Best Offset Iron Sights – Perfect Bore Alignment & CQB Speed

Are you looking for the best offset iron sights as the alternative to an offset red dot optic for competition shooting or home defense?

Having a set of 45-degree iron sights is affordable and impossible to fail.

The best offset angled iron sights must align with the bore for accuracy, and our favorite is the Magpul offset MBUS Pro for its low profile and you can adjust the sights without any tool.

Offset iron sights give a shooter the ability to quickly transition from magnified optic to engage close range targets fast simply by tilting the rifle.

People love them for competition and they're quite popular.

In this article, we want to share with you other products on the market today and how to properly set them up.

Best Offset Iron Sights

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Magpul MBUS

Magpul MBUS Pro Offset Front and Rear Flip-Up Backup Sights, 526-525, Black
627 Reviews
Magpul MBUS Pro Offset Front and Rear Flip-Up Backup Sights, 526-525, Black
  • All steel construction; Standard height over bore when deployed, 45 degrees offset right-hand side
  • Case hardened and finished with Melonite QPQ for extreme resistance to wear and corrosion
  • Elevation and Windage adjustable with low-profile knob; no tools required
  • Positive detents in both the up and down positions

Magpul just never stops making cool stuff.

Instead of using polymer material, this all-steel constructed backup offset iron sights is ready for anything.

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Strike Industries Sidewinder BUIS

Everything the Strike Industries has made in the past few years has been innovative and unique. This low profile package offers a rifle carbine with unprecedented flexibility.

Do you know any offset iron sights can go left or right with 45 degrees, and also have inline capability? You probably can't find any on the market.

This is the first of its kind introduced to the market.

Ozark Armament

OZARK ARMAMENT 45 Degree Offset Iron Sights - Canted Iron Sights - Works for Right & Left Hand Offset Iron Sights - 45 Degree Backup Sights - 45 Degree Offset Sights - Fixed Iron Sights
2,071 Reviews
OZARK ARMAMENT 45 Degree Offset Iron Sights - Canted Iron Sights - Works for Right & Left Hand Offset Iron Sights - 45 Degree Backup Sights - 45 Degree Offset Sights - Fixed Iron Sights
  • ADAPTABLE, MULTIFUNCITON USE: Our angled 45 offset sights are designed to easily fit any situation and feature a dual aperture design. Easily switch between optics or iron sights without having to...
  • AMBIDEXTROUS DESIGN: Our 45 Degree Offset Iron Sights can be used by both left handed and right handed shooters. Mount the left hand offset iron sights backwards to use them left handed or mount...
  • HEAVY-DUTY METAL CONSTRUCTION: Our Fixed iron sights are constructed of metal for a lifetime of use, Tight tolerances gives our canted iron sights a secure fit to any standard Picatinny or weaver...
  • LOW PROFILE: Our 45 degree offset sights feature a low profile design allowing you to easily switch between your iron sights or your optics.

This is the cheapest and yet the most popular sights out of all. This A-2 style iron sight comes with hex screws with the Allen wrench included in the package.

It's the most economical option if you want to first try out this setup before spending big money buying a higher quality sight.

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XS System XTI Big Dot

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The Xpress Threat Interdiction Sight (XTIs) is derived from its popular handgun tritium sights known for its super-fast target acquisition.

Works for the left-handed user simply by flipping the mount direction.

The sight adjustment is probably the worst out of all for a rifle platform, unlike others where you turn the dial with audible feedback. However, where this sight system shines the most is for quick target engagement within 21 feet or less.

However, the sight doesn't align with the bore.

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Other Recommended Offset Iron Sights

Dueck Defense

The Dueck Defense 45 degree rapid transition sight is similar to the SureFire offset sights, but they also make one for the left-handed shooters.

It's an A-2 style sight, very easy to use for people who are experienced with the traditional M16 style sights.

No special tools required for adjusting the sights besides the front iron sight, for those who use PEQ15, the front sight is designed to clear beam path.

In addition, you can add fiber optics or night sights for the front sight post.

Compare this to the Ozark Armament, its a way higher quality pair of iron sights with Mil-Spec hard-anodized finish that seamlessly mounts onto any standard 1913 Picatinny rail.

Use For Rapid Transition

Rapid Transition Sights

Image Referenced Magpul

Canted rapid transition offset iron sights give the shooter instant transition from magnified optic to fixed iron sights to engage close-range targets.

It's 4X faster than using a scope throw switch lever for a scoped rifle without getting off the pistol grip or the handguard.

Just cant the rifle, and the sights are there.

Great for 3 gun and even home defense setup.

How to Zero Offset Iron Sights

Zeroing offset iron sights is the same as zeroing it as if they're straight. You dial the elevation and windage until your point of aim is the point of impact, however, you have to make sure those sights are aligned to the bore of the barrel.

This goes the same for zeroing a red dot sight on an offset angled mount, which it has to align with the bore.

In the case that the iron sights don't align with the bore, you will have a horizontal offset, which is not recommended.

Here is a great video guide on how to zero an iron sight, check it out.


Offset Iron Sights vs Flip Up Iron Sights

So why would you want an offset iron sights if you could just have regular flip-up iron sights?

Offset iron sights generally work very well for rifles with magnified optics. Regular flip-up sights are for red dot optic setup for co-witness.

For example:

Using the Aimpoint Micro along with a flip-up iron sights makes more sense than with a 4X ACOG.

Using an angled offset iron sights makes more sense with a variable power optic.

Left Handed Offset Backup Sights

For those left-handed users, the Strike Industries Sidewinder or the Dueck Defense offset iron sights can accommodate that need.

We really like the SI Sidewinder for its simplicity and price.

Zeroing Distance For Offset Iron Sights

The best zeroing distance for iron sights should be between 25 yards to 50 yards. The purpose of this setup is for close-range engagement and then switch back to magnified optic for long-range.

This zeroing distance also applies to an offset red dot sight.

Other Offset Iron Sights Concerns

Most 45-degree iron sights are designed for top receiver rail close to the bore like the DI AR15.

For piston-driven rifles that have a high height over bore distance like the Sig MCX, SCAR, X95, the iron sights will not align with the bore, and your shots will be off.

The only way it's going to work is if the angle is 30 to 35 degrees, or you can try mounting the front sight on the handguard side rail to see if they align.

However, even if this works out you might not have a place to mount the rear iron sight. In that case, it's better to mount an offset red dot sight for these type of firearms.