Upgrade your Sig P320's recoil spring guide rod to improve slide cycling and to reduce recoil?

The factory guide rod works, and aftermarket ones work better to reduce recoil, and here are 3 best Sig P320 recoil guide rod upgrades that you can easily tweak your shooting performance.

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DPM Recoil Reduction Guide Rod

dpm glock guide rod

The DPM recoil spring system is engineered to tame the factory standard Sig P320 recoil more than you'd anticipate. Once installed, it transforms your shooting experience by making it faster to get back on target.

The heavier, longer spring design dampens the recoil, reducing the impact on your wrist and hand, even after firing multiple rounds.

Multiple variants offered for different barrel length P320.


  • Faster follow-up shots
  • Reduces recoil, making it easier on your hand and wrist
  • Sturdy, well-built design
  • Protects the frame of your firearm
  • Included buffers and springs offer flexibility for different calibers or loads


  • The price might be a bit steep for some
  • Installation of the spring can be a bit tricky

Springer Precision Tungsten Guide Rod

springer precision p320 spring guide rod

These Springer Precision guide rods, carefully made from strong tungsten, let you use usual 1911 springs in your Sig Sauer P320. You can fine-tune your gun to your specific loads and recoil preference, with the bonus of tungsten's weight. They work well with the ISMI X5 recoil springs we provide, which offer better lock up than 1911 length springs.

Remember, the rod doesn't fit in an Sig M18.

They're only suited for P320s with a 4.7" barrel.

The rods weighs 2.98 oz.


  • Reducing muzzle rise and enhancing target reacquisition. This additional weight is especially useful in competitive shooting scenarios
  • Significantly reduces front sight or red dot tremor for long range aim
  • No cycling issues when using various types of ammunition


  • Choosing the right spring weight is critical, as a spring that's too light may lead to operational issues.

Sig Sauer Factory Spare Guide Rod

sig p320 factory spring guide rod

This is the factory spare guide rod that anyone should have at least one in case of a failure. Any damage caused by incorrect installation is not covered by the firearm’s warranty. Therefore, if a non-certified armorer installs these parts and something goes wrong, the user would be responsible for any repair costs.