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Here are the top 3 picks for the best red dot M&P CORE. This gun has been around for many years and shooting it with an optic is a lot of fun, especially with some of the newer optics on the market today.

We have created this guide to show you some of our favorite selections from budget options to high-end performance grade optics. Please check out more below:

The best red dot for the M&P for competition use is the Trijicon SRO with the enlarged window, and the Holosun 507C for plinking and duty carry.

Best Red Dot Sights For Smith Wesson M&P CORE

Trijicon SRO - Best For Fast Sight Acquisition

smith wesson mp core trijicon sro

Why enlarged FOV matters for M&P pistol - When pairing the M&P pistol with an enlarged window optic, target acquisition and follow up shots become so much easier.

Since the M&P generally has a positive feedback on how smooth it shoots for most people, the Trijicon SRO is a step up from the original Trijicon RMR.

If you shoot competition a lot, then the SRO is the best one to get.

Same RMR mounting footprint - The optic has the exact same base design as the Trijicon RMR, aka the exact mounting platform so you don't have to worry about getting a new adapter.

Top Loading Battery SRO

Top Battery Loading - Removing the optic for a battery swap can be annoying when you don't have the tools ready, but that has changed, the SRO features a top battery loading design to save you time and the hassle.

What are people saying about the SRO - Everyone that has tried the SRO has all said it was effortless while tracking the dot within the window, and they can always find the dot.

Shooters who use the SRO have significant improvement on sight acqusition speed and consistent fast follow-up shots.

If you have been looking at the Trijicon RMR, instead you should give the SRO a try and be sure to go through our link below in order to buy it from a legit vendor online.

Holosun 507C - Best Overall

smith wesson mp core holosun 507c

Why this might be a better option than Trijicon RMR - The Holosun 507C is beating the Trijicon RMR on sales because it's affordable and has the same durability.

What people love about it - the Holosun 507C reflex sight is that it shares the same mounting footprint as the RMR, so if you have want to try the Trijicon SRO later you don't have to buy a different optic plate.

The M&P C.O.R.E comes with RMR mounting plates, so you can use that to mount the 507C.

Another reason to get the 507C as a carry optic, and it's durable, streamlined and compact for concealed carry.

Insane battery life - Having a long lasting battery is a confidence boost that your optic is always ready to go, with the improved Super LED and Shake Aweake systems the sight can last up to 50K hours of battery life. In addition, you can choose to go with the Solar Failsafe model to further extend the battery life by 2X.

Multi-reticle system, which allows the user to pick from:

  • 2 MOA Center dot
  • 32 MOA circle
  • 32 MOA circle + 2 MOA Dot

*Change by pressing the minus button for 3 seconds.

holosun 507c acss vulcan vs trijicon sro

The 32 MOA circle helps significantly for picking up the sight faster because it's big and easier to see.

Cost effective - For the cost of this optic, you can get almost 2 for the price of just 1 Trijicon RMR. The battery life is great, tough as hell and it will not disappoint you.

If you're interested in the Holosun, Please go through our link below and buy it from a legit vendor to avoid a counterfeit product.

Read Detailed Review Here

Leupold DeltaPoint Pro - Best Lens Hood Durability

MP Core with deltapoint pro

Why DeltaPoint Pro is still a good option - This Leupold's flagship micro red dot optic designed for pistol, rifle and shotgun use. The DeltaPoint Pro is used widely on competition guns and combat pistols.

In my opinion, the Leupold DeltaPoint Pro serves as the predecessor for all the newer optics on the market today, and it looks great on the M&P.

Larger lens than the Trijicon RMR - Leupold was the first company to make an enlarged window pistol optic that serves competition shooters and the military for faster target acquisition.

And now...

Trijicon and Sig Sauer are implementing that design into their products.

Top battery loading for hassle free battery swap - Leupold DeltaPoint pro allows the shooters to easily swap out the battery without removing the whole optic off the slide. That means less hassle and no re-zeroing is required.

Edge to edge lens clarity - The optic features true to life color consistency, in another word no tint that could obstruct your aim in different lighting situations.

Motion Activated Reticle - In order to extend the battery life, the MST ( Motion Sensor Technology ) automatically deactivate the reticle after 5 mins of inactivity. It reactivates again as soon as any movement is detected.

If this one interest you please check out our link below to get the best deal from the most trusted seller online.

Didn't find what you're looking for? please check out more pistol optics here.

Common FAQ

What Dot Size To Pick

Red dot optics have many different dot sizes, and it's one of the most asked question.

The best dot size for centerfired pistol caliber handgun is 2 MOA.

1 MOA dot is preferred for long distance shooting where the dot is fine enough so the shooter can see the target. Anything bigger than 2 is recommended for close up fast action competition shooting.

How To Mount Optic On M&P [Non CORE Users]

The first easiest way to install an red dot on the Smith Wesson M&P is on the C.O.R.E slide.

The C.O.R.E model comes with various mounting plate accessories to accept a wide selection of red dot sights.

The next easiest way is to send your non-optic ready slide to a custom gun service and have they mill the slide for an optic of your choice.

You can order that service from many different places, just to name a few so you can check them out on their site.

ATEI, DP Custom work, Primary Machine, Agency Arms and many more

Can You Mount A Red Dot Sight On a M&P Shield?

Can you mount a red dot sight on a M&P Shield? of course you can. All you have to do is check out the Outerimpact Modular Red Dot Adapter.

Since The M&P Shield is a different class of the full size M&P series pistol, and it has a slimmer slide profile, therefore mounting something like the RMR directly to the slide is no-go.

The Outerimpact MRA allows the user to swap out the dovetail rear sight and install an optic right on the adapter plate.

Alternative Options For No Slide Milling

If you don't have the M&P C.O.R.E or wanting to spend money milling the slide for an optic, then the cheaper option is to use buy the Outerimpact Modular Red Dot Adapter that we've mentioned above.

The adapter plate works for:

  • M&P Pistol – All
  • M&P Shield Pistol – All
  • M&P M2.0 Pistol – All
  • M&P M2.0 Shield Pistol – All (not compatible with .380 EZ)
  • M&P M2.0 Compact Pistol – All (not compatible with .22 version)

It's made from steel incorporated with pins to assist with shear forces without “worry” about losing zero. This is why we utilize weaver T-10 Torx screws and steel alignment pins to keep everything aligned and in place.

Please check out this mount here.