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Are you looking for a sturdy workbench to work on firearm tasks inside your house, garage and apartment without spending too much money or getting something too fancy?

I remember how annoying it was to use my kitchen counter, dinner table and stow chair to work on my guns in the past. It's annoying, ineffective and bad for leaving toxic gun materials on the same surface where you eat.

The best is using a table workbench that has sturdy legs, non-skid worksurface, doesn't wobble when you apply torque on the side. Extra storage and racks are a plus if it fits your need.

The best one we recommend for home use is the Seville Classic Heavy Duty Top Workbench Table 48″ in length with adjustable height, weighing 76 lbs.

To save you time I have listed the 3 best gunsmith workbenches below:

3 Best Workbench For Gunsmithing

When buying a workbench for gunsmithing you can go as fancy as building a man cave or go simple. In this article we aim for simplicity.

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Girl building workbench

There are many types of workbench made for woodworking, watchmaker, power strip, multipurpose and more.

There are many designs, but the table workbench is the best for gun tasks for being simply a hardwood tabletop with sturdy wood or commerical grade steel frames & legs to hold it up.

Build Or Buy

Buy vs DIY

You can build it on your own if you have all the wood working tools, or you can just buy them online and have it shipped to your front door to save you energy & time.

For those without wood working tool or experience, we highly recommend you buying from the recommended options above.

Practical Applications – Reloading, Gun Cleaning & Gunsmithing

revolver gunsmith

For home use purposes brand doesn't really matter as long as the whole thing doesn't wobble and stay sturdy especially when you are applying torque on one side of the workbench.

  • Mounting scopes
  • Torquing barrel nut
  • Vice clamp applications
  • Parts assembly
  • Reloading and cleaning

Best Workbench For Reloading – Rock Solid & Rugged

Reloading workbench seville classics

If you want to do various gun works including reloading the Seville Classic UltraHD Lighted Workbench is recommended for having plenty of space for handing items on a vast pegboard with 23 hooks included.

You can hang tools, reloading accessories and others to make this whole setup very clean and organized for reloading activities.

Its 48″ in table length, 1.5″ thick hardwood, weighing 70 lbs. I recommend you to torque on the side of the table without any wobble or fear of the table tipping over.

Best Minimalistic Home Setup – Robust, Easy Assembly & Built To Last

Depend where you live, having a huge ass workbench inside an apartment isn't always the best, but everyone has their preferences on what they want their home to look like.

The best ones we recommend for minimalistic folks are the ones no more than 50″ in length that weigh less than 100 lbs without light source connection, vast pegboard or additional storage drawer.

Tabletop Thickness Matters For Heavy Duty Torquing

AR15 barrel nut torque on workbench using vice clamps

1.5″ thick tabletop is plenty for mounting a stationary vice clamp and an reloading press. Note: Make sure you measure the spots before drilling.

The thickness also adds weight to the bench making it even much more sturdier platform for anything without failing when you apply 40 – 80 ft lb of torque on critical gun parts such as the barrel assembly.

For vice clamps there are ones you can spot tight wherever you want without drilling any hole like the IRWIN woodworking Vise, but if you use it to torque a barrel nut or something heavy duty, then its better to have a vise that is bolted on the workbench for better leverage.

Workbench Tabletop Material Quality

Thickness is important as much as the quality of the solid hardwood to handle serious wear and tear.

Wrap Up

The best gunsmithing workbench doesn't have to be fancy or expensive. For home garage and apartment usage, a 50″ long table that is sturdy, torque resistant, heavy, wobble free are the qualities you need.

The most basic table workbench like the Seville Classics UltraHD 48″ is our best pick.