We have tested & used over 18 different types of optics based on durability, reticle designs, battery life and cost on real steel firearms, and we have also narrowed down the 4 best airsoft red dot sights for force on force non lethal training.

Check them out below:

Best Airsoft Red Dot Sights

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Holosun 510C - Best Overall

holosun 510c on cz evo

HoloSun 510C red dot sight isn't just a great choice for real steel firearms; it's a top-tier option for airsoft training guns as well. Its solar-powered reliability, expansive field of view, swift target acquisition, and tool-free convenience make it a must-have accessory for any serious airsoft player.

Airsoft battles can be fast-paced and require split-second decisions. The HoloSun 510C enhances your ability to acquire targets rapidly. Whether you're shooting on the move or transitioning between targets with both eyes open while wearing a bulky face masks, you can instantly place the dot wherever opposing team player appears.

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  • Additional hood protection like EOTECH
  • Solar panel power when battery dies
  • Multi reticle system for various applications
  • Built in QD lever mount


  • Open emitter attracts dirt
  • Sig ROMEO 5 - Best Value

    sig sauer romeo5 side view

    The ROMEO5 by Sig is a robust, compact, and cost-effective red dot optic, reminiscent of the Aimpoint Micro. Priced at just under $150, it's an enduring choice for airsoft enthusiasts and also compatible with real firearms.

    Its standout feature is the motion-activated technology (MOTAC) that powers up the optic upon detecting any movement and conserves battery life by shutting down during periods of inactivity, providing an impressive 40,000 hours of battery life.

    With a 2 MOA dot size, it delivers human torso size accuracy at close range. Additionally, its compatibility with Aimpoint footprint mounts offers versatile mounting options for users.

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  • Uses Aimpoint Micro footprint
  • Affordable for beginners
  • Motion sensor saves battery
  • Very pleasing aesthetics
  • Cons

    • Reticle can be brighter for sunny day use

    The Vortex Strikefire II is an excellent red dot sight choice for airsoft enthusiasts, even though 6mm airsoft BBs behave differently than real bullets. With a generous 4 MOA dot, it's perfectly suited for the typical accuracy of airsoft BBs, making it an ideal aiming solution.

    This sight offers versatility when it comes to mounting options. While it includes a cantilever mount, you have the freedom to use any aftermarket mount that suits your preferences. For optimal performance, we recommend the LaRue Tactical LT150 QD mount.

    One notable improvement is the enhanced battery compartment. It ensures reliable performance by securely retaining the battery in place, preventing it from coming loose during intense airsoft battles.


    • Very durable built for serious users
    • Small profile
    • Tons of variations to choose from
    • Accepts clear front lens cover to protect against bbs
    • Tighter battery grip (Type 2 models)


    • Open emitter attracts dirt

    The Feyachi reflex sight resembles the look of a red dot sight seen in popular FPS video games. Even though there aren't anything like this for real steel firearm use, the Feyachi reflex 33mm wide FOV sight is very popular for airsoft games and training without breaking the bank.

    Very Simple Design - It's an open emitter design with sturdy picatinny rail mounting system to stay tight on an airsoft AEG or gas blowback rifle.

    Mutli Reticle Selections - User can pick between Dot, Circle/Dot, Crosshair/Circle/Dot combination all in one sight based on personal preference

    Super Clean Sight Picture - Thin lens frame is all the shooter sees without any field of view obstruction


    • Very simple design for airsoft application
    • Multi reticle options
    • Much more robust reticle selection dial
    • Affordable


    • Can't be used on real firearm
    • Not bright enough on max setting under sunlight

    Airsoft Red Dot Sight Buyers Guide

    Red Dot VS Reflex Differences

    Most red dot sights fall into the reflex optics category.

    Reflex Sight works the same way as a red dot sight, but they are typically open emitter sights like Trijicon RMR, Holosun 510C where the LED emitter is exposed instead of a fully enclosed body design.

    open emitter led blocked by melting snow trijicon sro open emitter led

    In outdoor airsoft training environment, open emitter red dot sight can attract debris that can block the emitter screen. It's worse if mud is splashed all over the optic.

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    Effective Range

    The effective range for these red dot sight is only as accurate as airsoft bb ballistics. The most effective zeroing range for an airsoft gun is 20 - 30 meters.

    For the most part 6mm 0.25g BBs are much more accurate for airsoft guns shooting around 350 - 500 fps with a much stable flight path.

    Airsoft users are NOT going to zero an airsoft gun the same way as a real gun because the BB's trajectory isn't consistent.

    airsoft mil sim training

    Dot Size Selection & Astigmatism

    Red Dot Sight MOA Sizes

    The bigger the dot, the easier it is to pick up to superimpose it on the target for fast engagement.

    For airsoft users, a 2 - 6 MOA dot is recommended for all CQB training environment under bright daylight. Since 6mm bb doesn't fly like a bullet. Don't expect the optic to have a good zero like a real firearm.

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    Glass Quality

    sig romeo5 front lens

    Most optics are made up of high quality glass that feature durable coating, optimal light emission angle, eye safety, and parallax-free.

    For airsoft force on force training, we highly recommend to add clear lens protection against BBs.

    Learn the 7 tips to combat sun glare when shooting in direct sunlight here

    Long-Lasting Battery Life

    holosun 510c battery

    50,000 hours of battery life is the industry standard for a red dot sight, and currently most red dot sights can last long with a single CR123A battery.

    A long lasting battery life eliminates the need to replace the battery, and it can stay on in your airsoft range bag.

    Unlimited Eye Relief & Parallax Free

    The biggest benefit of a red dot is unlimited eye relief and parallax free, which allows the shooter focus on the target plane without:

    For CQB airsoft targets, just place the parallax-free reticle on target to get an combat effective hit.

    Faster Target Acquisition Speed

    Whether you're on the move or transitioning through corners. A red dot sight is extremely fast for acquiring sight picture without using traditional iron sights with both eyes open.

    It works the same way as on a real gun, but the bulky safety glass and mask may make it awkward to get behind the optic.

    Drop Proof

    For serious mil-sim airsofter players that may bump their gear in and out of the vehicle or drop their guns while running.

    For the most part, you don't have to worry about the optics getting damaged. These optics even in the $150 range can survive more physical abuse than the airsoft gun itself.

    Recoil Proof?

    Airsoft guns don't simulate hard recoil at all like the real thing even when using gas blowback guns. So there is nothing to worry about here.