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The Beretta U22 NEOS is honestly a strange-looking pistol. It kinda feels like someone made it be a conceptual NERF gun.

The gun is chambered in rimfire 22LR, and the best red dot for Beretta NEOS is Burris FastFire 3 or Holosun 507C. They're great affordable optics for teaching someone for the first time how to shoot a gun with an optic.

If you're interested in buying something more Mil-Spec that you can use on the NEOS and other guns, please check out on our site the list of ultimate pistol optics

But if you just want an affordable and durable red dot for the NEOS, we got 3 favorite ones for you...

Best Optics For Beretta U22 NEOS [Inexpensive]

These recommended optics for rimfire 22LR are affordable and small in size.

Burris FastFire 3 [3 MOA]

The FastFire III is the best selling mini red dot available in 3 MOA or 8 MOA red dot sizes. It’s light, tough and It’s one of the best red dot optics for 9mm and 22LR style guns.

    • Light & Tough For Speed Advantage –  Increase speed on target with this super small sight as the primary or backup offset optic

    • Weaver Mount Included  – Included weaver mount for installing it on the Beretta NEOS

Vortex Viper [6 MOA]

The Vortex Viper is similar to the Burris FastFire 3 from Vortex Optics. It's extremely low optic mounting height & 6 MOA dot makes it great for mounting on the pistol slide for fast target acquisition speed on close quarter targets.

The sight takes 1 CR2032 battery, which lasts up to 30,000 hours on low setting and the shooters can also co-witness with suppressor height iron sights or fiber optic sights very easily.

For the U22 NEOS, this is also a great pick if you like Vortex more than the Burris. The sight only weighs 2.1 oz with the weaver mount. Brightness controls are easy on the left side of the optic.

The recessed 1 MOA/Click windage & elevation adjustments are protected from incidental contact. For the price, it's a great optic for 22LR pistols in general.

Holosun 507C

Holosun has been making some high-performance red dot sights for a well, and recently they got into the mil-spec quality stuff that tons of people love.

The Holosun 507C is one of the diamond in the rough, even better than Trijicon RMR for its durability, performance, battery life, and cost.

The solar fail safe feature keeps the optic working even if the battery is completely dead, which it going to take almost 5-10 years until you finally see it happen.

If you want the best of the best for plinking on the U22 NEOS, then switch to a more series centerfire handgun like the Glock, the Holosun 507C is the one to get. Also, check out the NEW HE508T made with titanium alloy - about 35% stronger than 7075 T6 aluminum body.

In addition, It comes with a Weaver-style screw mount that goes directly on top of the U22 NEOS rail.

EWK Arms - U22 Fiber Optic Front Sight (Green)

Maybe red dot sight isn't your thing yet, and you're looking for NEOS sight upgrade that's less expensive for fast target acquisition speed.

The EWK Arms Fiber optic front sight is a great alternative. It's bright enough for your eyes to pick up under the light, and it's just under $30.

The factory front sight blade is dull and sometimes it's not so easy to pick up, and it's terrible.

The good news is that you can very quickly switch it out with the green fiber optic front sight, just make sure you do with the right tools when taking off the factory blade front sight.

The fiber optic rod is permanently installed in the sight. Installation is quick and easy-just a matter of backing out and tightening the retaining screw with a 1.5MM Allen wrench. Buy the Allen wrench set here from Amazon for cheap.

The Beretta U22 NEOS's top integrated rail accepts fiber optics simply by sliding it on & screw tight it.

U22 NEOS Practical Applications - Mostly For Plinking

The Beretta NEOS is strictly a range plinking handgun. This single action 22LR uses a slide blowback system, which is best for plinking and casual shooting.

Also great for entry-level shooters because it's light, low recoil & simple ergonomics, which new shooters want.

The integrated rail accepts Weaver-style optic mounts as well as a fully adjustable rear sight, which is perfect for mounting pistol red dot right out of the box.


The Holosun HS407C is the best optic if you plan on using it on other series centerfire pistols. It's affordable and mil-spec strong over other cheaper ones.

For the money, the Burris FastFire 3 is our pick for its long track record for being one of the best selling micro red dot sights for rimfire and centerfire guns.

No matter which optic you pick you will have a blast on the range whether you’re teaching a beginner shooter or plinking, you will not disappoint.

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Beretta NEOS Optics FAQ

Many shooters find green front sights easier to see in bright light.

Laser sights help with fast aiming in close self-defense situations. You don't need to use the regular iron sights.

Shooting with a 22LR is mostly for fun, not tactical use.

The Beretta U22 NEOS lets you add optics. Depending on the red dot you choose, you can adjust it to your liking.

It's important to place the optic so the gun feels balanced in your hand. This helps you see the red dot easily.

You'll know what's best when you try it at a shooting range.

For a 22LR pistol, a 3-4 MOA dot is good for quick and accurate shooting up close.

A big 8 MOA dot is preferred for shooting at short distances like 4-15 yards. It's great for handguns and shotguns because it helps you see your target faster.

For long guns, a smaller 1-3 MOA dot is popular. It's precise because it covers less of the target.

Many enjoy using iron sights, but with more people using red dot optics on handguns now, it feels different without them.

Red dots aren't a must-have, but they offer a fresh way to shoot. They help shooters, especially those with older eyes, aim better than with iron sights.