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reloading model 70 rifle

Here are some of the best rifle scopes for Winchester Model 70. We've tried many optics in the past, some are good and some are ok.

To save your time doing research:

Our Best Picks [Most Popular Calibers]

270 and .30-06 are the most popular calibers for hunting with effective range up to 1000 yards using a 22" or 24" barrel while using precision ammo and 9X scopes.



  • Best Overall
  • Best For The Money
  • Best Budget 12X Scope
  • Best For Hunting
  • Best Value

Leupold VX-R 3-9X40 - Best Overall

leupold vx r 3 9x40 1

Why use this one - This 3-9X40mm 1" diameter tube scope with fiber optic FireDot reticle shines brightly and draws your eye and centers on the target for precise shot placement in any condition.

Affordable - This 40mm size objective lens is a great option than the 50mm size objective lens for similar performances at a way more affordable price.

Besides the obvious the Leupold's index-matched lens system. It also has revolutionized glass clarity & light transmission in a rifle scope using lead-free glass coatings.

Improved dawn to dusk image quality - Roughly 90% improvement in resolution and color fidelity resulting in crystal clear image under common hunting lighting conditions from dawn to dusk.

The ruggedness of this scope is the hallmark of every Leupold optics from the budget options to the $3000 ones. It's a great hunting scope made in the U.S. to be mounted on the Model 70 hunting rifle.

vortex crossfire II 3-9x50 scope

Why we picked this one - Vortex is one of the best scope makers in the industry. Crossfire II series scopes offer premium quality Japanese made glass when configured with a 50mm objective lens, this thing is great in low light conditions for hunting.

For a 30-06 rifle like the Model 70 bolt action rifle for hunting purposes, this 30mm tube size scope is shockproof providing hunters great durability out in the woods, which will last as long as you take good care of it.

Absolutely awesome warranty - Worst case scenario if you break it, Vortex's LIFE-TIME warranty will send you a new scope no cost to you (Or free repair)

Bushnell Nitro 3-12X44 - Best 12X For Low Light

bushnell hunting scope
Image Referenced Bushnell

Why pick Bushnell - The Bushnell Nitro series line of rifle scopes are made with ultra-wide band coating on the lenses and its prism glass to increase the light transmission for brighter and clear image.

It's Bushnell's high/mid range level scopes that comes with Deploy MOA reticle, which is quite capable and simple to use for accurate shot placement at most practical hunting distances up to 300 yards.

Improved durability - The exclusive EXO coating deters dirt, mud, water away from the lens to maintain image clarity. 

Enhanced low light performance - For Winchester Model 70 chambered in 270, 308 or 30-06. This is a great selection for anyone wants the capability of 12X and with great low light performance while spending less than $400.

Vortex Diamondback 3.5-10X50 - Best All-Purpose Hunting Scope

vortex diamondback 3.5 10x50 scope

Why pick this one - The Diamondback 3.5-10X50mm is ideal for big game hunting with the Model 70 rifle. Weather you're using it to shoot deers and other predator type animals at 100 yards or 400 yards... this thing's got your back.

Gather as much light as possible - The 50mm objective lens gives the shooter as bright as possible image through the scope for any hunting lighting condition with exit pupil perfectly around 5mm at 10X power.

Great hunting reticle - The Dead-Hold BDC reticle is the single best all-purpose hunting reticle intended for a wide range of hunting and long range applications.

In addition, the capped finger adjustable turret system makes it easy for 1/4 MOA / click adjustments in the field without any tool. For the price and performance this is great product from Vortex Optics.

Nikon Buckmaster II 3-9×40 BDC - Best For Value

nikon buckmaster 2 3

Why pick this one - The Nikon Buckmaster lineup of rifle scope is the most popular hunting, muzzleloaders and precision shooting. It's the best for the buck for anyone looking for a great hunting optic with all the great features for the Winchester Model 70 type deer rifle.

Improved low light performance - Japanese made Nikon Buckmaster II features fully multi-layer coated lenses that allows max light transmission to hunt during dawn to dusk.

Enhanced turret system - Spring-loaded reset-to-zero 0.25 MOA / Click turrets helps shooter adjust with positive feedback even wearing gloves. 

Fully covered by warranty - Additionally, its fully backed by Nikon's NO FAULT warranty policy.

Applications Of The Model 70 Rifle

deer hunting

The Model 70 is the upgrade of the Model 54, which set the standard for commercial bolt action rifles on the market today.

