It's your duty to store your firearm safely. To prevent children and unauthorized individuals from accessing it, consider these top 5 gun safes for long guns. The list includes safes that can store up to 36 guns, including long guns and handguns. They offer strong door security to protect against theft. We selected these based on size, heat protection, sturdiness, price, and the ability to bolt the safe to the floor.

Whether you live inside an apartment or a house, this list is got you covered.

Best Gun Safe For Long Guns

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Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe

barska biometric rifle safe

Great for: Home, Office & Apartment

Security Rating: DOJ Approved firearm storage & Digital PIN Pad

The Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe is praised for its efficient biometric fingerprint scanner that stores up to 120 fingerprints, providing reliable and quick access. It's low power consumption and secure storage, with 100% steel walls and a robust locking system, add to its appeal.

While it's compact and ideal for storing a few rifles and handguns, it may not accommodate larger firearms with accessories. Some online users feedback appreciate its ease of setup and effective biometric system but note it's more of a secure locker than a high-security safe. It's recommended for average firearms owners, offering a balance of accessibility and safety.

Steelwater Extreme Duty 45 Long Gun Safe

steelwater extreme duty 45 guns safe

Great for: Single family home basement armory

Security Rating: Exceeds California DOJ residential security

I recently got this new safe and it's fantastic! It's EMP-proof with a high-security digital keypad and backup key, so I'm never locked out. The interior LED lighting is super convenient, and it comes with a logo'd door organizer and an outlet with USB ports. It's fire-rated for 60 minutes, which is reassuring.

The safe is large (H72 x W42 x D28) with a reinforced top shelf to prevent warping. The 25% longer locking bolts and gear drive system make it incredibly secure against prying, punching, and drilling. Plus, it has a re-locking device for extra security. The interior is fully carpeted, protecting my valuables, and the heat-activated door seal is great for fire protection. I'm really impressed with its size and the level of security it provides. Great value for the money!

Liberty Gun Safes

liberty safe presidential gun safe

Great for: Single family home basement armory

Security Rating: RSC Level 2, can with stand two attackers with breaching tools for 10 minutes

I've been using a Liberty Safe for my firearms and I'm quite impressed. Their commitment to quality over 30 years really shows in their products. The safes offer excellent fire protection and security features like military-style locking bars. The variety in size and style caters to different preferences and needs. 

However, the price can be a bit steep, and the safes are large, which might not suit everyone. They often have sales and promotions, which is great for budget-conscious buyers. For anyone looking for a reliable gun safe, Liberty Safe is definitely worth considering.

Browning BX18 Safe

Great for: Single family home basement armory, living room, bedroom, garage

Security Rating: Up to 1200 F temperature resistant and breaching tool attack

brownells BX18 gun safe

I recently purchased the Browning® BX18 Gun Safe and it's been a great addition to my home security. It comfortably holds up to 18 long guns and provides 45 minutes of fire protection at temperatures up to 1,200°F. The 8 locking bolts make it very difficult to open for intruders without pins.

The electronic keypad lock and sturdy handle are reliable, and the interior is well-organized with pockets and zippered areas for handguns, magazines, and accessories. The modular shelving is a big plus, allowing customization for different storage needs. While it offers excellent protection and organization, its size and weight could be a drawback for those with limited space. Overall, it's a solid choice for securing firearms and valuables.

Browning BF23E American Flag Gun Safe

Great for: Single family home armory, living room, office and bedroom

Security Rating: Up to 1200 F temperature resistant and breaching tool attack

browning american flag gun safe

I've been using the Browning BF23E Gun Safe and it's ideal for storing up to 23 long guns. Its solid construction with a 12-gauge steel body and a 1-inch formed door ensures great security, and the Force Deflector Locking System adds an extra layer of safety. The gray finish and black hardware give it a sleek look. Inside, the quick access barrel rack and pistol pouches on the door are super convenient.

However, it weighs 460 pounds, so moving it can be challenging. The 30-minute fire rating is decent, but if you're in an area prone to longer fires, you might need something more robust. Overall, it's a solid choice for someone with a moderate gun collection.

The safe's Hammer Gray finish and black hardware look sharp in my room. Internally, the DPX barrel rack and pistol pouches make organizing easy, and the elevated floor prevents any stock damage. It does weigh 460 pounds, which can be challenging to move. The 30-minute fire protection is adequate, but in high-risk fire areas, more protection might be needed. Overall, for someone with a moderate gun collection, this safe strikes a great balance between security, capacity, and style.

Gun Safe Buying Guide

Inventory and Storage Needs

Initial Inventory: Start by listing all your current firearms.

Future Additions: Include any firearms you plan to acquire.

Accessories and Attachments: List all mounted and unmounted accessories, such as scopes, grips, spare magazines, etc.

Additional Valuables: Decide if you'll store other items like valuables or documents in the gun safe.

Value and Frequency of Access

Valuation of Contents: Calculate the total replacement value of all items to be stored.

Access Frequency: Determine how often you'll access the safe. Daily access for concealed carry or home defense weapons requires a different type of safe compared to infrequent access.

Safe Placement and Features

Location Constraints: Consider the weight, size, and delivery constraints of the safe's intended location.

Theft and Fire Protection Level: Decide the level of protection needed based on the value of the contents and your personal requirements.

Insurance Considerations: Contact your insurance provider to understand coverage requirements and potential discounts for safes meeting certain standards.

Size and Capacity of the Gun Safe

Realistic Capacity: Be wary of advertised gun safe capacities; a safe that claims to hold 10 guns might realistically fit only half that number, especially if the guns have accessories.

Interior Design: Consider if the interior layout suits your firearms, particularly those with large accessories or long barrels.

Expansion Considerations: Choose a size larger than your current needs to accommodate future acquisitions.

Gun Safe Dimensions

Advertised vs. Actual Dimensions: Verify the actual dimensions of the safe, as advertised dimensions may not always be accurate.

Internal Space: Focus on the interior dimensions, especially if you have long-barrel rifles.

Security and Burglary Ratings

Minimum Security Standard: Aim for a gun safe with at least a UL 1037 Residential Security Container Attack Level 1 (RSC-I) rating.

Legal and Insurance Requirements: Check if there are specific legal requirements in your state and what your insurance policy mandates.

Insured Value Guidelines: Follow the guidelines for the insured value of the contents, choosing a safe with a rating that matches the total value of your firearms and valuables.

Additional Considerations

Storage for Non-Gun Items: Plan for extra space for magazines, shooting accessories, personal items, and other valuables.

Overall Advice: Opt for a larger safe than currently needed to avoid future space constraints and accommodate for 'safe shrinkage' over time.