We have tested many rifle sights and narrowed down to our 6 best optic for Tavor X95 based on durability, reticle, battery life and overall performance.

You can go cheap or expensive, and none of our picks will disappoint you. 

Let's check them out below:

Best Tavor X95 Optics

EOTech EXPS3 - Operator's Pick

iwi x95 with eotech exps3

Why pick EOTECH - This operator grade sight for the X95. With the use of a magnifier, the shooter can shoot up to 400 yards with a BDC 68 MOA reticle cailbrated for 5.56mm

Shoot With Both Eyes Open - Not miss anything in the corner of your eye with both eyes open while looking through a large window

Unobstructed FOV - Easily acquire the target while shooting on the move, shooting over barricade and around corners.

CQB Holdover - Use the bottom of the 68 MOA ring for fast 7 yard close range holdover to compensate sight over bore offset.

Optimized Cheek Height - Built in 1/3 co-witness mount height for the shooter cheek weld more comfortablely without pressing cheek into the stock. We still recommend a mount riser for more head space flexibility.

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Aimpoint Micro H1 - Best Overall

iwi x95 with aimpoint micro h1

Why All Pros Use Aimpoint Micro - The Aimpoint Micro is the oldest kid on the block. It's tough, durable and many Tier 1 military units around the world trusted and use it. If you're looking for the best sight for Tavor, this is the best red dot for Tavor.

Insane battery life - The sight stays on for so long that you never have to worry about the battery running out for 4+ years.

Built like a tank - Kick it, throw it, drop it. It will not shift zero or fall apart.

Accepts various mounts - Use any mounts from various companies to suit your tactical needs.

Works with magnifier - Add a magnifier behind to instantly transform this CQB fighting rifle into mid-range rifle.

Highly recommend a 1/3 co-witness mount on the X95 for better cheek weld height. Also add an offset magnifier such as the Sig Sauer Juliet 4 magnifier right behind it for medium range use.

Aimpoint Comp Series - Best Old School

iwi x95 with aimpoint pro

"If you're looking for the best bang for the buck, I've recommended the Aimpoint Patrol optic to many law enforcement officers, and I've never had a single complaint" - Larry Vicker (Former US Army 1st SFOD soldier)

Why Use The Aimpoint Patrol - The Aimpoint Pro (Mount Included) is by far the best tube style carbine red dot sights on the market under $480. It's as good as Aimpoint COMP series minus couple mil-spec features, but it's as rock solid as every other high end optics.

Precise Aiming Reticle - Engage targets up to 200 yards with a fast to pick up 2 MOA dot 

Always Ready & Always On - It's always on without fumbling with brightness dial before use. The sight runs on one single 3V type 2L76 or DL1/3N battery that lasts over 3 years. 

Even Survives Fire - Survives any hash combat environment like an "T-800" terminator to keep the sight running.

See Through Flip Covers - No fumbling ! Engage through the closed lens cover in an emergency situation.

Leupold LCO - Best Electronic Reflex Sight

X95 With LCO

Leupold has discontinued it, get one while you still can

Why Use The Leupold LCO - This is for anyone that love the EOTECH field of view for a red dot sight!

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Widened Field Of View - Max peripheral vision free of knobs or dials, funnel alike body design eliminates tube effect for max situational awareness

Adjustable Settings - Adjust through 16 brightness settings to match the lighting situation.

Motion Activated - Instantly activates reticle upon any motion, then it turns off when sitting at idle to save significant amount of battery juice.

Built In Keeper Nut Mount - No aftermarket mount required. Right out of the box it's ready to mount on any 1913 rail.

Vortex AMG UH1 Gen 2 - 2nd Best Holosight

iwi x95 with vortex amg uh1 gen 2

The Vortex UH1 Gen 2 is by far the best EOTECH alternative Tavor sights. The Gen 2 version has gone through many improvements since the Gen 1 model.

Larger Viewing Window - HUD like aiming experience that many CQB shooters love. Rear window is larger than Gen 1.

No Glass Tint - No visible glass tint this time for better clarity during day and night

NV Mode - Works with night vision goggles like the EOTECH EXPS3

vortex amg uh 1 ebr cqb reticle 2

AMG CQB Reticle - Open section reticle is much better for visibility than EOTECH to avoid target obstruction down range. 

No Eyepiece Glare - Eliminates stray light emission for low light use

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Meprolight Self-Powered Reflex Sight - IDF's Standard Issue Optic

tavor X95 with mepro 21
Image Referenced IWI

Why use what IDF uses - Trusted & Used by Israeli IDF for CQB intensive real world applications. The dual illuminated reticle MEPRO 21 is a classic go-to optic for the Tavor 

No Battery, Always On - The sight is maintenance-free, always-on, self illuminated, and battle ready at any time.

Versatile Reticle Options - Cycle through 5 different reticle for casual range use and serious businesses

Low Light Ready - The reticle is on and ready 24/7. Fiber optic collector system works during the day, and the self powered tritium powers the reticle in low light. 

30mm Large Field Of View - Maximizes battlefield situational awarness without missing anything down range or in the peripherals


What's The Best Place To Mount The Optic On X95?

X95 where to mount optic

Optic to eye distance is different based on the shooters' need.

For magnifier users please slightly move the optic forward to give magnifier mounting space.

How To Tweak Optic Height Issues On The X95?

Most IWI X95 shooters have to scrunch down on their cheeks to be centered with the optic, and it's not very comfortable.

Here are some Tavor X95 accessories you can try:

A raised optic height slightly more than a 1/3 co-witness height is the best for regular shooting or shooting with night vision goggles. We recommend trying out the Unity Tactical FAST mount or the Scalarworks LEAP 1.93 height mount to bring the optic up a little more.

If you have maxed out the height using a mount, then we recommend adding a mount riser.

Manticore Arms X95 Overwatch Medium Top Rail
Midwest Industry TAVOR Gator Top Rail