The rifle is favored by hunters for the most part, and it was used during World War II and the Vietnam War.

model 70 USMC sniper rifle during war
Image Referenced pre64win

Today, modern production Model 70 can accept way better optics for long-range shooting and hunting. If you want to learn more please check out this great American Rifleman resource on the Military Model 70 here.

Pick The Right Scope

The maximum range of the model 70 depends on the caliber and the barrel length. Buy a scope that lasts and can also be swapped to another rifle.

Reason 1 - You can't trade in bad scope for a new scope like people do with firearms and maybe make some money back (unless money is never an issue for you)

Reason 2 - A great scope last long and you can use it on other rifles if you choose.

Magnification - 3-9X Is Great For Hunting

Typical hunting distances are between 100 to 300 yards.

A max 9-10X magnification scope gives the hunter enough image zoom to aim and track a target effectively.

As the magnification level goes up, the price of the scope goes up too. Therefore there is no reason for you to get a higher magnification if 300 yards is the most you will shoot for hunting purposes.

Objective Lens: 40-50mm Is Optimal

deer hunting scope objective lens
Image Referenced Havalon Knives

The size of the objective lens decides how much light a scope can gather, but it's not always the most crucial factor. What really matters is the diameter of the exit pupil, which we'll discuss in the next part.

If the objective lens is 50mm or larger, it's considered a big one. When getting a scope for the Model 70, it's super important to determine the right cheek position and optic height for comfortable shooting. Then, make sure there's enough space between the objective lens and the rifle.

Exit Pupil - 7mm Is The Best For Low Light

deer hunt during dusk and dawn
Image Referenced Mile Hi Rafting

Exit pupil diameter = (the effective diameter of the objective lens / Magnification).

A 5-7 mm exit pupil is great for a hunting scope under low light conditions, but not in complete darkness.

The exit pupil diameter directly affects how much light the shooter will sees depending on the light condition. Because the pupil diameter of human eye changes based on the light condition.

Human Eye Pupil Size

  • Bright condition: 2 - 3mm
  • Low light condition: 7mm

Find a scope that has about 4 - 5 mm exit pupil diameter when the magnification is between 4-10X magnification so there is enough light transmission under low ambient light condition.

How you get a large exit pupil is based on the component combinations of objective lens diameter, focal plane lens diameter, and ocular lens diameter.

Eye Relief - Keep 4" To Prevent Scope Bite

Eye relief distance is the space from the outer surface of the eyepiece lens to where the exit pupil is created, called the eyepoint.

When you're purchasing a scope, paying attention to the eye relief distance is crucial. It ensures that you achieve a clear sight picture without any dark shadows from the scope, and it also keeps your eye safe from potential scope bite.

A recommended eye relief distance is 4 inches, and this is the most common measurement. However, as the magnification of the scope increases, the eye relief distance tends to get shorter.

Best Reticle Type For Hunting

deer hunting scope reticle crosshair

When choosing a reticle type for your rifle scope, it's important to consider the following questions:

  1. Does the reticle have a crosshair, an open circle, or a dot?
  2. Will it block important target areas when you zoom in?
  3. Is it a first focal plane or second focal plane reticle?
  4. The center point of the reticle is crucial because it indicates where you intend your bullet to hit.

One of the most common reticle types for hunting rifles is the Duplex Reticle. It's simple, clean, and versatile, making it suitable for various purposes.

The Duplex Reticle is excellent for hunting in dense vegetation or when targeting large game, ensuring precision for hitting the vital kill zones.

Adjustment Turret - Keep It Simple For Hunting Applications

Hunting scope turret finger adjustable
Image Referenced GoHUNT

When it comes to a hunting rifle scope, having a simple turret system, as opposed to a tactical ballistic turret for quick MOA (Minute of Angle) adjustments, is perfectly acceptable.

The turret's primary function is to set the reticle to zero on the scope, ensuring accuracy when you take your shot. A capped turret, which is often found on hunting scopes, is ideal for this purpose.

What this means is that in hunting scenarios, hunters typically don't need to fire rounds rapidly one after another. Unlike combat-style long-range shooting, where shooters may need to quickly adjust turrets to make precise shots for mission-critical purposes, deer hunters, for example, don't require rapid turret adjustments since they usually take more time to line up a single shot accurately.

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