Looking for an optic mount for your new optic or upgrade to a better one?

Check out these 3 best optic mounts for Trijicon RMR, and also fit the Holosun 407C and 507C.

Trijion RMR Footprint Mounts [Include Offset]

Check RMR Price Here, Holosun 507C Here

trijicon rmr on scalarworks leap mount

Why Use This Product

The Scalarworks is the way to go for a low drag skeletonized RMR optic mount. Their impressive strength to weight ratio and super precision return to zero performance make their mounts one of the best on the market.

The skeletonized design is just a great look on any rifles and PCC.

A low profile recessed thumbwheel deflects external impacts, while letting you take the mount off in under 3 seconds, with or without glove

Weighs ONLY 1.62 oz, saves almost 50% weight compared to others

3 Heights to choose from:

Reptilia Adapter Mount - Works With Geissele

geissele trijicon rmr angled mount adapter

Referenced Solider Systems

Reptilia ROF45 and the ROF90 Trijicon RMR / Holosun 507C work with Geissele Super Precision scope mount that provides shooters offset aiming capability even for a low power variable optic. 

Tilt the rifle to go 1X is just much faster than dial the magnification ring back to 1X.

They offer 45 degree and 90 degree mount. Different versions are available for 30mm and 34mm scope mounts.

reptilia trijicon rmr angled mount

Referenced Solider Systems

Check out their main online store here for more info.

Unity Tactical RMR Mount [Pistol & Rifle]

Unity Tactical's RMR mount just feels like something from a video game. It's innovative and eye catching.

unity tactical ATOM slide RMR

Referenced Unity Tactical

For a GLOCK pistol, their Glock ATOM RMR mount is the best for mounting RMR on the slide without compromising the ability to accept other optics. Simply just swap out the mount adapter for another optic without buying a new slide.

Glock ATOM slide required, Get it here

For scoped rifle, their FAST series offset RMR adapter mount goes directly on their FAST scope mount just like the Geissele Super Precision Mount we recommended above.

trijicon rmr on unity tactical FAST mount
unity tactical rmr FAST mount pov

Referenced Unity Tactical

The difference is that the RMR or Holosun 507C sits on the side of the rifle instead of sitting high on the scope for people looking for a compact / everything tucked in offset RMR mounting solution.

FAST scope mount required, Get it here

Offset adapter required, Get it here

RMR mount plate required, Get it here

larue LT827 RMR mount

Referenced LaRue 

LaRue Tactical's QD lever mount is the best QD mount on the market. They're fast for mount and demount without any tools in the field. It's rock solid, tight fitting and holds zero with the help of rail recoil lug to prevent shift between rail slots.

Mount this on a riser mount or on an offset picatinny rail for many different shooting applications. They offer different heights to fit your need.

Most popular ones are:

LT837 (low mount)

LT827 (lower 1/3 forward lean)

American Defense

trijicon rmr with vortex micro 3x
trijicon rmr trijicon rmr mount bottom
trijicon sro american defense mount lightweight

Similar to LaRue Tactical style QD lever mount. They offer different mount heights and also super lightweight models with cuts to reduce weight.

Get them here:

Low mount

1/3 cowitness mount

valhalla tactical RUKH offset mount side view

The Valhalla Tactical RUKH is the world's first adjustable pitch and height offset angled mount.

  • Works for lefties and righties
  • Works for cross eye dominant shooters if used at the right angle
  • Battery access from the bottom without sight removal
  • Align bore axis and POA (Point of Aim)
  • Faster transition speed 
  • Pivot to your preference

Most impressive thing is the ability to adjust the angle to align with the bore of the rifle. It's highly recommended for high bore axis rifles like the MCX, SCAR, X95 Tavor, HK416... and you can use this mount to eliminate offset aim that's typical associated with offset mounts on the market today.

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