4 Best M1A Chassis Upgrades

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Here are the 4 best M1A chassis upgrades you should look into to make your classic M1A 308 rifle more modern and modular to mount optics, lights, bipod and also features adjustable stock.

These work for SOCOM 16, M1A standard issue or M1A Scout Squad

Check them out:

Delta 14 Chassis SGA - Best Overall

Delta 14 m1a chassis

The Delta 14 chassis systems is as close to a LEGO customization for the Springfield M1A

  • The Delta 14 Chassis is a customizable stock for the M1A SOCOM that allows the user to interchange between different stocks without needing any tools.
  • Install the factory trigger group and barrel into any Delta 14 chassis options and go!
  • The Chassis is made from glass-filled nylon, making it lightweight and tough.
  • Mossberg 500-pattern Magpul SGA stock chassis is available as well, or you can use the Mesa Tactical adaptor to attach a buffer tube and attach an AR-style stock.

VLTOR M1-S Chassis - Lightest Weight

vltor m1s m1a chassis
  • The VLTOR Improved Modstock is a stock system designed for the Springfield SOCOM platform
  • The stock system is made from a proprietary carbon fiber composite, making it stronger and lighter than ever before
  • The stock is adjustable for five lengths of pull and adjusts for elevation, allowing for the use of iron sights or optics.
  • Use any AR15 style pistol grip on the market
  • The magwell relief has been improved to allow easier operation of any M14/M1A magazine. 
  • The buttstock is slightly wider and longer at the toe than a regular M4 stock with a noticeable negative pitch, making transitions from the ready position feel more natural.

Sage International M14 EBR - Best M1A DMR Build

  • The Sage EBR Chassis Stock System is a chassis that is designed to take the classic M14/M1A platform and move it into the 21st Century
  • The M14 has been serving the U.S. military since 1959 and is mainly used as a designated marksmen rifle (DMR). The Sage International chassis provides the M1A or M14 much greater modularity
  • The weight of the EBR-equipped M1A was 11.24 lbs., which is heavier than the standard M1A SOCOM weight of 9 lbs., 2 oz.
  • Plenty of room to mount core accessories such as optics, IR laser, pressure switch pad, bipod and offset red dots

Archangel Precision Chassis - Best For The Money

•The Archangel M1A chassis provides a snug fit to make your rifle more accurate without breaking the bank.
• Fully adjustable cheek riser, stock length of pull to fit your body profile when shooting standing or prone.
• Built in 2 standard UM style sling swivel studs and four integral steel inserts for QD type sling swivels (QD swivels not included).
• The forend has an integrated Picatinny rail with extended rail cover.
• Constructed with high strength, carbon fiber and glass reinforced tan polymer to withstand weather and traditional gun solvents and oils.