Best Red Dot Sights For Canik TP9SFX

For those who got the optic ready Canik TP9SFX pistol, and plans to shoot it with a red dot, we have picked out a few awesome optics.

The best red dot sights for the Canik TP9SFX we came across are pretty much the same ones used on other pistols. Holosun 507C and 508T are our favorite Trijicon RMR alternatives.

There are many popular micro red dots to pick from, and we have tried some at our local range and ones we own varying at different price points.

Here we’re going to share with you their key features, performance, pros and cons

Let’s check them out…

Best Red Dot For Canik TP9SFX

The Turkish Canik TP9SFX felt like the Walther P99 pistol, but with a super impressive trigger right out of the box.

This optic ready version of the TP9 comes with removable optics plate that allows mounting of micro miniature sights.

NOTE: Canik TP9SFX comes with 4 mounting plates for various optics out on the market, and the mounting plate itself can accept a charge handle for competition use




Best Use For: Competition, Tactical & Conceal 

  • Features:2 MOA dot (Red/Green), Grade 5 Titanuim housing, CR2032 Battery, 1 MOA/click adjustment
  • Benefits:Solar + battery power providing ~100K hours, 2 MOA dot great for fast action shooting, Motion activated, Fully multi-coated lens


Best Use For: Range, Competition & Tactical

  • Features:2.5 MOA dot, 7075 T6 Aluminum housing, Same as RMR mount base, 1 MOA / Click, Top loading CR2032 battery
  • Benefits:Large FOV for faster TGT acquisition & follow-up shots, Slick top loading battery design without sight removal for battery swap

Holosun 507C

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canik tp9sfx with olight

The Holosun HE507C is a solid 7075 T6 aluminum housing red dot optic for the Canik TP9 pistols (Personal defense & range use)

The NEW Titanium made HE508T is even stronger than the Trijicon RMR with its titanium body, 30 % stronger than 7075

Besides the beefy outer body construction, fail-safe solar panel, ShakeAwake technology, the optic lasts up to 100,000 hours using a single CR2032 battery, which is 5.5X more than the Trijicon RMR.

AND…this thing has the same mounting footprints as the RMR & SRO.

In case you want to mount it on other guns, you dont have to get new plates.

This optic is pretty much a stronger & better version of the Trijicon RMR, and it’s so much cheaper. Usually you can find it for less than $300.

As the Holosun brand increases in value in the marketplace over the next few years, you will see the price jump.

Vortex Venom

vortex venom canik tp9sfx

Vortex Optics’ LIFE-TIME warranty keeps your money worth even if you break the Venom multiple times.

For first time pistol red dot users, the Vortex Venom is a good choice on the Canik TP9 without dropping tons of money on just one optic.

This Super Lightweight 1.1 oz optic helps many competition shooters to increase accuracy using its 3 or 6 MOA red dot sizes to hit target up to 200 yards

Unlimited eye relief for rapid target acquisition along with parallax-free red dot that makes you shoot faster and more accurate on the clock

The unit is powered by 1 CR1632 battery, lasts up to 150 hours on max brightness setting. Crank that back down, you get about 25,000 to 30,000 hrs on the low setting.

Vortex Razor

Canik tp9sfx 9mm with vortex razor red dot sight
Image Referenced RECOIL MAGAZINE

Why pick the Vortex Razor over the Leupold Deltapoint Pro?

Both are great optics, but we gotta get something cool & unique for the TP9.

First is the reticle options, and the second part is the weight.

The Vortex Razor RDS has a wide selection of MOA sizes. The Razor offers 3 & 6 circle dot MOA, and the Leupold DPP only offers 2.5 MOA & a 7.5 MOA triangles reticle, which is unfavorable to shoot.

The sight is as premium as the Deltapoint Pro, and if there is one thing people want is Vortex Razor’s 1.3 oz weight, which is 86% lighter than the Deltapoint Pro.

The only thing on the Razor that fall short was too much lens tint, not a big deal but it could affect how you aim and see your targets.

Trijicon SRO

Image Referenced Texas Fish & Game Magazine

Large window optic provides the shooter get on target faster without looking for the dot inside a small window.

The Trijicon SRO is designed to do exactly that, and it’s a perfect match for a competition style gun like the Canik TP9SFX.

The shooter can draw the gun EVEN if its slightly off-center, he/she can still pick up the dot and not lose it during fast followup shots.

The mounting footprint of the SRO is the same as the original Trijicon RMR. In addition, the sight now has top-loading battery access, so sight removal is no longer required to swap batteries.

This is such a great design finally introduced to the RMR series miniature red dot, which saves energy and time finding the tool or re-zeroing.

Canik TP9SFX Optic Plates Compatibility

So what optic would fit on the Canik TP9 optic ready slide?

When you unbox the TP9SFX, it comes with 4 optic Plates
Plate 1 – Docter, Meopta, Insight, Vortex
Plate 2 – Trijicon RMR, SRO, Holosun 507C, 508T
Plate 3 – CMore optics
Plate 4 – J Point

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