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Here are the 5 best PSA Rock red dot sights that mount directly onto footprint that work for RMSc, RMR, and Docter.

We ranked these products based on accuracy, durability, weight and price.

let's take a look

Best Red Dot Sights For PSA Rock 5.7

Holosun 507C ACSS - Best Overall

holosun acss long range shot low light

The Holosun 507C ACSS Vulcan model features the 250 MOA ring that helps the shooter recenter the reticle much faster after each follow up shot.

Faster Slide Charging - Charge the slide by pressing against the optic on hard surfaces like a charging handle

Easier Battery Access - Load the battery right from the side tray without sight removal

Super Light Weight - Optic weight doesn't interfere PSA Rock slide cycling reliability

Built Like A Tank - Made with 7075 T6 aluminum to endure rough field use

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  • Faster dot recentering & follow up shots
  • Long battery
  • 250 MOA ring is optional (On/Off)
  • Proven durability like an RMR


  • Not many complains

Trijicon SRO - Largest FOV

trijicon sro vs rmr battery access

Trijicon SRO features by far the largest circular shape FOV to allow faster red dot reticle acquisition on the PSA Rock. This optic is a lot of fun to shoot on the range with the large 5 MOA dot model for shooters with astigmatism.

User Friendly - Shooters can quickly acquire the dot regardless of shooting skills

Top Battery Access - Like the Holosun 507C. No sight removal required to switch battery

Same Base As RMR - Same RMR mounting footprint

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  • Very large FOV
  • Same as RMR footprint
  • Top battery access
  • Brightness lock mode


  • Lens frame not duty grade 

Swampfox Justice - Tapered FOV

swampfox liberty vs justice

Swampfox Justice is an affordable entry level RMR fit optic with an unique tapered FOV (1X27) to appear larger.

Motion Sensor Reticle - Motion activated reticle saves battery when in idle. The reticle immediately activates when you pick it up

57 Recoil Proof - Yes, it can handle high volume slide cycling of the 5.7X28


  • Lightweight and affordable
  • Unique FOV appears larger
  • Same RMR footprint


  • MOA turrets clicks aren't very positive
  • Short battery life (Only 4000 hrs)

Trijicon RMR - Best Durability

trijicon sro vs rmr

Trijicon RMR is the most durable micro red dot sight for the PSA Rock. This 7075 T6 aluminum body optic is what every other red dots on the market trying to model, and it features the most rugged body design for everyday carry and range use.

Duty Grade Lens Frame - Rounded squared lens frame divert impact stress away from the main lens to prevent crack damage

Durable Glass - The shape of the forged 7075 T6 aluminum frame diverts point impact stress away from the glass

Long Battery Life - 3 - 4 years of battery life without needing to constantly swap out the battery


  • Super duty optic
  • Long battery life
  • Super rugged


  • Optic removal required to switch battery

Holosun 507K - Best For Conceal Carry

holosun507 k x2 unboxing inside

The Holosun 507K is the smallest red dot sight for PSA Rock, and it's perfect for conceal carry users. 

Ultra Lightweight - Conceal carry users don't have to deal with added optic weight while carrying the 5.7 Rock 


  • Very affordable
  • Similar to Vortex Venom
  • More dot size selection
  • Lightweight


  • Built in rear backup sight is too small