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HK VP9 Slide with RMR and Suppressor sights

The HK VP9 is popular 9mm and 40SW handgun on the market. If you're interested to replace the factory sights to an aftermarket tritium night sights here are some we recommend.

They also fit all variants of P30, HK P2000 and HK45

The Best HK VP9 Night Sights Under $100 Are:

  • Trijicon Night Sights
  • Heinie Suppressor Height Sights
  • Trijicon Suppressor Sights
  • Meprolight Tru-Dot

Our favorite ones are the TRUGLO Pro suppressor sight and Heinie Ledge Rear Sight are one of the most reputable company that makes durable pistol iron sights that allows one-handed slide operation against hard surfaces, and it gives co-witness for pistol optics.

Check out this paint to make the sight glow in the dark:

VP9 Night Sights Comparison Chart

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You know what you really?

A Weapon Light

We got a recommended list here: Best HK VP9 Weapon Light

VP9 Night Sights or Not – Do You Really Need To Replace The Factory Night Sights?

VP9 Night Sights

The short answer is NO until you have to use a suppressor or a red dot sight.

Unlike Glock's plastic iron sights that comes with the gun when you buy it from the store, the HK VP9 comes with high quality fixed metal steel sights that are very durable right out of the box.

In order to make the sights co-witness with the red dot sight a suppressor height night sight is recommended.

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VP9 LE Model

Only the HK VP9 LE model (law enforcement model) comes with Tru-Glo tritium night sights while the standard civilian models come with phosphorescent sights.

You don't to need have to replace the factory night sights for the LE model because it's already very high quality and it gets the job done.

Standard VP9

HK VP9 Standard iron sights

For the standard VP9 its recommended to replace the factory sights especially the slanted rear sight, so you can use it for one-handed slide manipulation.

Positive Target Identification & Illumination Are MUSTs In The Dark

Just because you have a set of tritium iron sights doesn't mean you should just shoot the target you haven't positively identified in the dark without proper illumination.

Tritium sights are useful in immediate gun draw in the dark where you can see the glowing front and rear sights without a light source, but it's HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDED.

You have to have adequate illumination in low light environments either through external light sources, a handheld flashlight, ambient lights or a weapon mounted light to see your target, then engage.

The bottom line is that the tritium sights that glow in the dark doesn't help you at all, but it's a nice thing to have.

Suppressor Height Sight

HK VP9 Tactical with suppressor sight
Image Referenced Tactical-Life

Suppressor height sight makes the fixed iron sights taller for mounted suppressor and for red dot optic co-witness.If you're using either one of those pistol configurations you have to get the suppressor height sight.

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heinie vp9 rear suppressor sight
Image Referenced Tactical-Life

The Heinie rear sight made by Trijicon is highly recommended for its steep flat angle for charging the slide against hard surfaces with one-handed operation.

You can get the Heinie front sight separately here on Amazon.

Round Up

shooting HK VP9 standard

If you have the law enforcement model you're good to go with the VP9 factory night sights unless you want to use a suppressor or co-witness with a red dot optic.

Same goes for the standard VP9. The TRUGLO Night Suppressor Sights is highly recommended with large white dots with tritium inserts both front and rear if you don't want to go with the Heinie sights.

For under $100 its a great deal for its quality and durability

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