4 Best Glock 21 Accessories To Upgrade

Tweak your Glock 21! Here are 4 best Glock 21 accessories you can use to to fine tune its shooting performance.

These include barrels, compensators, trigger group and weapon lights

Let's check them out:

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Glock 21 Weapon Lights

surefire x300u vs streamlight tlr 1 hl

Adding a light to the gun provides the following benefits:

  • Low Light Target Identification
  • High Candela Beam For Threat Control 
  • Impair Threat's Visual Sensory
  • Use For Search
  • Non-Lethal Deterrence  

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Glock 21 Red Dot Sights

RMR window size

Adding a red dot sight to the slide provides the following benefit:

  • Faster target acquisition with a 3 MOA or larger dot
  • Aim with both eyes open while maximizing situational awareness
  • Focus on the target plane. No iron sight alignment required
  • Rack slide against hard surfaces to clear jam or charge the slide with one hand

*Slide milling required

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Glock 21 Overwatch Precision Trigger

Overwatch Precision TAC Trigger for .45 ACP, 10mm Auto Up to $12.15 Off  w/ Free Shipping  — 12 models

There are tons of trigger upgrades for 9mm and 40mm Glocks, but not many for Glock 21 45 ACP. The Overwatch Precision TAC Glock 21 trigger is the best for the 45 ACP large frame Glocks. 

Users can expect a lighter trigger pull, thanks to the trigger pull weight reduction of one half to one full pound. Overall this trigger results in a crisp, clean break, and reduced trigger over-travel.

TAC Trigger is a flat-faced, direct drop-in design replacement for your OEM trigger. This is one of the best trigger upgrades for Glocks on the market.

Glock 21 Extended Slide Release

The OEM Glock 21 slide release works fine, but it's much harder to operate when wearing gloves.

A slide magazine release is highly recommended for faster reload and easy slide operation:

Ghost Slide Release - Mfr Part: GHO_BFS_BLK

Glock 21 Barrel

TRYBE Defense Grade Threaded Pistol Barrel, Glock 21, .578x28 Thread, Black Nitride, TPBG21-BN

Most aftermarket Glock 21 barrel can shoot lead bullets. Factory Glock barrel with polygonal rifling can't, and it could cause lead build up, which can cause safety issues.

However, most people shoot factory brass ammo anyway, so the barrel rifling isn't really a big concern if you use standard factory ammo.

Lone Wolf Arms Glock 21 .45 ACP Threaded Barrel, .578x28, Raw Stainless, LWD-2145TH

We recommend the TYBRE Defense Glock 21 threaded barrel or Lone Wolf Arms Glock 21 threaded barrel

For the most part, people shoot factory brass ammo anyway, so the barrel rifling isn't really a big concern.

However, for better color customization, a threaded barrel is the way to go.

The user can:

  • Add suppressor
  • Compensator