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If you are looking for a way to mount the ACRO on your Glock. Here are 6 best Glock MOS ACRO plates you can buy. I have researched the internet and found all the recommendations and put them on this list, since there are information scattered all over the place on the internet, and it's hard to find what works and what doesn't.

These plate will work for the Aimpoint ACRO as well as other ACRO footprint alternative options.

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Aimpoint ACRO Mount

aimpoint acro glock mos plate

When considering the Aimpoint Acro mount for the Glock MOS, it's noteworthy to highlight its efficient functionality and ease of installation. The Acro MOS plate is a superb choice, especially because it comes with two screws for easy mounting. To enhance its performance, it's recommended to apply a drop of your preferred gun oil on the surface that contacts the slide, as well as using blue Loctite on the screws for secure attachment. 

For Glock MOS users who frequently swap optics, the Aimpoint ACRO mount is a hassle-free and reliable option. It not only facilitates an easy installation process but also maintains zero effectively, even after multiple shooting competitions. 

ch precision glock mos acro plate

CH Precision also makes an ACRO mount for the Glock MOS. Many who have tried it all have positive things to say. Since you are on this page, be sure to use the 10% off code: BAO10OFF to buy this optic plate.

forward control glock mos acro mounting plate

The Forward Controls MOS Plate easily upgrades your Glock's MOS to the ACRO mounting footprint. It prevents stress on your optic screws with its machined steel design. This plate ensures a firm grip on the optic, thanks to tight plate-to-slide tolerances and front and rear fences. It reduces lateral load on the optic's screws during firing, lowering the risk of screws loosening or breaking.

apex tactical glock mos acro plate

The Apex Tactical Glock MOS ACRO plate is another good optic plate to get. The plate works for any ACRO footprint optics and also the Steiner MPS red dot sight. The plate has lightening cuts in the middle that most other plates don't feature, which will save you a lot of weight to ensure properly slide cycling.

All mounting screws are included in the package. Just be careful when torquing the hex screws provided by Apex. Sometimes they can strip. Use a good precision torque wrench and set the torque to 15 inch pounds. 

tango down glock mos acro plate

TangoDown AAM-01 mount is ideal for installing the ACRO on any Glock MOS slides. The optic plate is made from high-grade ordnance steel, it undergoes heat treatment and receives a Melonite finish for lasting, rust-free use. The mount includes Torx fasteners instead of the hex screws.

If you don't want to strip the screws like the one on Apex Tactical, try the Tango Down Glock MOS ACRO plate that comes with torx screws instead.

strike industries acro mounting plate

The Strike Industries RMR to ACRO mount, designed for Glocks with an RMR cut, offers an affordable, lightweight option for the Glock MOS. This mount, featuring weight-saving lightening cuts, fits securely onto any RMR optic cut Glock with forward recoil index posts, ensuring a solid installation for the ACRO red dot sight.