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Here are our best red dots for Mossberg MC2C right out of the box. 

Let's check them out.

4 Best Red Dot Sight For Mossberg MC2C

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Holosun 507K X2 - Great for Carry 

holosun507 k x2 unboxing inside

The Holosun 507K is one of the best Mossberg MC2C red dot sight. This optic's width is the same size as the single stack pistol.

Fast target acquisition - Pick up the red dot reticle fast once you're comfortable with the grip angle

Snag free holster draw - It works on available conceal carry holsters on the market and the optic doesn't snag onto things

Holosun ShakeAwake - The red dot reticle instantly activates upon movement & deactivates it when it's not in motion to save battery juice

Recoil proven - Handles +P ammo like it's nothing. 

Simple battery change without hassle - Access battery from the side tray instead of the bottom. No sight removal or re-zeroing required


  • Just the right size for subcompact pistols
  • For self defense and range use
  • Reticle lock out mode prevents accidental brightness adjustment


  • Nothing really negative to say
  • Built in rear sight maybe unneccessary

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Swampfox Sentinel - Best Value

swampfox red dot sentinel side view

Why Try This One - The Swampfox Sentinel is one of the top selling Mossberg MC2C red dot sight for the money. It mounts DIRECTLY to optic ready Mossberg M2C2 slide without any mod

7075 Body - The hard coated 7075 T6 aluminum body can handle most bangs and dings on the range and remain useful 

Extra Protection - Mount IRONSLIDES SHIELD to beef up the lens hood from barricade racking, drop and other physical impact to protect the internals. (Sold separately)

Manual Model -  Sentinel-M resumes its previous brightness level. Highly recommend manual version for indoor low light use to have more control over the brightness

Auto Model - The photosensitive sensor collects light source to power the reticle. No battery needed, however, it doesn't work in low light conditions. 

Read Swampfox Sentinel Review


  • RMSc fooprint
  • Recoil proof on snappy 9mm subcompact pistol recoil


  • Non physical or audible feedback MOA turrets
  • Seems like there is no MOA turret detents

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Shield RMSc Best For Astigmatic Eyes

shield rmsc reflex red dot sight

Why use Shield RMSc – The Shield RMSc red dot sight features the clearest lens and dot through the use of a polymer lens for shooters with astigmatism

Perfect for single stack pistols - It looks great, feels great and built tough.

Polymer lens for endurance - Withstand up to 10X greater shock impact than glass optics plus minimal lens reflection

Super lightweight for CCW - Carry it any where you go without feeling like there is weight on you. 

The optic is powered by one CR2032 battery that lasts about 2 years (recommended to switch out every year). 

4 or 8 MOA size dots - Faster reticle pick up speed with 4 or 8 MOA makes this a great range optic.


  • Long battery life
  • Skeletonized lens frame to reduce weight
  • Polymer glass or glass models offered


  • Much expensive than others recommended 

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Springfield HEX WASP - Auto Brightness Sensor

springfield hex wasp hellcat

Why Give The HEX WASP A Try – The Springfield Armory Hex WASP micro red dot sight fits the any RMSc footprint slide cut. This lightweight micro red dot is a great choice for Mossberg M2C2.

Serrated Optic Body - The added serration cuts enhances the slide grip surface

Thick Lens Frame - The optic can withstand slide racking against hard surfaces like an Trijicon RMRcc

Finer MOA Dot Adjustment - The WASP features a 0.5 MOA / Click for finer MOA adjustments to be more accurate

Automatic brightness adjustment - The optic detects ambient light sources around and adjust the brightness to suit indoor and outdoor use without having to touch any buttons

IPX7 Rated - Built with 6061 T6 aluminum and it's rated high to perform under harsh environmental conditions


  • Directly fits on Mossberg MC2C
  • Lasts more than 60000 hrs
  • Thicker glass


  • Open emitter design

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