Buy From The Best Optics & Flashlight Brands

best flashlight and optics brands

Buy from the world's top optics and illumination tool brands in the tactical and firearm industries. 

Many of these companies have been around for a long time, for providing the military, LE and civilian markets with very high quality products.

These include red dot sights, magnified optics, weapon lights, EDC lights, and tactical accessories.

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Aimpoint Logo

Aimpoint AB is a Swedish optics company manufacturing red dot sights for military, police and civilian use.

Comp and Micro series sights, such as the CompM2, H1 & T2, are the most popular.


trijicon logo

Trijicon is an US optic company based in Wixom, Michigan, that designs and distributes optical sighting devices for pistols, rifles and shotguns.

ACOG & RMR are their best products in the US military and the civilian market.


holosun logo

Holosun optics are the best alternatives to Aimpoint and Trijicon.

Quite simply: the technology and the price.

One of the most innovative optics makers on the market today. 

US Optics

US optics logo

U.S. Optics has been building custom riflescopes and optics for 28 years.

Their product line is rooted in custom scopes built to satisfy the needs of the competitive, hunting, and defense shooting communities.

Primary Arms

primary arms logo

Primary Arms is one of the fastest growing optics manufacturers in the world.

Their mission is to offer the best quality optics to the market at the best possible prices and quality


leupold logo

Leupold is one of the best American made optics maker in the world.

Their products are some of the best in the world, mostly precision shooting long range optics used by civilians and the military.

Sig Sauer

sig sauer logo

Sig Sauer is one of the top firearm manufacturers in the world, and they had incrediable success in their new optics product line in just a few years.

This includes their electro-optics, magnifiers and long range scopes. 

Vortex Optics

vortex optics logo

Vortex Optics is another top US manufacturer of optical equipments for hunting, outdoor recreational sports and law enforcement. 

Their RAZOR 1-6X and 1-10X are some of the hottest LPVO on the market today!


Nightforce logo

Nightforce is the Gucci of the optics world. Their long range precision optics are at the highest quality standard, which are subjected to conditions far beyond most anything you will ever encounter in the field.


eotech logo

EOTECH is the world's number 1 holographic sighting systems maker in the world.

Their high-quality battle-tested products to law enforcement and commercial markets around the world.  


steiner logo

Steiner Optics is a holding company of Beretta, and they make the world's best laser and IR aiming devices such as DBAL.

Their aiming solutions are field-tested and proven to perform in the most adverse real-world shooting conditions.


burris optics logo

Burris has been around for almost 40 years making great firearm optics mostly for the outdoor hunting world.

Their optics are built to provide a lifetime of reliable performance and durability.  

Best Illumination Tool Brands


surefire logo

SureFire is the world's best illumination tool maker for tactical flashlights, lasers and firearm accessories.

The company is a major supplier of weapon lights to the U.S. Armed Forces, and commonly used by law enforcement agencies.


streamlight logo

Streamlight is the 2nd largest light maker in the world.

They're a direct competitor to the SureFire brand for making top notch products including high lumen & candela handheld and tactical weapon light.



modlite logo

MODLITE System is the best Surefire M Series Scout light upgrade alternative.

They have taken the steps to improve the Scout light by introducing better heads & new battery system for higher lumen output and candela for better target identification.


olight logo

Olight makes some of the best outdoor and EDC lights for the outdoor and tactical market in the civilian world.

Their lights are more user-friendly and intuitive, and to provide you with the best possible tools.


inforce logo

Inforce makes the most ergonomic and lightweight pistol and rifle weapon white & IR light with their patent pending angled pressure switch design.

They are aesthetically designed to add a sleek look to any firearm. 


nitecore logo

NITECORE has long been on top of the hierarchy in the LED lighting and battery charger markets backed by the tremendous innovation competences it masters.

Their have some of the best EDC & utility lights available on the market today.


thrunite logo

ThruNite offers many handheld light options in the civilian market.

They're 10 Years Engaged in Flashlight Industry and they specialize in durable EDC, headlamp, rechargeable, utility lights and more.


viridian logo

Viridian is the leader in weapon-mounted technology including green and red laser sights, weapon-mounted cameras and several shooting accessories.

All products are proudly designed and built in the USA.


crimson trace logo

Crimson Trace is a premium manufacturer of laser sights, tactical lights, electronic sights and rifle scopes.

The unique Instinctive Activation system, allowing the laser to be activated with a normal grip on the pistol.


cloud defensive logo

Cloud Defensive is a new weapon light company that entered the industry with its successful OWL light & light accessories.

Everything is about enhancing things that already exist to make traditional dogma a bit better.