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hi point pcc with bushnell trs 25
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In this optics pairing guide, let's check out the best red dot sight for hi point carbine (995TS & new 1095).

Installing red dot on hi point carbine is simple and quick, and there is no mounting modification required.

We gonna go from budget options to the higher-end stuff.

At the end of this guide, We hope you can make a choice best for you.

Let's check them out…


Best Red Dot Sight For Hi Point Carbine

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kriss vector holosun 510c gif
  • Features:2 MOA dot, Motion activated, Both battery & solar, 3 Reticle options
  • Benefits:Lightweight, Fast on target, Power never dies
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  • Features:MOTAC, 2 MOA dot, 40K hrs battery, 2 NV settings
  • Benefits:Huge battery savings with MOTAC, Low profile, Aftermarket mounts accepted

Holosun 510C

HoloSun has been making some industry disruptive red dot for a while now. Everything from motion activated red dot with 100,000 hours long-lasting battery life to solar-powered optics.

The HS510C is an open emitter optic built with 6061 T6 aluminum with Titanium hood for durability, and it feels like an over sized Trijicon RMR. It looks very unique than anything else on the market today at an affordable price.

holosun 510c red reticle

The best part about this optic on the High Point 995TS is the field of view & options to switch among 3 different reticles great for holdover.

65 MOA ring, Center Dot & Ring + Dot

It helps with range estimation and provides the shooter holdover reference points much easier than just a center dot.


a girl shooting hi point pcc with sig red dot
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The ROMEO5 is a popular compact red dot optic from Sig Sauer. It’s a great affordable red dot sight like the Aimpoint Micro.

It goes on the 995TS with the picatinny rail mount.

The optic comes with 2 MOA dot size with 10 illumination settings including 2-night vision works extremely well in all light conditions.

It uses 1 CR2032 battery that runs up to 40,000 hours, and the cool part is it has the same motion-activated reticle like the HoloSun for battery consumption and longevity.

Bushnell TRS 25

bushnell trs25 on high point pcc

The TRS 25 is the hottest selling red dot sight for beginners. It's affordable and it just works as long as you take care of it.

The optic is built to the standard to survive as much as a mil-spec high end optics as long as you take care of it.

The waterproof construction can handle water immersion and its Nitrogen purged fog-proof coating fight against humidity or rapid temperature change in the field, so you don’t have to worry about the sight fogging up.

Wait…There is more…

Now the battery lasts over 50,000 hours and delivers a brighter, rugged sight in a compact package.

How Far Does A Hi Point PCC Shoot?

high point 995ts with aimpoint and mawl
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The High point PCC is available in 9mm, 40SW, 45ACP and 10mm. The Hi Point 995TS can shoot as far as the caliber's performance allows.

Up to 100 yards is the typical engagement distance for a PCC.

Popular 115gr 9mm shoots about 2-4″ shot group at about 100 yards depending on the ammo performance. Typically the Hi Point 995TS is the least fancy gun with much more popularity than modern AR style PCC.

It's great for the range and USPSA competitions. Zeoring the red dot within 100 yards is about what you should do.

Is Hi Point A Good Gun To Pair An Red Dot With?

The gun comes with iron sights front and back, so adding an red dot to the platform makes aiming much better.

What we like is the natural cheek weld position instantly lines up with the optic on a lower 1/3 co-witness mount or an absolute co-witness mount without adjusting your head positions.

The 995TS High Point isn't a fancy gun, it's a good enough gun that can handle all +P rated factory ammunition, it's an affordable entry PCC for many people.

The gun is ugly looking, but it's reliable than ones on the selves cost 5X more money.

Available for 9mm, 40SW, 45ACP and 10mm (Hi Point 1095) . High Point is low cost, typically around $200 to $300 at your local gun shops.

The gun weighs about 6.25 lbs with 10 round standard magazine, extended mag is also available for purchase.