For fast aiming and low light illumination, here are the 2 best Kimber Micro 9 laser and light.

We have tested a few products and we like their reliability, laser brightness, accuracy, ease of installation and price:

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Top Kimber Micro 9 Laser & Light

Why Streamlight ? - The Streamlight TLR 6 is our first light pick for the Kimber Micro 9 because it fits right on the frame. Its compact size makes it great for conceal carry and it doesn't get past the muzzle.

Contoured Body Profile - The shape of the TLR 6 blends in with the profile the Kimber Micro 9 around the trigger guard. 

Flush Muzzle Fit - Faster holstering and draw speed

Ambi Control - Activating the light from either side simply by pressing the push-button. Works for lefties and righties.

Non Snag Concealability - Many Kimber Micro 9 holster makers have fit options for the Streamlight TLR 6


  • 100 Lumens (2000 Candela)
  • 80 meters throw
  • No Strobe
  • 1.12 oz


  • Easy activation for a compact gun
  • Streamlined design for CCW
  • Very bright for its size


  • Can be difficult to install 
  • Demount required to swap battery

The Crimson Trace LG 409 is designed as a laser grip where the laser pointer sits closer to the bore for fast and accurate aiming for CQB target distances.

Super Low Profile - The CT LG 409 grip panel goes on the grip of the Kimber Micro 9 and it fits most conceal carry holsters

Red Or Green Laser - Pick between red or green laser (LG 409G, green laser is easier to pick up)

Instinctive Light Activation - Active the laser simply by gripping the gun even with poor hand motor skills in the cold or in the dark


  • Instant activation when gripping the gun
  • Fast aim
  • Green laser is much more visible
  • Laser turns on right away when gripping the gun


  • Laser only

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