5 Best Rifle Scope Camera Adapter – Best Fitting & Works With Smartphone

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Capturing cool POV footage right through the riflescopes is now possible with a rifle scope camera adapter!

It’s popular in the airsoft, birdwatching, hunting, and long-range shooting communities where people like to share their POV optic scope videos.

…. You no longer have to hold your smartphone with your hand.

In the past, people have to either use a zoom camera lens to capture the shot or hold the camera up to the scope lens, but it can also be very expensive and tedious.

This is also called the digiscoping adapter, which allows a user to record distant images by coupling it with an optical telescope.

Here are a few of the most popular options that I’ve seen guys use to record videos through the spotting scope, which is also called digiscoping.

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Best 3 Rifle Scope Camera Adapter

 (1) Buy ($19) Gosky Universal Cell Phone Adapter On Amazon (2) Phone Skope Rifle Scope Adapter

No matter which method you pick, you can get the footage you want hands free without using a special gadget.

You can just use your smartphone to get the job done.

However, Phone Skope is better quality with more for those that want to aim & shoot without the phone getting in the way.

There are lots of other solutions like buying a dedicated scope that has internal recording features, but that’s not necessary at all.

We want to recommend gadgets that are simple and affordable.


How It Works – Just align the scope with your smartphone camera

Gosky Spotting Scope Adapter

Capturing your views through your scope or spotting scope are very simple.

You don’t need a special camera or optic to do it.

All you need is buy a digiscoping adapter and clamp the camera on it with the camera lens looking directly into the scope’s ocular lens.

Gosky Spotting Scope Adapter Back

The best I have used so far for binoculars and spotting scope is the Gosky Universal Cell Phone Adapter from Amazon.

It’s about $19. It’s compatible even with monocular and night vision spotting scope.

The mount fits ocular lens’ diameter 28mm to 47mm that means it’s going to fit on almost everything with the clamp screw adjustment.


How To Setup Up Camera Smartphone Rifle Scope Mount  

In the past, I used to invite a friend to handheld the camera for me as I shoot, then I take the footage onto the video editing software for adding the aiming reticle to make it look like the footage was filmed directly from my scope.

You can stop all that nonsense today if you buy a rifle scope camera adapter.

The Gosky Universal Cell Phone Adapter work with rifle scopes as well.

Now you can shoot by looking directly at your phone’s screen, and capture the video while you shoot without trying to hold or align the camera.

You can be hands-free and get the awesome footage.

Check out how to set it up below:

Aiming by looking at your phone camera screen!

Now you know what to do to capture videos from your scope, something you probably never even considered is the awesomeness of aiming at the targets just by looking directly at your smartphone.

It’s not like the TrackingPoint ballistic computing scope, but it kind of feels like it. Now you can even share with your scope view on the range LIVE with your friends and family online. How cool is that!

However, if you want to shoot properly by shouldering the rifle and maintain good points of contact, then you might have an issue looking at the phone unless you mount the scope a little more forward, so you have some eye relief distance to see your phone comfortably.

For long-range optics, if you want to film what your scope is seeing and make it also practical to aim and shoot, then find a way to mount the scope a few inches forward relative to how you cheek weld the rifle, so you can view your phone screen comfortably with a better eye relief distance.

It’s not the best way, but in the next section, we want to introduce you to a better product.

Can I Aim & Record Videos Through The Scope As Normal Without obstructed view?

Skope Vision Adapter Side

Of course, using the Gosky Adapter is a simple way to capture the shot, it’s great for binoculars and spotting scope.

Even though some people like to aim by looking at the smartphone camera screen, but it slows you down, and it hinders with your shooting fundamentals. Here is a better product you can use.

The solution is to look into Phone Skope & Skope Vision rifle scope adapter.

They offer products that allow the shooter to aim through the scope as normal and record what the scope is seeing at the same time without placing the smartphone in the shooter’s work area.

It fits on most rifle scopes, and it’s easy to set up.

Skope Vision Adapter

The Phone Skope Case adapter and Skope Vision Adapter must be used together to center the smartphone camera on the rifle scope.

The smartphone will be mounted on the side of the rifle scope using the Skope Vision adapter like a half-mooned saddle that’s contoured to fit around the rifle scope.

However, you do need to get the phone case that’s compatible with your smartphone.

The Skope Vision adapter is a device that mirrors the image of the scope view to the phone’s camera.

 Will The Adapter and the SmartPhone Survive The Recoil?

I have tried this on only light recoil rifle ammunitions such as the 5.56mm. My phone stayed centered to the scope and captured the video fine without shifting due to recoil.

I can’t say for sure how it would perform on high recoil rifles. If you have tested them please leave a comment below.

Best Rifle Scope Phone Mount Comparison

Gosky Adapter VS. Phone Skope

The Phone Skope shines when you attach it to the rifle, and it’s a better setup than the Gosky scope camera mount. As a shooter, it’s just more practical using the Phone Skope adapters.

This technology connects a phone camera to the rifle scope and allows the shooter to record what they’re looking at through the scope without hindering the view.

The total set up is about $260, and you can custom order it by visiting their website here.

For online shooting bloggers, this is a must-have gadget to capture your actions to show it to the world.

The Gosky is a cheaper alternative for just $19 to capture views through the scope for

  • Scouting
  • Birdwatching
  • Landscape
  • Digiscoping
  • Astronomy
  • Microscopy

It’s not completely ideal to mount it on the rifle scope though.

Digiscoping Tips With Smartphones

Let Your Spotter See What You’re Seeing Through The Scope & Provide Feedback

Not only this gadget allows you to record or even share the video feed LIVE with your friends and family. The shooter can also set it up so that the spotter or the teacher can see what you’re aiming and give you feedback.

That has never been done before, and it’s awesome to have this technology.

Use Bluetooth Shutter Button

If you’re buying the phone skope adapter, make sure you get the Skope Bluetooth shutter button.

Instead of tapping the phone screen, which can cause vibration and movement, you can take pictures and videos with the click of a button.

Use Auto-Focus When Digiscoping

When you turn on the camera on your smartphone, tap and hold on the screen where you want the camera to focus, and it will lock the focus on that exact point.

Make sure to adjust the exposure setting before filming. Depend on the time of the day and lighting, your photos and videos will increase in quality if you have the right setting.

Minimize Movement

Whether you’re using the Phone Skope or the Gosky Adapter, make sure the device is snugly in place on the scope to prevent any movement.

If you’re using the Gosky adapter, it’s best to use it with a spotting scope and binoculars instead of mount it on rifles that create heavy recoil because the mount might get loose over time, or the phone can slide off.