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Here are 4 best Remington 870 flashlight upgrades you can buy right now. 

This list include the original Surefire DSF 870 forend integrated light, and new weapon light technology that are more effective and affordable.

Best Remington 870 Flashlights

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Surefire M600DF - Best Overall


For a dedicated weapon light on your Remington 870, the Surefire Scout M600DF is an unmatched choice. Boasting an impressive 1500 Lumens and 16K candela, it offers extended range and focus, making it ideal for both medium and long-distance illumination.

The innovative Surefire TIR lens is designed for shock absorption and provides broad illumination for maximum peripheral awareness. Engineered to mount on rifles and machine guns, the M600DF can withstand the recoil of a 12GA shotgun.


Key features include the Z68 tail cap switch, which allows for momentary on, constant on/off, and compatibility with various market-available pressure switches. Learn more about the best laser and light remote pressure switches for enhanced control.

Constructed from lightweight 6061 T6 aerospace aluminum with a Mil-Spec Hard Anodized finish, and O-ring sealed for element resistance, the M600DF is built for rugged, combat-like conditions. Dependable and durable, it's a light you can trust with your life.

Surefire DSF 870 Forend - Integrated Forend 

Disclosure: All products have affiliate links for earning commission to support the website when you purchase

Remington 870 12GA pump shotgun

The Surefire DSF 870, a dedicated shotgun forend light designed for the Remington 870 (also fits Mossberg 500 and 590), offers powerful illumination. Its 600-lumen output creates a bright white spot up to 50 feet, ideal for close quarters where long-range throw isn't necessary.

For extended use and safer indoor lighting, switch to the 200-lumen mode, providing three hours of runtime and reduced intensity. The light, powered by two C123A batteries, attaches seamlessly to the forend, boasting a high-end grip for secure racking.

Featuring momentary on, constant-on, and power switches, its ergonomic design ensures ease of use. Constructed from aerospace-grade aluminum like other Surefire products, it's robust yet slightly heavy at 18 oz. However, this is the most outdated weapon light technology and it's expensive.

Olight Warrior X 3 - Best Throw

Olight warrior x pro handheld low light

For a straightforward and effective lighting solution for your Remington 870 or any other firearm at home, consider the Olight Warrior X 3. This light has been significantly upgraded from its original model, now boasting an impressive 2500 lumens and 78,000 candela. This is nearly double the output of many other tactical weapon-mounted lights available today.

Olight warrior x pro throw outdoor close up

The 2500-lumen capability of the Olight Warrior X 3 ensures bright illumination to PID targets further away. For indoor, close-quarter use, a 300-lumen setting is recommended to provide ample light without being overpowering. The focused beam can help illuminate areas of shadow much better than a flood beam.

The versatility of the Olight Warrior X 3 is evident in its mounting options; it can be attached to the Remington 870 using various methods, including a barrel clamp mount and a forend side mount. Whether you're lighting up a hallway or an entire room, this light will reveal everything in clear, bright detail.

Streamlight Pro Tac - Best For The Money

streamlight protac hl x included items

If you're looking for a good flashlight for your Remington 870 and want something that's not too pricey but still from a well-known brand, the Streamlight Pro Tac, especially the HL-X model, is a really cool choice.

So, why is it a good pick? Well, first off, it's got a pretty friendly price tag compared to some other big names out there. We're talking about something like $200, which is a good deal less than some others that can go over $300.

streamlight protac hlx hallway light pattern

And it's not just about saving money. This light is pretty tough and bright. It shines really far, like over 300 meters, which is super handy. Plus, it's got different modes like high, low, and even a strobe light – kind of like a mini disco on your shotgun!

Now, it's a bit heavier than some other lights, but that's not a big deal for a sturdy shotgun like the Remington 870.