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best night sights for XD

Are you wanting to replace your Springfield XDm with a set of night sights? Here are some of the best night sights for the Springfield XDm pistols including the XD, XDE and XDS models.

The best one we recommend is the Trijicon HD XR for its Tritium brightness and the edgy rear sight for one-handed slide operation, and the XS DXT Big Dot provides snag free design, which is perfect for easy holster draw.

Best Tritium Night Sights For XDm XDs & XD 

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NOTE: Works with XD Mod 2

XDS Slide with Trijicon Tritium Sights

XD With XS Big Dot Sights

XDm slides with Tritium sights

Tools Required To Remove & Install Night Sights

Removing and installing the sight is very easy if you use a sight pusher tool. If you're looking for an affordable option you should check out the Sight Pusher Tool by Sight Master on Amazon.

  • Make sure to use some blue locktite when pushing the sights into the dovetail slot for secure mounting.
  • Ensure centering of the rear sight & test it on the range for proper zero

Why Steeply Hook Front Surface On Rear Sight Is Important For One-Handed Slide Manipulation

You will run into situations even during training that requires you to shoot with one hand only. The ability to operate the slide with one hand is possible with a durable flat facing rear sight surface.

You can clear malfunction and recharge the slide into battery by pushing it against your belt, tables, rails, backpacks and other hard surfaces.

So you need a rear sight that gives you positive contact surface for you to rack the slide against anything easily even if the recoil spring is stiff.

Highly Recommended! 

Note: Durable pistol red dot sight can be used for one-handed slide operation as well

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Are Night Sights Really Necessary For XDm?

It's a nice to have item, but NOT 100% necessary.

Most people get them because their durability and fast target acquisition.

For a defensive gun running a good set of night sights make a lot of sense because they are really tough and durable.

In addition, they glow bright in pitch black darkness so you can still pick up your sight without any light source. Tritium sights’ durability is what makes it popular and many people have them. But being able to see them in the dark isn’t it’s main selling point.

Target Identification & Illumination Are Required 

Target Identification in dark

Because you have to have sufficient like to be able to see what you're shooting at, and you don't shoot in the dark because you can barely make out the shapes.

You need adequate illumination to acquire, identify and engage the Target, therefore if you have enough illumination on the target you can virtually always see the outline of your sights.

When you have that you don’t actually really need your Tritium dots. So for not having a pair of Tritium sights is not the end of the world, you will still be able to fight in low light environment.

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Round Up

  • The Trijicon HD XR is the go to for its quality and strong rear sight. Ideal for police, and competitive shooters. The steeply hooked rear sight gives the shooter one-handed slide manipulation in an emergency situation.