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As we get older, our eyesight might not be as good, making it tough to aim. However there is some solutions out there. One of them being red dot sights. So, let's discuss the best sights for those with weaker eyesight.

Main Problems With Aging Eyes In Shooting

The challenge for shooters with aging eyes is hard to focus on close things like the front sight post or the targets. This is a challenge with many standard iron sights.

eye shape astigmatism

The American Optometric Association states that the muscles helping our eyes focus weaken as we age. This makes it tougher to focus on objects close to us. This condition, known as presbyopia, results from the eye's lens becoming less flexible. Almost everyone experiences this as they get older.

Shooters with astigmatism also contribute to refractive eye problems.

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These changes can affect our vision in various ways. For instance, we might need more light to see clearly as we age. It can also become harder to see objects with low contrast.

The most significant challenge many face is seeing objects up close. That's why finding the right pistol sights becomes crucial as we grow older. Now, let's see how these changes impact our accuracy with pistols.

The solution here is to use a red dot sight, high contrast tritium sights, and wear corrected lens. 

High Contrast Iron Sights

Trijicon HD XR night sights

Sights that clearly differentiate between the front and rear are beneficial for aging eyes.

When we're young, aligning the black riser of a pistol's front sight within the rear sight's notch is already a task. As we age, this becomes even more challenging, especially in dim lighting. High contrast sights, such as Trijicon XR sights or Amerigo tritium sights, can make the front sight more visible, providing a clearer sight picture.

trijicon hd night sights

Night sights are also a great choice for older eyes. Those with a slightly larger dot on the front sight compared to the rear sight dots can be particularly helpful. Dim lighting can hinder vision, especially in older individuals. The bright glow of a tritium dot on your sight can assist in getting the sight picture needed for accurate shooting.

Red Dot Sights

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Red dot sight allows the shooter to be target focused only, and the red dot just superimpose on the target. This eliminate the need for the eyes to focus on anything else but the target.

Shooters can keep both eyes open to focus on the target plane while maximizing situational awareness.

32 moa ring only 507c

However, shooters with several astigmatism will see a blurry dot. Wearing corrective lens seems to be the best way to combat this problem.

A 6 MOA pistol red dot sight is highly recommended