Scalarworks LEAP Mount

Scalarworks low drag optic mount is designed for serious gunfighters who want the lightest, strongest and most compact QD optic mount.

This QD mount holds zero and is capable of exerting up to 1500 lbs of force. So it's not coming loose under any circumstances. In addition, it's super easy to mount without any tools and it doesn't stick out on the side of the rifle to catch anything.