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Here are 5 best MLOK rail covers to protect the handguard, add grip friction or cover up empty MLOK slots.

These are products recommended based on look and feel.

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Rail Scale G10 Grip Panels - Best Overall

rail scale g10 mlok grip panels

Rail scale G10 grip felt solid, providing excellent grip and control in all conditions.

Various Patterns - They're super easy to install, with options like micro dot, dragon scale, and a hatch pattern to suit your preferences for a super grippy handguard texture.

Great Fit - These rail covers feature a 135-degree wrap around the rail, fitting most rails on the market. If you're unsure whether these covers will fit your specific rifle, contact Rail Scales for assistance.

Heat Resistant - While most M LOK rail covers are polymer, The Rail Scale G10 is CNC machined to provide unmatched barrier against heat transfer. If you rapid fire a lot, then get this.

Adding another layer of grip that makes a huge difference when you're trying to control your shotgun. And, while they do leave a mark on your hand, it doesn't hurt – it's just the pattern, not a bite.


  • Colors: Black FR4, TerraCore™
  • Lengths: 2-Slot, 3-Slot, 4-Slot
  • Width: MLOK - 0.600"
  • Thickness: 0.125"
  • Length Dimensions: 2-Slot - 3.2", 3-Slot - 4.7", 4-Slot - 6.3"
  • Weight: 0.3 oz each w/ hardware
  • Screws: 416 Stainless Nuts
bcm mcmr mlok grip panels

Excellent Grip - The BCM MCMR M-LOK Rail Panels offer a fantastic "round" handguard grip without being overly aggressive. They have a nice chat texture that is just the right amount of grippy, allowing you to shoot all day without tearing up your hands.

Trim As Needed - Users can easily cut them to fit your specific needs. If you have custom areas where you need a shorter or longer panel, you can simply trim the panel to your desired length. They can also be installed in either direction.

Heat Reduction - These rail panels offer significant heat reduction. However, they only cover the M-LOK portions of the rail, so you may still feel some heat on other parts of the rail. If needed, you can add more panels to cover these areas for additional heat protection.

Easy Installation and Removal - The rail panels snaps into these MLOK slots tight while under recoil. To remove the panel, just unclip it from the M-LOK rail. Installing it is as simple as snapping it back in place.


  • Colors: Black, FDE
  • Length Dimensions: Length 5.550", Width 0.625", Thickness 0.100"

Slate Black Industry Rail Cover - Best For The Money

slat black mlok rail cover

The Slate Black Industries rail covers are similar to the Rail Scale G10 grip panels, but it's super thin and it's made out of polymer, retailing for about $15-$16 for a three-pack.

Tactile Grip Texture - Index the shooting grip hands for a more comfortable grip. Not too aggressive, not too weak

Additional Locking Lugs - Fully locks on to M LOK slots to prevent wobble

Heat Resistant - Panels are rated up to 450 degrees before the shooter experience handguard burn from the hot gas.

Despite their low price, these rail covers are great for indexing, ensuring you know where your hand is at all times. I tested them in various start positions, from a 45-degree angle to a trail position.

Magpul mlok handguard rail covers

Magpul M-LOK Type 2 Rail Covers provide a low-profile, two-piece design that can be easily installed on most M-LOK aluminum handguards, excluding polymer ones.

Works In All Directions - This pack includes six non-orientation-specific M-LOK covers, which can be mounted in any direction without affecting their function.

Low Profile - Designed with beveled contours to minimize snagging and featuring TSP texture for enhanced grip, these rail covers maintain a low-profile with a protrusion of just over 1/8" from the mounting surface. 

Full Customization - The pre-scored center locking tab allows users to snap off sections and mix and match colors for a customized appearance.

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Should You Use Rail Covers?

Yes, you should

Modern firearm handguard rail covers offer exceptional modularity and utility, allowing for customized grip textures to be added to specific sections of the handguard with ease.

It protects unused M LOK slots and also provides heat protection as long as possible before the gun gets too hot.

Users can also add additional grip texture by stippling on polymer rail covers.

What's The Point Of M-LOK Rail Covers?

The point of M-LOK rail covers are to provide better grip texture on the handguard and protect the hand or weapon light cable from heat. Above all, they also look cool.

Are Rail Covers Safe?

Rail covers serve to shield the shooter's hand from heat during rapid or high-volume firing sessions.

However, it is essential to note that rail covers may catch fire or melt under extreme heat. Typically, shooters will release their grip well before reaching such temperatures.