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Here we have narrowed down 2 best red dot sights for AK Ultimak rail.

Many people love the AK Ultimak top handguard rail for mounting optics on AKs, but The AK gas tube gets really hot and the piston creates a lot of recoil shock that could throw off the zero. 

We have tested them and find that temperature resistance is the most important quality for long term usage on the AK.

AK gets hot full auto
Credit Iraqveteran8888

Best Red Dot Sights On AK Ultimak Gas Tube Rail

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Check out other micro red dot carbine sights

Aimpoint Micro (T1/H1, T1/T2)

aimpoint micro t1 on ak rail

Why pick the Aimpoint Micro - It's one of the top red dot sight pros are using on shotguns, carbines and machine guns. We recommend mounting the Aimpoint Micro on a low profile mount on the Ultimak rail for an absolute cowitness sight picture alignment.

Recoil & Heat Resistant - Handle between -60F to +160F & shock resistant up to 40 G force. This means it protects the internal components of the optic to maintain zero while withstanding heavy recoil. 

Built To Last - The optic body is made of 7075 T6 forged aluminum up to mil-spec standard, and its internals are made to survive the sharpest recoil impluse & enviromental hardhships.

Battle Proven - The Aimpoint Micro is a duty grade optic that are professionals are using in battlefield environment that can survive rough handling, drops, shear and even near by explosion.

holosun 508t red dot

I've had the chance to put the new Holosun 508T through its paces, and I'm impressed. It's a step above, especially when you stack it up against the Trijicon RMR. The 508T's Grade 5 titanium body isn't just for show; it gives the optic an edge in toughness and temperature resistance.

The 508T runs on a single CR2032 battery and can go for up to 100,000 hours. That's over five times longer than what you'd get with a Trijicon RMR. And the built-in solar panel? It's like having a backup plan that ensures your optic is always ready to go.

The 508T can handle up to 4000 G forces on a reciprocating handgun slide. So when its mounted on the Ultimak rail firing 7.62X39 rounds, just make sure its tight.

AK Piston Recoil Affect Optic?

slow motion ak47 bolt piston action
When a 7.62X39mm round goes off, the feels like a .243 round about 7 ish pound recoil felt on the shoulder on the shooter. 

Where Else To Mount Red Dot On AK?

If mounting an optic so far forward on the gas tube rail assembly isn't something you want. The second option is to use a side mount on the receiver like using the RS Regulate side optic mount for AK rifles.

Texas Weapon System makes railed dust cover where you can mount an optic on the AK like it's an AR. Check it out by clicking the link above.