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surefire dsf remington 870 forend
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The Remington 870 is the most famous American made shotgun with a tremendous track record for being reliable.

If you're looking for the best Remington 870 weapon light for home defense. We have picked out the 4 most popular products for you to check out.

The Surefire DSF 870 Dual Output (200-600lm) Forend integrated light is ergonomic & compact. It's a very unique light that has been around for a while.

You can hold a light in one hand & the other with a handgun, but you can't do that with a shotgun because it's too heavy to hold it in one hand, and it's just not practical. So a light has to be mounted on the gun.

Besides that, we highly recommend considering a powerful handheld light like the ones you can mount on the shotgun barrel using a ring clamp.

Let's check them out…

Best Remington 870 Weapon Lights & Laser

After having many years of firearm experience, we realize people don't really need to buy a dedicated weapon light.

In fact, lot of EDC duty lights are shockproof & can absolutely be used on firearms using the right mount.

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Surefire DSF 870 Forend – Best For Short Barrel 870

Remington 870 shotgun light dsf

The Surefire DSF 870 is a (Dedicated Shotgun Forend) made for the Remington 870. Also available for Mossberg 500 and 590 shotguns.

The light is 600 lumens capable of illuminating a hot bright white spot up to 50 feet, and wide angle. For close quarter there is no need for anything that has a throw distance of 100 yards, so all you need is for close distances.

If you want more run time, the light can be switched down to 200 lumens (3 hrs) , and it also prevents blindness by lowering the lumen intensity for tight space illumination.

The light operates on 2 C123A batteries, and the light screws onto the forend. The forend is high end with great grip feel when racking the shotgun without slipping.

As always, momentary on, constant-on & power switches are built in with an optimized ergonomics, and you will not disappoint.

The light is made of the same materials as other Surefire products, aerospace grade aluminum. The only down side is it weighs 18 oz, feels a bit heavy & does feel solid on a shotgun.

Highly recommended for a short barrel 870 for a compact flush profile.

Olight Warrior X Pro

olight warrior x pro edc light
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If you have been looking for a light that is simple & effective on the Remington 870 or any other guns you have at home, the Olight Warrior X Pro is the way to go.

The light has been upgraded from its original model, now capable of producing 2250 lumens and 90,000 candela, almost 2X more than any tactical weapon mounted light on the market today.

This 2250 lumen light is powerful enough to illuminate a large area in the dark and long-distance throw without any problem. Recommend using 300 lumens for indoor close quarter use.

It can be mounted on the Remington 870 in many different ways including barrel clamp mount & forend side mount.

Whether you're lighting up a hallway or a room, this thing will light everything up and see everything very clearly.

olight warrior x pro with pressure switch
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The light can also accept Olight's pressure switch sold separately here.

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Surefire G2X Tactical


The Surefire GX2 is one of the simplest & lightweight Nitrolon® polymer body tactical flashlights that can go onto Remington 870 with a ring clamp style mount.

The light only has two modes:
• 15 lumens
• 600 lumens output

The candela is only 8000 cd, which is fairly low for long range, but good for close range shotgun applications.

However… a light with over ~12K or more candela will be more effective for personal defense before applying lethal force.

They can be activated fast using the tail cap switch. We highly recommend mounting it on the forend for the constant thumb on the switch when pumping the shotgun.

600 lumens mode would be used mostly for tactical applications & the 15 lumens is more for handheld use if the user decides to take it off the shotgun.

What we like about it is its versatility, durability, simplicity & the price.

Highly recommended for EDC use OR mounted on rifles & shotguns for just under $100. And it can do the same thing as a light marketed to be a dedicated weapon light.

Crimson Trace Laser Saddle R870 LS 250

remington with crimson trace ls 870 red laser
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The Crimson Trace Laser saddle is probably the most interesting product on the market for the Remington 870 because they way it looks & how it mounts on the receiver.

This thing is great for quick aim for short barrel 870 & models with out the stock. The unit only features a red laser, and the laser can be activated like a safety switch over the top of the receiver like a tangle safety, which is very ergonomic.

All these are designed to help you hit the target without perfect sight picture alignment.

Also available for Mossberg shotguns.

Surefire M600DF

Surefire M600 black 1
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If you still want a dedicated weapon light for your Remington 870, then look no other than the Surefire Scout M600DF.

The light produces up to 1500 Lumens with 16K candela, for extended range & focus, which is great for medium and long-distance illumination.

The Surefire TIR lens absorbs shock & produces surround illumination for max peripheral situational awareness. The light is built to mount on rifles & machine guns, and it will survive the 12GA recoil.

As always, the Surefire Scout light comes with the Z68 tail cap switch for

  • Momentary on
  • Constant on/off
  • Also accepts various pressure switches available on the market

Interested? Check out best laser & light remote pressure switches

Constructed of lightweight 6061 T6 aerospace aluminum, with a Mil-Spec Hard Anodized finish, and O-ring sealed to keep out the elements, the tough M600DF will endure combat-like conditions, which means you can trust your life on it.

Other Forend Light Accessories

remington 870 handguard forend
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The most popular forend handguard for the Remington 870 is the Magpul R870 forend. The installation is simple & it accepts MLOK rail pieces to accept various weapon light with integrated M1913 rail mounts.

magpul light ring mount

The Magpul Picatinny rail light mount fits on any standard 1913 Picatinny rail. The user can choose to mount on the left or the right side of the shotgun. What we like about it is its very affordable price & features that are designed to mount a light with great forward support hand/light operation ergonomics.

Wait… before you finish research also be sure to check out the Magpul pressure switch MLOK mount that enables you to activate the light on the R870 without using tail cap switch.

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